Texas Rangers Aren’t Fading For Once…

The Rangers have gotten a ton of play on the MLB network over the past month or so. I can’t remember seeing more of their games on TV at any point in my life. They’ve earned those televised games, as they are the clearly the class of the AL West, and playing as good as any team in the league right now. They usually fade during July and August when their home field turns into a launching pad, but not this year. I was hoping for an implosion from them, so maybe the A’s would be able to sneak into the playoffs, but that’s like hoping for the Raiders to show up in back to back games. Once again, I’m starting to wonder if the A’s are cursed. Not because of the numerous injuries they suffered for a third straight year, but because we let Ron Washington go. I’d much rather have Washington as the manger over Geren, but Beane was very pro Geren, so we’re stuck with the schlep. Until A’s fortunes change, I think we are still under The Curse of the Wash. Normally I’d root against the AL West winner if it wasn’t the A’s, but I found myself pulling for the Rangers to succeed this postseason.

The Rangers sweep over the Yankees showed us exactly what they’ve been doing well all year long. Come from behind to win. They came back to win two of the three games, and even made one of those comebacks while Rivera was on the mound. That kind of win can’t be understated when it comes playoff time, and just knowing that they have already beaten up the most dominant closer of all time is a feather in the cap. They also had their ace (Cliff Lee) back on the hill to close out the sweep. It was his first start in two weeks. He showed how healthy he was shutting the Yankees down for 8 innings giving up only one run. It’s only the second time all season the Yankees got swept! What made this even more impressive was that they didn’t need their MVP candidate Josh Hamilton, who is still out with a bruised up ribcage. There’s no rush to get Hamilton back, since they do have a commanding lead in the West (8 ½ games). Now that the Yankees and Rays starting to come back to earth a little, does this give the Twins and Rangers an edge? I’d probably put both of them above the TB and NY on power rankings if I made them right this moment. I’m already envisioning an ALCS matchup between Minnesota and Texas. Maybe that’s a little presumptuous, but if Morneau and Hamilton come back healthy, who’s to say that these two teams are the favorites to make it to the ALCS?

Another thing I’ve noticed about this Rangers team is their swagger factor. It’s crazy how together these guys are. Early in the season after they took out the Angels in the opener of a series in June, right after the final out of the game was recorded Ian Kinsler was out there yelling for them to “get off our field”, as the Angels were heading to the showers. At the time I thought Kinsler was just being the dickhead he is, but now months later I think it was a statement of things to come. It was like they finally believed in themselves before anyone else did, and knew they weren’t going to have a collapse when the weather got hot. They were no longer going to be a pushover and would play every game hard, just the way Wash would’ve played. They were paying attention to more details than they used to, even doing the small ball stuff that wins games utilizing their speed in Bobon and Andrus. We will see if they can continue their good play through the last 19 games. I don’t see any reason for them to slow down since they don’t have the division locked up yet, but they are in as good of a position possible for a solid postseason run, and can let guys like Josh Hamilton and Cliff Lee take some extra rest if it’s needed. I’m glad my prediction of who would win the AL West is working out thus far!

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9 responses to “Texas Rangers Aren’t Fading For Once…

  • Chris Humpherys

    The Rays handled the Rangers pretty well last time they played so I was surprised to see Texas take it to the Yanks like they did.

    The current battle between the Rays and Yanks is not only for home field advantage but maybe more importantly, who will face off against either Texas or Minnesota.

  • Chappy81

    It’ll be interesting to see if whoever is ahead in the East towards the end of the season rests their players to try to play one team over the other. I’m not sure you’d want to face either Texas or Minnesota, but I think the Rays match up better with Texas than the Yankees, because they have better pitching. It’s just getting to the fun part of the year! Can’t wait!

  • tophatal


    Ron Washington and his staff has had this team believing in themselves and it has continually showed in their play throughout much of their season .

    The playoffs should prove to be intriguing as we’ll see who will play themselves into the mix at the end of it all.


    tophatal ………….. 🙂 _ 🙂

    • chappy81

      Yeah, it’s a crapshoot once you get into the playoffs. If they are clicking on all cylinders when they start, they should have a good shot! If you couldn’t tell, we have somewhat of a mancrush on Wash 🙂

      • tophatal


        You simply roll the dice and let the pieces fall where they may. Man oh man that game ‘tween the Padres and Rockies was tremendous .

        The NL West now has become so much of a crap-shoot that it’s hard to pick a team from one moment to the next. There’s not much separating the three teams that are now in the mix ! You’d be foolhardy at this juncture to say who’ll end up winning that division as it’s way too close to call.

        tophatal 🙂

        • chappy81

          Yeah, the NL west is a crapshoot at this point. Whoever can get hot for the last week will probably win it! The Padres are coming back to life finally. I’m kinda rooting for the Giants to pull it out now…

  • tophatal


    And after last night’s game ‘tween the Rays and Yankees I’ve got the feeling that a number of divisions will be decided in the last week of the season ! What the hell was Crawford thinking last night in the game against the Yankees ?

    tophatal 🙂 _ 😦

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