Doin Lines Week 13

Another 4-1 week for me?  My confidence is so high though, that I dare call that average.  Chappy and I have had a pretty busy week with *gasp* work (can you believe it?) so we threw around the idea of “Doin One Liners” for the weekly edition of “Doin Lines”.  Basically, we state our reason for taking a team in one or two brief sentences.  I’m actually going to try this …

3-3 wasn’t too bad last week since I was sure I’d have a losing week, either way I’d say it was a better day than the guy pictured up top here. Like By said it was a rough week of work, so sometimes the blogging time suffers. Oh well, gotta make that paper to have some money to bet on these games.

Week 12 (By 4-1, Chap 3-3) Overall (By 30-26, Chap 31-34-3)

Buffalo @ Minnesota (-5.5)

By picks Buffalo (+5.5). Minnesota got their new coach a nice win in his debut, but now it’s back to mediocre football for the Vikes.  The Bills will win so Steve Johnson can start thanking the man upstairs again, instead of blaming him.  

Washington @ NY Giants (-7)

Chappy picks NYG (-7). They lost to Philly and Dallas, so I think they are due to put a hurting on a division foe, if they really are a good team that is. Too bad this stadium is not much of a home field advantage…

Denver @ Kansas City (-8.5)

Chappy picks Kansas City (-8.5). Denver gives up 30 points a game, and the Cheifs are good at home. I think this weekend the Cheifs give Chan Gailey a reason not to snub McDaniels during the post game handshake.

By picks Kansas City (-8.5). Denver’s season was crashing down even before “Spygate 2“, and unless they insert his holiness himself at Arrow Head, this game has disaster written all over it for the Broncos.  Oh, by “his holiness”, I mean Tebow.  As for the Chiefs, just keep on tasting the colors of the Dwayne Bowe.  (Get it?)

San Francisco @ Green Bay (-9.5)

By picks Green Bay (-9.5). Niners in cold weather with a sorry team missing their only good player on offense?  Niners getting killed.

New Orleans @ Cincinnati (-6.5)

Chappy picks New Orleans (-6.5). Is there really any reason you’d pick Cincinnati? That’s kinda what I was thinking too!

Atlanta (-3) @ Tampa Bay

By picks Atlanta (-3).  Matt Ryan.  Roddy White.  ‘Nuff said.

Chappy picks Atlanta (-3). See By’s comment. Also, Tampa Bay doesn’t seem to beat the good teams in the league, if they pull out a win against the Falcons I might be a believer.

Oakland @ San Diego (-13)

Chappy picks San Diego (-13). I would love to be wrong on this, but watching my Raiders play the last two weeks, I don’t have much confidence in them. San Diego should come out like this is a playoff game, because it pretty much is for them.

Dallas @ Indianapolis (-5.5)

By picks Indianapolis (-5.5). I might have to write a little more on this one simply because I can’t believe how bad Peyton Manning looked last week.  But, the two teams that have flat out owned Peyton over his career, have been the Pats (I’m saying this because they’ve won more playoff games in this rivalry) and the Bolts.  So don’t be surprised when Manning resembles his old self against this unpredictable Dallas team this week.  Colts take apart the ‘Boys easily in this one.

New York Jets @ New England (-3.5)

Chappy picks NYJ (+3.5). This could totally go either way, but I didn’t pick one underdog, so I’ll take the Jets to take out the Pats and put themselves on a clear path to win the division.

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