A’s Get Robbed In Bugtown USA

I guess it doesn’t really matter, so I shouldn’t be crying over spilled milk, but the A’s got robbed in Cleveland tonight. For a while I thought the bugs were going to dictate the outcome of the game, and we’d be able to blame it on the insects, like the Yankees did in the playoffs a few years back. Instead, we can blame it on BRUCE DRECKMAN.  YOU blew a call tonight Dreckman, all because you wanted to go home. The A’s and Indians were deadlocked in a 3-3 tie in the 16th inning. A run hadn’t been scored in 10 innings, but it was just passed midnight in Cleveland, and you wanted to hit the hay. Well I’m not gonna stand for this. This aggression will not stand, man. Kurt Suzuki clearly made the tag on the ass no less than 6 inches ahead of the plate. I know the bugs must be a pain in the ass, but let’s at least let the players on the field determine the outcome of the game. This was the biggest blown call since Jim Joyce ruined Armando Galarraga’s career. There was only one out, so it’s not like the Indians probably wouldn’t have scored. But to send a team home on that play, is no doubt a low point in the season. It may not seem like a big deal now, but for all you fans of playoff teams, just hope that you don’t get dealt Bruce Dreckman for one of your series. His blown call will sail under the radar, but it won’t go without notice on Doin Work. F*** YOU BRUCE DRECKMAN.

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10 responses to “A’s Get Robbed In Bugtown USA

  • tophatal


    So Lew Wolff says he won’t stand in the way of Beane leaving the A’s to seek other professionally opportunities ? What a stand up fellow Wolff is ! May a load bs fall upon him soon ! Lew Wolff and his partners have screwed over the fans of this organization since he assumed control of it . Not much more that can be said on the matter !

    tophatal ……

    • chappy81

      Where did it say that Al?

      I want to read this article. Billy is a part owner of the team, so it seems unlikely he’d leave, but maybe he’s over it and will sell his portion of the team…

      • tophatal


        I’ve provided a link to the piece from USA Today . Orioles’ MacPhail could start GM exodus with departure

        “The Orioles are one of several franchises that may be changing GMs. The Chicago Cubs are targeting four candidates to replace Jim Hendry: Andrew Friedman of the Tampa Bay Rays, Billy Beane of the Oakland Athletics, Theo Epstein of the Boston Red Sox and Cashman. Friedman and Cashman can leave without compensation. A’s owner Lew Wolff said he would not stop Beane from pursuing the job. The Red Sox have not commented on whether they would allow Epstein to talk with the Cubs. “

        Now what ?

        At the end of this season there’s a slew of gm’s whose contracts are up and they’ll be the prized assets on the market apart from the so called marquee players .

        Beane does have an option to sell his stake in the team . And I am sure that should he have the desire to leave there’s going to be interest in his services as a general manager ! He’s amongst the best there is in the game ! Look who else (see article) amongst his peers whose contracts are up at the end of this season ? You can’t tell me that’s not an impressive list ?

        • chappy81

          That is an interesting article. I feel like Beane will stay until they figure out the stadium situation, because his stake in the team will be worth a lot more if they are indeed going to get a new stadium. That being said, I wouldn’t blame him for jumping ship, and going to a team with a bigtime payroll…

  • tophatal

    should read other professional opportunities ……..

  • chappy81

    Weak, I’m going to have to check that play out…

  • classic17

    Completely agree. Hopefully the A’s don’t get into a spiral like the Pirates after that blown call in Atlanta earlier this year…though the Pirates were kind of due for it.

  • tophatal


    Beane ought to stay but if a better offer from another team come along would you blame him for leaving ?

    tophatal …………..

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