Brawling and Foul Balls

Sometimes the fans take center stage, and ARE the story more than the athletes at times. We saw Bo and Sarah’s foul ball fiasco give them more than their five minutes of fame, and fortunately, I think we are done with both of them. This past Friday a fight between an unruly fan at the US Open made more waves on internet forums  than the actual tennis being played. I figured it was only fitting to show you the compilation clip that someone spent some time syncing up all the camera phone videos that caught the incident. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions about this jackass. I’ve never been a fan of people from the eastcoast, and this might just be another example of why…

This second clip shows us that unitentional pain is always funny. Cali4Dre’s thoughts summed it up nicely…

Three things I like about that one:

  • The HD feed looks really nice
  • The multiple replays of ball contact to forehead
  • The camera dude saying he tried to warn him, as if that made a difference

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6 responses to “Brawling and Foul Balls

  • tophatal


    So it is true Novak Djokovic is a real d_ck afterall then ?

    US men’s tennis is now dying an ugly death in terms their singles’ players . US male player hasn’t won a Grand Slam singles tournament in seven years and it’ll be a long time before they win another !

    tophatal …………. 🙂

    • chappy81

      Not so sure how I feel about Novak. He’s still only 23, so I guess being a bitch is somewhat excusable at times. Then again, Federer always took the high road, it’s easy when you’re winning though!

      I have to agree with you on the fact that the US isn’t putting out anyone that talented outside of Isner. US and Tennis go together as well as the A’s and a new stadium. Unfortunately, the A’s are closer to a new stadium than the US is to a grand slam as unlikely as that may be…

      • tophatal


        If he’s not showing any sign of maturity at this stage then he’ll never show it ! Isner’s sole claim to fame will be the instant classic match against Mahut at Wimbledon and his appearance on Letterman . Need one say anymore on the matter because as of now the lone American left in the tournament outside of the Bryan brothers in doubles is Venus Williams and she’s no certainty to make it to the finals much less win the tournament outright .

        tophatal …………………. 🙂

  • classic17

    Definitely got a kick out of this the first time I saw it. I hadn’t seen one with audio yet, though. Awesome.

  • Chris Humpherys

    At first I thought that was fake, like Jersey Shore meets Punk’d. How was that guy mic’ed up so well.

    Then I saw the old man take him out and then fall down two rows of chairs


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