Kershaw, The Diamondbacks, and Milwaukee’s Best

I have to admit, I haven’t been watching a ton of baseball lately. Maybe having the A’s out of the picture before summer was in full swing is to blame. I have however, seemed to catch all of Clayton Kershaw’s starts over the past month and a half, and the scruffy faced kid has won me over, and for the record he can blow one helluva bubble. He reminds me of Lincecum a little, but bigger and more imposing on the hill. He’s gone 9-1 with a 1.18 ERA since the All-Star Break, and has looked filthy every time he takes the hill. Not even Cliff Lee’s dominant August can help him match what Kershaw has done over the past two months. Maybe he hasn’t gotten that much hype, because there’s only 10 people showing up to Chavez Ravine these days. Some argue that when you’re pitching on a losing team in meaningless games it makes it so much easier to put up great numbers. Personally, I think it’s probably harder, because you get less run support, but that’s a whole other argument. Plus let’s face it, nobody wants to lose anywhere in life, most players are competitive and aren’t simply mailing in these games, they just have inferior talent. Kershaw currently outpaces Halladay (the yearly Cy Young favorite), in wins, K’s, WHIP, IP, and ERA. Sure, Kershaw has had one more start than Doc, but it’s a lot closer race than you might think. Kershaw is starting to be the Jered Weaver of the NL. Great pitcher, but for some reason not considered the best by many, yet that is…

The Diamondbacks have been a HUGE surprise this year. I’ve heard people trying to decipher whether Kevin Towers or Kirk Gibson deserves the credit for their success. I’d say it’s Towers hands down, and not because I’m still bitter from the homer Gibson hit off Eckersly in the 88 World Series, ok so maybe I am, I’m sure you’d hold onto the grudge too if it happened to your team. Anyways, if it weren’t for Towers, Gibson would never have had the “interim” tag taken off his “coach” title. A lot of newly appointed GM’s like hand pick their own manager, but he’s being rewarded for sticking with the guy he saw had some passion for this team. Also in his first week in the office, he sent strikeout/home run king Mark Reynolds to Baltimore for David Hernandez and Cam Mikolio. Winning trade right there for the D’backs adding their setup man in Hernandez, for the overpaid Reynolds. Shortly after that trade, he signed JJ Putz. Not many people outside Seattle really knew much about Putz or his skills, but he has always been a good option out of the pen, and came pretty cheap considering he was injured almost all last year. I’m not sure he knew at the time, but in two quick moves he secured the 8th and 9th innings of games. Sound familiar? He did the same thing with the Padres for many years, believing in having a strong bullpen, and making the game a little shorter. What’s the result? Last year their bullpen ERA was 5.75, this year you ask? 3.19 ERA. He went on to sign Joe Saunders, Miguel Montero, Kelly Johnson, and Micah Owings to one year deals. What was his best move this year you may ask? NOT moving Justin Upton. It sounded like his phone was ringing off the hook with multiple offers for him, and to his credit he stood pat, which looks like a wise choice since he’s now an MVP candidate.

I think I’ve been a closet Brewers fan since CC was going on three days rest every start for their playoff push in 2008. Or maybe it was the Prince walk-off bowling pin celebration that did it. I’m always drawn to those loose creative type teams that seem like they want to have fun. Maybe those images from that year were ingrained in my mind, so that’s why I picked them the last couple years in our pre-season MLB predictions to win the Central. Whatever the reason for the sudden infatuation with them, they played some great baseball in August going 20-7. It’s been amazing that they’ve kept building a lead in the division when they were without All-Star 2nd baseman Rickie Weeks. They’ve pretty much done it all with pitching now that Greinke is finally showing them his Cy Young form, and is giving them what they hoped they’d get out of him when they sent a lot of prospects to KC. Is it just me or does this team feel a little like the Giants last year? Not necessarily how the cast was built, but more so in the timely hitting department backed by solid starting pitching every night. I guess this offense is a little more intimidating than the Giants O was last year, especially with Hart finding his stroke lately they truly are starting to resemble an AL lineup. With Weeks coming off the DL within a week this could be the team to beat! Even if they happen to get a little tight down the stretch, they always have Nyjer (Bryant Gumble) Morgan to loosen up the locker room. For some reason I feel so confident in them at the moment I just put a futures bet in at 20/1 odds to win it all. I’m sure I’ll celebrate a $400 win with a post if it all works out….

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7 responses to “Kershaw, The Diamondbacks, and Milwaukee’s Best

  • ChrisHumpherys (@SportsChump)

    If Kirk Gibson’s not careful, he’ll end up winning ML Manager of the Year.

    The only question is whether he’ll pump his elbows repeatedly to his side as he steps up to the podium to accept the award.

  • tophatal


    Kershaw and Kemp have been the lone bright spots on a pitiful season for the Dodgers .

    This time last year they (Dodgers ) weren’t even in the hunt for the division much less anything else .

    I see that Einhorn has stopped in his bid to take a stake in the Mets ? That’s $200 million that’d have gone to waste ! I wouldn’t have trusted David Einhorn as a hedge fund manager anymore than I’d trust Bernie Madoff ! Who the hell chooses to invest in a franchise that’s in the midst of some serious litigation where the owners have been less than truthful as to their actions ?

    Bill Burke and a consortium are said to be interested in purchasing the Dodgers for $1.2 billion ? Is there something in the water that’s making these alleged business minded idiots come up with these ideas of grandeur and self aggrandizement ? I’m assuming that Burke’s bid takes into account the consortium assuming the debt of the Dodgers ? Because the bankruptcy proceedings have yet to be finalized .

    tophatal …..

    • chappy81

      Yeah, I can’t believe how few people show up to Dodgers games when they have a Cy and MVP candidate to cheer on. It’s not like they haven’t sucked before, it’s all fans just wanting to avoid giving McCourt any of their hard earned money…

      I can’t believe he has that offer on the table. I wonder if the MLB would cock block them like they did with Cuban…

      • tophatal


        Have you forgotten that McCourt still owns the team ? The fans despise him .

        I wouldn’t trust Bud Selig to block anything but his own anus with a champagne cork ! This is the same idiot that was in complete denial during the ‘roid era ‘ . Never mind his handling in the sale of the Rangers was a joke from the start . He gave Ryan and his consortium preferential treatment even when Cuban and his partners had a much higher bid . What does that tell you ?

        Burke is being backed in part by the Chinese government and it’s said to be an all cash deal . I was wondering when the government there would start to spend some of that surplus ! Little did I know they’d be interested in buying the Dodgers . What the hell ?

        Do you think that they’d make an offer for the A’s as well ? That way it’d solve the problems for the two (MLB) teams I believe closest to your heart .

        Not much chance though for them (Chinese government) aiding the Mets . But we can hope can’t we ?

        tophatal …..

      • mceezy

        China to the rescue!

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