Daily Archives: January 13, 2011

Oregon’s New Floor

They may have lost the BCS National Championship, but they’ve got plenty to look forward to in Eugene. Always a trendsetter, or original at the very least, the Oregon Ducks are garnering attention for another fashion statement by one of their athletic teams. Usually it’s a crazy new jersey, but now the Ducks have taken it to the floor. The floor of “The Matt”, their new digs, full name Matthew Knight Arena. I think it’s cool to look at once, but playing on it must be a nightmare. It’s hard enough when the basketball court has volleyball lines on it, but now these guys gotta watch out for trees? Word is the halfcourt line is hard to see, if at all existent. I’ve got a feeling they’re going to have to darken that middle portion eventually to please the naysayers.

Doin The NBA’s Worst of the Worst Power Rankings

While I was growing up the A’s, Raiders, and to a lesser extent the Warriors were good. I know they were, because people hated them, and the only reason you hate a team is because they are good. Lately I’ve noticed when I tell a new found friend my sports affiliations I hear pity more than anything. Tuesday, I was watching the Cavs-Lakers game and it hit me, I needed to make an anti-power rankings, and tried to decide which is the worst team in the NBA. I used some criteria for this glorious list. One, obviously team record, and second, how much hope they have for the future with their core players.

#7 Minnesota – Kevin Love is an All-Star. Nobody does what he does. He hits threes while scoring 21.1 ppg, and pulls in 15.8 rebounds a game. If Griffin owns the air above the rim, then Love owns everything below the rim. If the second best player on that team wasn’t Luke Ridnour now that Beasley is hurt, they might have some more wins than they do. I bet if they were in the East, they’d be the 8th seed. They have a solid young front court. If Kahn can finally use these guys to build off, they might be relevant again one of these years.

#6 Toronto – They’ve been hit hard by the injury bug this year, and on second thought, maybe losing Bosh was a bigger deal up there than I originally thought. Somehow they are only a couple games outside of the Eastern Conference’s 8th seed, which shows you why there are so many Eastern Conference teams on my list. Hockey still rules Toronto, the Raptors will be extinct there one of these days up there.

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