Labor Day Ramblings

Three day weekends are never a bad thing. You everything you want to in the first two days, and have an extra day to come back to the reality of knowing that tomorrow you will be heading back to work. I pretty much missed all of the first college football Saturday of the year, but fortunately the game of the week is on tonight. The Sportschump broke it down what the teams looked like, so that helped. In an attempt to get myself ready for the upcoming NFL line predictions, I figured I’d start my ramblings with my pick for the college game of the week.

Virginia Tech (+2) Over Boise State

I’m going to be rooting full force for Boise State, but in the end, I have a tough time seeing them coming out the winner. I’m not basing this pick off the players, the coaching strategies, or even team strengths. I’m mostly picking Virginia Tech because they are at home, and the underdog. Since Boise State has to travel to the other side of the country, it’s going to be an even tougher task for them than just playing a great team. I think this is one of the biggest factors that’s overlooked in a game. Teams don’t do well traveling from the westcoast (sort of) to the eastcoast in the NFL, so why should they in college?!? Hopefully this game lives up to the hype, and we get a close one. Anytime you can take the home team with points in a game that you aren’t sure who’s going to win, you do it. The Hokies win unfortunately win tonight!

Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis finally ended his holdout agreeing to a contract worth $46M for four years, with $32M of that guaranteed. He held out to get paid as much as Asomugha, but didn’t really get close to his numbers, and isn’t even the second highest paid cornerback in the league (making less than Asomugha and Champ Bailey this season). I’m not sure I understand why he incurred half a million in fines only to sign this four year contract when it sounded like the Jets offered him that wacky ten year $120M deal. I’m on my own island when it comes to understanding contracts, so maybe that offer had a lot of incentives, and the guaranteed money wasn’t where he wanted it to be. To me, it’s like watching a porno for the dude “actors”, it doesn’t make a ton of sense, but $32M guaranteed > $1M this season… Who knows, I just hope Hard Knocks will clear that up for me on Wednesday night, and now maybe Rex Ryan’s #2’s will play a lot better now that Revis pushed one of the #1’s down to a #2. Are the Jets the favorite to win the Super Bowl now? Maybe, but it all still comes down to how well the Sanchize does, and it’s sounding like the experts have less and less confidence in him. If you somehow didn’t know that Revis was an amazing cornerback, our buddy Weller broke it down like only he can.

Floyd Mayweather apologizes?!? He made this racist rant challenging everything he could conjure up about Manny Pacquiao towards the end of last week. Not surprisingly, it ended up making him look foolish.

Floyd likes chicken so much he's becoming one!

He apologized after the video hit the newswires, but I’m not sure why he was calling him out in the first place. It seemed like a month ago, the fight was going to happen, and Pacquiao conceded to some things in the contract to get this fight going more on Mayweather’s terms. Once again pretty boy Floyd backed down. I’m actually shocked that he apologized. I didn’t really know that this guy even had the word sorry in his vocabulary. Maybe he finally realized that he was the idiot ducking the fight that could save or  revive boxing. I’m not sure how these guys can’t agree on a $100M+ fight. It’s just ludicrous that they are holding this sport hostage, and denying us a chance of seeing rematches as the two slowly grow out of their primes. Mayweather has never been short on confidence, but you have to believe he’s scared at this point, since we’ve never really seen him apologize about anything. If he’s truly the best, he needs to prove it, and I don’t think he is even drinking his own Kool-Aid anymore.

The Padres lost their 10th consecutive game. They are scratching for answers anywhere they can find one, but just flat out aren’t playing well. I was one of the semi-doubters, but was still rooting for them more than against them. I understood how they were getting it done for most of the season, yet I still couldn’t really understand, if that makes any sense! This bump in the road might be showing that they don’t have enough offense, and their pitching might just be too young. The NL West is starting to heat up with the Rockies, Giants, and Padres all in contention now. Two weeks ago, I thought the Padres were going to walk into the playoffs, now they might have to use Latos more than they originally wanted to, and are finding it’s never easy to close out a division title. In contrast to the Padres sudden demise, is the big rise of the White Label Hot Rockies, who seem to come out of nowhere at the end of each season. They’ve won 11 of their last 15, and have a former A’s player, Carlos Gonzalez, who is putting up some MVP type numbers. Too bad for C-Gon, that he has to compete with guys like Pujols and Votto are pushing for a triple crown. This might be the most interesting race in baseball down the stretch, so stay tuned!

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15 responses to “Labor Day Ramblings

  • Chris Humpherys

    I don’t think any one of us can foresee the ramifications of this game ball game tonight.

    Aside from them beating Oklahoma on that Statue of Liberty play, this might very well be the biggest game in Boise State’s history.

    Not only that, it might represent an eventual shake-up in the way college football is scheduled in the future.

    Check out Dwin’s comments on my latest post. Pretty interesting take.

    Let’s say Boise State wins tonight and wins handily. They’ll finally have been justified and as long as they go on to have a successful season, will line up nicely to play in that title game. If they lose, critics will say “See? We told you they had no business being there.”

    Kudos to Beamer and Va Tech for being willing to take on the Broncos. How many major programs do you know these days that would?

    • chappy81

      It sure lived up to the hype! Great game! I had my doubts for a little while, but they hung in there and pulled it out. I hope this gets them a few more games against some of the top flight teams. They’ve shown they deserve it. Hopefully their weak schedule doesn’t lower them down in the coming weeks, but to be chiche we will see..

  • Chris Humpherys

    Earlier I Tweeted, because I’m a geek, and because I have a website to promote (have you all heard about, and asked the question….

    If Boise State, Alabama and Ohio State all run the table, who gets left out of the BCS title game?

    It’ll be awfully tough to keep Boise out of this one, assuming of course, they end up undefeated.

    I also had the visual of the BCS committee sitting in a room somewhere, secretly hoping Boise State would lose, ready to pop a bottle of champagne, much like the 1972 Dolphins do every season.

    • Chappy81

      Haha, I love the visual. I’m sure they are praying that at least one of these teams lose, so they don’t have to make that extremely tough decision… I’m not sure who you keep out, but I have a feeling that Boise would be the team on the outside looking in…

  • colts18

    Great post Chappy! Thanks for the props and the link!

  • tophatal


    Mayweather is simply proving that when you’re a dumb nigger nothin’ in the world can account for one’s complete lack of intelligence ! He wasn’t drunk when he went off on his tirade and even if he was those actions were inexcusable !

    Padres and Braves are beginning to scare me more than some of my ex girlfriends and the ex wife . I’m not saying that I’m now worried but if Bud Black or Bobby Cox were crew members of the Titanic I’d now be abandoning ship !

    Darrelle Revis needs to sodomize his agent for making him look like a complete as_hole ! Way to go coming down from midpoint in their contract negotiations where the Jets had initially offfered him $120 million over ten years with $ 70 million guaranteed to the present contract of $46 million of which $32 million is guaranteed . How dumb are those two to begin with ?

    tophatal ……………… 🙂

    • chappy81

      Yeah, Mayweather has never been a model citizen. Let alone a person you could really take anything he says seriously. I’m just wondering which member of his entourage put the clip up on the web. That might have been the worst move of all!

      One thing the Braves have going for them, is that they are in the lead for the wild card if they get overtaken… Not a comforting feeling, but they have to feel a little better than the Padres at this point!

      Wow, I didn’t know that $70M of that ten year deal was guaranteed!?! I don’t get why he’d ever turn that down. I wonder if his deal would’ve been better if he didn’t hold out and showed up to camp and negotiated while he was with the team…

      • tophatal


        We all know that Mayweather is no model citizen simply just a narcissistic as-hole that’s all ! As for Revis’ contract had he played ball and accepted the Jets’ 10 yr $120 million deal he’d have been in a far better place. But that’s what happens when you’ve an a-hole as your agent. Now with the impending lockout contracts such as the one he’s signed won’t be worth a plug nickel should the bottom fallout of the Jets’ season this year. They could cut his ass and simply pay off what’s necessary as part of the deal .

        Hope you enjoyed the holiday weekend ?

        tophatal ……… 🙂

  • Dodd

    It’s not in the agent’s best interest to have Revis sign the 10 year deal. Most likely he gets a percentage of each contract signed plus large negotiating fee or retainer,, plus a yearly percentage of the players earnings. .01% of $120 mil (not a true example, just using this as an number to illustrate my point) is $1.2mil $120,000 a year = $2.4 mil. .01% of $46 mil = $460000 $120000 a year the next contract (let’s say 5 years at $14 mil a year , inflation, pay raises, etc) would come out to be 2.6-2.9 million or so, depending on the numbers. Factor in that he will be an unrestricted free agent after this deal is up which gives the player more leverage and creates a potential bidding war, it seems to me that Revis let his agent speak for him a little too much. If the 10/120 deal is what he wanted he should have spoken up, otherwise the agent will probably look out for himself, just as much as the player. These guys are young and probably know little about the financial aspects of the game, so it’s not always the players fault when you see something like this.

  • Chappy81

    That’s a great point! I never really thought about it from the greedy agent perspective. Maybe you should consider being an agent Darin, you can talk the talk to these youguns!

  • tophatal


    Be it a ten yr deal or not it doesn’t matter the agent still gets paid and at the same time he takes a cut of any endorsement deal arranged for the player . That’s how it all works no matter what .

    tophatal …………….

    • Dodd

      I know they still get paid, but the agent makes more off of two 5 yr contracts than he would of one 10 yr. The percentage of the players earnings will always be there, however the player also receives a bill for the separate negotiating done for each contract. Often that is a flat fee, separate from what he earns from his day to day job of being his agent. I don’t know the exact setup that Revis has with his agent, but the more work the agent does, the more he makes, and two contract is more work than one.

      • tophatal


        The prevailing issue however would be his commission and what’s agreed between the two parties. The agent could well be set up for a commission rate of not more than between 8-10 % but in the case of an endorsement contract it could well be considerably higher given the player’s exposure and the brand involved.

        Simply look at Scott Boras who’s handled contracts worth in excess of $ 3 billion over the years for some primetime major league talent including Manny Ramirez and A-Rod ?

        tophatal 🙂

  • tophatal


    How quaint is that Vegas PD is charging Mayweather with grand larceny stemming from his battery upon his ex girlfriend and the mother of three of his 6 kids ?

    tophatal ……………….

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