Doin The NBA’s Worst of the Worst Power Rankings

While I was growing up the A’s, Raiders, and to a lesser extent the Warriors were good. I know they were, because people hated them, and the only reason you hate a team is because they are good. Lately I’ve noticed when I tell a new found friend my sports affiliations I hear pity more than anything. Tuesday, I was watching the Cavs-Lakers game and it hit me, I needed to make an anti-power rankings, and tried to decide which is the worst team in the NBA. I used some criteria for this glorious list. One, obviously team record, and second, how much hope they have for the future with their core players.

#7 Minnesota – Kevin Love is an All-Star. Nobody does what he does. He hits threes while scoring 21.1 ppg, and pulls in 15.8 rebounds a game. If Griffin owns the air above the rim, then Love owns everything below the rim. If the second best player on that team wasn’t Luke Ridnour now that Beasley is hurt, they might have some more wins than they do. I bet if they were in the East, they’d be the 8th seed. They have a solid young front court. If Kahn can finally use these guys to build off, they might be relevant again one of these years.

#6 Toronto – They’ve been hit hard by the injury bug this year, and on second thought, maybe losing Bosh was a bigger deal up there than I originally thought. Somehow they are only a couple games outside of the Eastern Conference’s 8th seed, which shows you why there are so many Eastern Conference teams on my list. Hockey still rules Toronto, the Raptors will be extinct there one of these days up there.

#5 Detroit – Seeing T-mac having a mini re-birth is cool, but the devil’s advocate in me wonders how long that health will last… This team is full of players that don’t complement each other. Ben Gordon looks like a big waste of money, and pretty much everyone on this squad needs the ball in their hands to create on offense. At least we know that they are finally giving up on Rip with the news that he’d be in the Melo deal. So they have at least one goal at this point in the season. This might be high for Detroit since they don’t really have much hope for the future with the current roster…

#3A Sacramento – It’s probably a little bias to put the Kings this high on the list, since they do own the worst record in the league. I’m giving them a little credit for playing in the West, and having two players that could be superstars on the team. Reke is hurt again, but we know he’s a great player when he’s healthy. Cousins is showing that the Maloofs weren’t as crazy as him for drafting him. He’s been putting up solid lines now that he’s getting the playing time. If they didn’t change their arena name to Powerbalance Pavillion, I would’ve put them at 4 by themselves.

#3B Washington – John Wall saves them from falling any lower on this list. Kind of like Sacramento, there’s some hope here, so I can’t put them much further down the un-powerful rankings. That being said, this is a terrible roster. The game Tuesday between them and Sac was awesome if you like offense and overtime, but it showed that they are heavily lacking in too many areas. Maybe if they can keep Wall from getting hurt, they will find out what they need to surround him with.

#2 New Jersey – They were supposed to get a franchise player last off season with the tons of cap space they had. Instead they ended up with a few role players, and two Lakers bench players I always hated (Farmar and Vujachic). Too bad that doesn’t win you many more games than last year’s nearly record breaking losing season. Brook Lopez hasn’t been himself, and when your best player isn’t playing well you are in trouble. It should be interesting to see if they can get Melo there. I’m tired of the trade talks so I won’t exhaust those thoughts more than they already have been. It would just make them the 8th seed in the east and get them a date with the Heat or Celtics in the first round, so I’m not sure why he’d even want to be there.

#1 Cleveland – I’ve been thinking they were the worst team in the league for a couple weeks now, since even the Warriors flicked them away like a gnat circling your head. They have lost 21 of their last 22, and Tuesday nights’ 80 point loss to the Lakers just showed us one more reason to believe that they are the worst in the league. If there was such a thing as a bye week in basketball this team would be it. No offense to Varejao, but they called him their best player, and now he’s injured for the season. Once that happened they really seemed to have zero hope. At least the Nets have a shot at trading for Melo. Maybe they should start digging through the D-League, because I think even the D-League all-stars could put up more of a fight than this team has.

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20 responses to “Doin The NBA’s Worst of the Worst Power Rankings

  • tophatal


    The Pacers —- Danny Granger might be the only All Star that no one simply knows about . He’s the only reason to watch that team at present ! And the same can be said of the Rockets’ Kevin Martin .

    Celebrated the birthday (51 in style and had a blast with friends and the girlfriend ………. dined out at a frou-frou Brazilian charcuterie in Orlando at her expense. No hangover but somehow I managed to be in the office today for some unknown reason.

    tophatal ………………..

    • chappy81

      Granger is a great player. Hopefully like Ellis he gets recognized for how good he is one day. Fortunately both of them are young, so there’s still time. Kevin Martin always gets hurt, but when he’s in there he reminds me of Reggie Miller/Ray Allen a little. Just a flat out scorer.

      Happy birthday Al! I love those Brazilian places with the stop and go signs. I’m sure that feast gave you a nice drinking base to keep you from being too hungover! In Chinese culture the years that end in 1 are more important than the ones that end in 0…

  • JW

    See, I always saw the end of the Warriors personified in Joe Barry Carroll.

    And on certain days, the Pacers are worth watching…on the days Roy Hibbert decides to play up to his potential, such as the night he owned Pao Gasol.

    • chappy81

      Carroll was a little before my time. I was only 4 or 5 years old when he was on the Warriors. I was grew up more in the Run TMC days.

      I think the Pacers are worth watching. I like Granger, Collison, and Rush. If Hibbert could be consistent, they’d be the real deal. Luckily they are in the East and can still get to the playoffs no matter how much they struggle…

  • Alex Friedman

    I understand your rankings for Cleveland. They have very little going roster wise other then maybe Manny Harris….But behind Cleveland I would rank Detroit.

    New Jersey has youngsters (Lopez, Harris, Favors). Washington has Wall and does it even matter. Sak has Evans, Hawes, Israeli dude. These teams have brighter futures and aren’t stuck trying to give away players like Detroit is.

    • chappy81

      I guess I should take it from the Detroit guy, that they are the 2nd worst. Your right though, there’s not much hope in Detroit. Are they pinning the future on Stuckey and Daye? That can’t be the answer. I haven’t really seen much of Daye, but I’m not much of a believer in Stuckey…

  • Chris Ross

    I like how you oppositize the power ranksings, pretty interesting stuff. I don’t think I disagree at all with where you put your teams on the list, pretty much bang on with the order.

  • Chris Humpherys

    21 of their last 22? Ouch!

    If it weren’t for LeBron’s Tweets, none of us would know exactly how bad the Cleveland Cavaliers actually were.

    • chappy81

      Yup, when anyone’s team plays the Cavs, it’s almost an automatic W these days… I watched the Warriors blow them out and when the Lakers beat them by 50 I figured I should write a post with the worst teams in the league…

  • tophatal


    I’ve “tweeted” LeBron ………… “Karma really is a bitch …………… bitch ! I know he didn’t play last night against the Nuggets but how bad was that can of whup ass after their loss to the Clippers ?

    See ya’ on the flip side !

    The Heat lose two games like that and LeBron still is looking for both sympathy and empathy from the fans .

    I’ll be going to see Jo Koy this weekend at the Comedy Improv in Tampa as it ought to be real fun .

    tophatal ……………….

    • chappy81

      Jo Koy is a good one, you will enjoy it if you’ve never seen him. Lebron had to sit out last night, that’s some Karma right there!

      • tophatal


        What’d have been real karma would be for LeBron to blow out his knee ! But instead we’ll continue see and hear his a_s on an NBA court.

        The guy is an infantile prick ! How the hell can anyone view him as being any sort of a role model when he shows the intelligence of a narcissistic ingrate ?

        As for Koy I know he’s as funny as hell ! The girlfriend who’s bi-racial ( Asian — Vietnamese mother , African American father) got me into him and then having seen him Chelsea Handler’s show made me appreciate him even more. By the way is 50-cent givin’ her ( Handler) the large black salami still ? They’re allegedly an item . Damn now she’s gettin’ “the black” she’s definitely not going back that’s for sure !


  • tophatal


    Remind me why it is that LT’s lawyers were so adamant he was innocent of those rape allegations ? I was under the impression as they said that they’d evidence that the condom used was left in the motel room by another hooker or even the cleaning staff ? LOL, LOL,LOL !!!

    Now he pleads guilty to two lesser charges to avoid jail time while also assisting the Feds and Justice Dept in providing them with info on known felons involved in sex and drug trafficking . My how the mighty have fallen !

    If LT can’t discern the difference between a 16 yr old and 19 yr old then his a_s needs to be at home with his wife and kids ! Friggin’ moron ! In either case he could’ve been done for statutory rape .

    tophatal ……………..

  • tophatal


    How much worse do things have to become for the Blazers ? Now they lose Brandon Roy who’s said to need double knee surgery ? This’ll kill the organization , team and the fans for sure . Oden must’ve provided them with the “kiss of death” ! That’s the only explanation I have for this as of now !

    tophatal ………………….

    • chappy81

      Yeah man, the Blazers are having it rough. I have Roy on a fantasy team, and this year has sucked for him. I wonder who heads their training staff for evaluating these guys? They need to do a better job, that’s for sure. I think the Suns are also terrible this year too. I actually almost put Phoenix on the list, because they almost lost to the Cavs a few games back.

  • tophatal


    I’d left a comment on mceezy’s most recent piece with the regard to the A’s —- Lew Wolff and an alleged report that McCourt of the Dodgers was gauging his interest in buying the team ? What’s the latest on that or is it mere speculation as I believe it to be ?

    tophatal ……..

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