Cable Guy Is Al’s Guy… For Now At least…

Normally I wouldn’t write about this, but since I’ve struggled to be inspired to put up a post about anything going on currently, I might as well weigh in on the retaining of our (has me kinda pumped for next year), Raiders Coach. Cable isn’t the most liked guy around the league, maybe for socking assistant Randy Hanson, maybe because of his woman beating past, or maybe because of his record as head coach (9-19). Whatever the case for the haters, he has won the locker room over, and apparently, for the time being and most importantly, Al Davis. Cable staying keeps the Raiders from NFL history books by not changing coaches for the sixth time in eight years, which would’ve been the most in history. I endorse the move, as we finally have something somewhat stable within the organization, which is much different than years past. I think the hiring has answered at least a couple questions for Raider Nation, but like all Raiders decisions, we never really know if what we are assuming is what’s actually happening.

So what went on in those many meetings between Al and Cable? Did Tom find a way to show Al that Jamarcus was truly a huge problem with this teams success? Was it how Cable kept his poker face when he was surrounded by turmoil on and off the field? Was it the fact that nearly all the players backed him, and wanted him return next season? Did Al finally realize nobody wants to coach the Raiders more than Cable?

Lots of questions, but so few answers. Since Al makes the end all decision for everything that is the Raiders, we as fans are left with just hope that the right decisions will be made. That rarely happens, and we’ve come accustomed to Al is hiding out in his vampire coffin, and not being able to be reached for comment on team moves and decisions.

This is what I’ve gathered so far though. Cable has clearly won the locker room over based on the comments from the players when the year ended for them. I’m not sure whether it was benching Jamarcus, and giving the other players true hope in winning games or maybe it was the fact that he stood up to Davis and the players respected that. I feel like it’s not entirely his fault that the team wasn’t competitive in the division, since anyone coaching them shouldn’t realistically expect a monumental type of turnaround for a team that can’t seem to shift from park to drive.

If Russell is wearing his helmet on Sundays in 2010, I won't be watching.

I mostly blame Jamarcus for our short comings this past season, because you could easily see the team getting frustrated whenever he was in the game. Thankfully Cable noticed it too, and pulled him despite Al’s wishes to keep him in there. Russell will only get better if he wants to, and that doesn’t seem likely to happen with him heading straight to Vegas when the season ended, so we should either sign a vet like Vick, draft one this year, or hand the keys to Gradkowski. If we brought in a different coach, I believe Jamarcus would be given another chance, and ultimately it would end up being just one more season not worth watching. This scenario would also give the lame ass Patriots a top ten pick overall next year, so let’s just hope for 8-8 with Cable at the helm.We need to save the complete tanking of a season for one more year when we have our first draft pick, so we can find the next Jamarcus efficiently.

If they didn’t stick with Cable, who would really want this job? Obviously not Jim Harbaugh! For a job that is treated like the swine flu by the “premier” coaches in the league, we may have the best guy we can get, or at least the one who cares the most about their success. I can’t say that we will be competitive this upcoming year, but he’s given me more a lot more hope than any other coach we’ve had since Kiffin did on a week to week basis and keeping the games competitive. Hopefully it doesn’t end the same way as the Kiffin era did. Hopefully Cable will be allowed to make some of the personnel decisions, so we can avoid signing the next Deangelo Hall or Javon Walker that cripples a big chunk of our salary. Hopefully Al can just suck up the remaining money on Russell’s contract, so Cable doesn’t have to deal with possibly having to start him again, ever. All I know is, keeping Cable was the right move based on how he has handled himself through the constant media scrutiny, and lack of weapons to play call for. I think he earned another chance to coach them, even if it is only for one more year. If he starts 0-4, don’t be surprised if I’m on the fire Cable bandwagon though!

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6 responses to “Cable Guy Is Al’s Guy… For Now At least…

  • tophatal


    I think you’re already aware as to my feelings on this issue. The Raiders have essentially no one with one iota of common sense within their front office with any knowledge of football and what it’ll take to put a winning product on the field. They’ve got a bunch of brain dead individuals running or should I say ruining the organization and that of the careers of McFadden and Bush. And please don’t opine on as to how good Nnandi Asomugha is. One good year and this guy was offered the moon. Until he can produce of a high caliber over a prolonged period of time then he’ll be considered to be a ‘flash in the pan’. By the way how’s Robert Gallery doing ? I rarely hear his name being mentioned nowadays .

    The Raiders for now have hitched their wagon to Tom Cable but it wouldn’t at all surprise me if they continue to look for a new hire over the offseason to replace the incumbent coach.

    Alan Parkins

  • Anthony Burrola

    “I mostly blame Jamarcus for our short comings this past season, because you could easily see the team getting frustrated whenever he was in the game.”

    The single greatest sports watching day I had this year was week 17 when I went to a Pizzeria to watch my Cowboys play host to the Eagles. I live in So. Cal, so there are plenty of Raider fans, and the Baltimore-Oakland game was playing on the other television. I’ll never forget their reaction when Charlie Frye was pulled and Jamarcus entered the game. It was a mix of curse words, feet hitting the floor to leave, and a seemingly synchronized band of mouths snickering to signal their disdain.

    Classic day in Raider fandom history.

    • chappy81

      It’s funny every time whatever QB we had in there went down, all of Raider Nation let out a collective groan when Jamarcus trotted on the field. If they don’t cut him, he better be our third stringer. It’s sad that we’d rather have Frye in there!

  • Anthony Burrola

    Those idiots continually botch high pick after high pick. Absolutely terrible.

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