Should Kobe Get Two Numbers Retired?

Living in Los Angeles, I’m subjected to solely Laker love in every media outlet around me. I can’t say I blame them as they do have a great team, and Kobe is one of the greatest players of all time. Today I was watching local KCAL9 sportscaster, Jim Brown, talk about Kobe’s amazing feat of being the youngest player to score 24,000 points in NBA history. It is pretty cool and all, but he did get a little jump start on some of the competition by being in the league at 18 years old. Regardless of what anyone thinks it’s an impressive accomplishment, but I don’t think it should garner as much attention as it has gotten. I agree with Phil Jackson’s comments that the media is making too big a deal out of 24K and should wait until a bigger milestone like 25,000 points. It doesn’t seem like that great of a milestone, but it’s getting hype from Sportscenter, and nearly every media outlet in LA. Anyways, later in the broadcast, sportsguy Jim Brown, said that they should retire both of Kobe’s Lakers numbers 24 and 8! I laughed out loud when I was sitting here by myself! Kobe is a great player, and if he gets a little lucky he could still match MJ’s ring total, but does any player deserve to have two numbers retired for the same team!?! I say no! Whatever number he won more championships with they should use that number. Jordan didn’t get 45 retired so why should Kobe get two? If they chose 8, he would once again be tied to Shaq but this time in the rafters. I think that has a funny ring to it 34 and 8. They had so many disputes that this would be a backhanded compliment to them both. If Kobe goes on to win two more championships, then maybe I’ll reconsider my position.

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9 responses to “Should Kobe Get Two Numbers Retired?

  • tophatal

    If he’s solely played for one team over the course of his entire career. Then that’s the number that should be retired-i.e. the number he’s most associated. Who’s the blithering idiot on the station with nothing better to do with his time ? I’m surprised he didn’t pull an Imus’ ?

    Bryant’s numbers speak for themselves and amongst his peers when he’s finally due for the Basketball Hall of Fame , he’ll be a first time sure fire ballot inductee !

    I’d dropped this piece on Tim Duncan of the Spurs. As and when you’re ready I’ll look forward to reading your comments.

    Mr Fundamental …Tim Dunncan

    Alan Parkins

    • chappy81

      Yeah, I just thought it was pretty funny he was even making the arguement so I thought I’d post something about it… It’s not like the Bulls retired 23 and 45! Sometimes I just hear waaay too much about the Lakers, and every once in awhile I run across a golden nugget like this one!

  • tophatal


    And this piece deals with t he mess in Cleveland with regard to the Browns . Eric Mangini isn’t bound to for a long term coaching job in the NFL. He’s been abominably mediocre at best !

    What with him hiring a close personal friend as the GM ,with limited experience in the field of player personnel development and the assessment of talent. Only for him to be then be fired by the owner Randy Lerner. It certainly gives one the impression that Mangini’s not long for Cleveland. He’s probably more hated than Art Modell.

    Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave ..

    Alan Parkins

  • tophatal

    chappy 81

    What the people there in LA should be concerned with is what the state legislature is now doing to the citizens of the state ? Imposing a 10 % tax on their with holding income and then saying it’ll be returned by way of a rebate ? It’s akin to asking every tax paying citizen if they can borrow money from them . What the hell was Schwarzaneggar and rest of the morons in Sacramento thinking to begin with ?

    A politician in your pocket book is like being mugged legally. You’ve got no recourse and they just laugh all the way to the bank.

    Alan Parkins

  • sportsguyby

    I agree with you on all accounts. Two jerseys retired? What-a-load-a-crap. Kobe is one of the greatest, no doubts about it, but he doesn’t transcend the game the way MJ did. Sorry Laker fans, I know you deep down truly believe that he is better than Mike. But he’s not, and what’s worse, it’s one thing if you copy Mike’s moves on the court, but please … stop copying his gestures.

  • tophatal

    sportsguyby chappy81

    All this does is to lure the fans out there to spend money that they can ultimately ill afford to spend . Especially on two jerseys ! This is no different from the idiocy when the fans are asked to purchase the different types of uniform by a franchise to begin with.

    ‘Money talks bull_hit walks’… as they say.

    Alan Parkins

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