Rugby Rules!!

I’ve never cared about or played Rugby, but at least the next time I watch I’ll know what’s going on thanks to these lovely ladies…

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4 responses to “Rugby Rules!!

  • tophatal


    It’s the game that ….. separates the “men” from the boys ! Played it in high school (but first loves then were soccer and the martial arts – taekwondo & karate) ….. unlike here in the US with regard to all of padding and cleats for football (NFL) , with rugby there’s very little worn , other than a protective cup to protect the “privates ” , gum shield and perhaps bandaging for the forearms .

    The rugby World Cup is now taking place of which the US is a participant . They’re due to play Australia in a Group C game as of the 9/23 .

  • sportsattitudes

    Rugby got some recent exposure in Philly with the College Championships being held here. I would think it would be more likely to catch on in the US than Soccer, considering it looks like a version of tackle (US) football. Have seen a bit of it and enjoyed what I saw, but having no background in it I certainly welcome a refresher course on the rules…as shown above!

  • Ravenation, L.L.C. of North America

    those girls need to eat…each other

    Wokka Wokka


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