List 10: Ten excuses Celtics fans will use if they lose to the Lakers

(Borrowed today, but I had to post it)

Suggested by @AmandaRykoff, also known as “Company Woman Amanda” from the podcast

1. Kobe got all the calls. And his fingers weren’t hurt enough. Or his toes. I don’t know. Kobe sucks.

2. Rondo was banged up, and everyone knows you can’t win a championship with three future Hall of Famers if your fourth-year point guard has muscle spasms.

3. The Lakers stole Gasol! Rip-off trades should only happen when a beloved former power forward becomes the GM of another team.

4. Simmons jinxed us.

5. The tech/ejection/suspension on Rasheed/ KG/Perkins is because the refs are out to get them, not because they’re crazy and/or jerks who have complained about every call ever. (Not gonna lie — Artest doesn’t do well in this category either. But at least we only got one crazy).

6. If we aren’t going to get a 38-to-10 free throw advantage like we did in Game 2 of 2008, how does anyone ever expect us to win?

7. Wait, they’re still playing? I jumped off the bandwagon last year. OK, I’m back! I never bailed! Celtics forever! What? They lost? Why does this always happen to me?

8. Fisher is a dirty player. That’s KG’s move!

9. Gasol flops too much. That’s KG’s move!

10. Pierce got confused on which injury to fake.

2 responses to “List 10: Ten excuses Celtics fans will use if they lose to the Lakers

  • tophatal

    “I wasn’t the last guy to have sex with LeBron James’ mom so don’t point fingers at me ” ! Paul Pierce of the Celtics.

    “Well who did ” ? Doc Rivers

    “Well she told me that she wanted to have sex with us all so what gives ” ? Rajon Rondo

    Rumor has it that Gloria James is on the payroll of Jerry Buss .

    Alan Parkins

  • The Fantasy Geek

    One game does not a series make and I could come up with a list of 10 Lakers excuses if the Celtics win game 2. But…

    You forgot one: Chris Rock didn’t try hard enough to get Kobe to crack a smile and break his concentration. If he had done his “I’d NEVER hit a woman. Never, never, never, never, never! But I’ll shake the shit out of her” material, Kobe would’ve been on the floor rolling and the Celtics would’ve come back.

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