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Blake the Cyborg

You may remember I was in search of a new mancrush a little while back. Still haven’t found one, but I remember saying that Blake Griffin wouldn’t be it mainly because of his lack of interview flair. Normally I love all the DJ Steve Porter videos that come out, but this one was lacking something, like a truly fun soundbite that pretty much all his videos have had. The dunk montage was cool, but ultimately it shows how Blake doesn’t have the same charisma off the court I need in a true man crush. That being said I’m excited for the dunk contest. Kenny Anderson (Blake’s dunk coach) said a couple weeks ago that Blake would do something we’ve never seen. When he met with Blake to review what they could do, Kenny was shocked that he could add to a dunk Kenny thought was impossible. Hopefully it all pans out that way!

Brett Favre, The Indecision

Our favorite sports DJ is at it again. DJ Steve Porter already brought us the Press Hop, and we posted Press Hop II here. Now it appears he has made his splash into the Favre controversies. Not much to analyze in it, but one thing is for sure, I hope he keeps doing it! Oh and in case you were wondering he doesn’t ONLY do sports. He makes mixes with funny infomercial re-mixes too!