Oregon’s New Floor

They may have lost the BCS National Championship, but they’ve got plenty to look forward to in Eugene. Always a trendsetter, or original at the very least, the Oregon Ducks are garnering attention for another fashion statement by one of their athletic teams. Usually it’s a crazy new jersey, but now the Ducks have taken it to the floor. The floor of “The Matt”, their new digs, full name Matthew Knight Arena. I think it’s cool to look at once, but playing on it must be a nightmare. It’s hard enough when the basketball court has volleyball lines on it, but now these guys gotta watch out for trees? Word is the halfcourt line is hard to see, if at all existent. I’ve got a feeling they’re going to have to darken that middle portion eventually to please the naysayers.

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10 responses to “Oregon’s New Floor

  • Chris Humpherys

    Until they load up about 50 lbs. a man, it might be a long time before the Ducks start competing with the SEC boys.

  • Chappy81

    That’s a weird looking court. Funny you mention the volleyball lines on the court, because this looks like it could be a beach volleyball court…

  • tophatal


    The attention that the Ducks have been getting is duly deserved !

    Have you heard the rumors surfacing surrounding McCourt having approached the A’s Lew Wolff in gauging his interest in buying the Dodgers ?

    Courtesy of Oakland Tribune & Silicon Valley News

    A’s co-owner Lew Wolff denies interest in buying Dodgers

    A’s co-owner Lew Wolff denied all speculation Wednesday that he has any interest in buying the Los Angeles Dodgers.

    The idea was floated Tuesday by ESPN national baseball writer Buster Olney. With Dodgers owner Frank McCourt on shaky financial ground as his very public divorce unfolds, and with Wolff’s bid to build the A’s a new stadium in perpetual limbo, Olney wondered if Major League Baseball might help facilitate Wolff’s purchasing the Dodgers.

    It was pure speculation, as Olney noted, but by Wednesday the topic was creating buzz. That the A’s felt compelled to issue a release denying the notion added fuel to the connect-the-dot fire.

    Wolff, attending the owners’ meetings in Arizona, said he wanted to head off any thoughts that he was eyeing another franchise.

    “It actually came as a one thousand percent surprise to me. I don’t even quite get it,” Wolff told Bay Area News Group by phone. “I normally don’t spend my time denying things, otherwise I’d be doing it constantly. But I wanted to make sure I didn’t have any possible interference with what’s going on with the Dodgers and (Major League Baseball). The other reason is so everyone knew my target is getting the new venue for the A’s.”

    The idea isn’t entirely far-fetched. Wolff lives in Southern California, and his business offices are based there. And Wolff hasn’t hidden his frustration as his attempts to move the A’s to San Jose have bogged down.

    Click on link to read in its entirety.


    It wouldn’t have necessarily been put out there if there wasn’t some truth in part to this all. I do believe that McCourt wants to sell the team rather than share ownership with ex wife. Selig has to be watching this all closely because it’s now become a bona-fide mess by no stretch of the imagination. As to ultimately who may show interest in buying the team is anyone’s guess . Mark Cuban perhaps ?

    tophatal ………

    • mceezy

      I hope he does buy the Dodgers, so long as the A’s remain in existence. I’m not a fan of Wolff. I’d love to see a new owner who knows that first you build the winning team, THEN you build the new arena. The franchise’s value has got to be at an all-time low, so someone could buy low and turn this thing into a money maker.

  • classic17

    I’m glad Mizzou already made their trip up there this year. I don’t think I could’ve watched that game.

    • mceezy

      Yeah, I watched part of the USC-Oregon game the other night and it was tough. Definitely worse than a Boise football game.

      • classic17

        In the D-2 football playoffs, my hometown team SE Missouri State played in Eastern Washington. I found the game feed online for a bit but the field was bright red. I’ve never seen anything like it. Then EWU wore red and you couldn’t see them.

  • Ravenation, L.L.C. of North America

    First of all…yeah right…and second of all why?


  • JW

    As Charles Barkley would say…


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