The Lakeshow Open a Can of Whoop Ass in Game One

This basically sums up the game; Kobe along with the rest of the squad was in the zone last night. Straight from the tip the Lakers played smart, hard nosed basketball. They never backed down, and hit the shots that needed to go down. Stat of the night: Kevin Garrnett’s plus/minus was -17, and Ron Artest’s was +27…..End of story on that stat alone! Not to mention the Lakers out rebounded the Celtics by 15.

On another note the Celtics can’t play much worse then that, I wouldn’t be surprised if they came out Sunday and played on of there best games of the playoffs. The Lakeshow better be ready for game two, with the bullshit 2-3-2 format, you can’t afford to let game two slip away. Were keeping things short around here for the next few days, so here is a bonus clip to get your Friday morning started with, enjoy.

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