Glory Glory Hallelujah! The Warriors Are For Sale!

Finally Dubs fans have something to roar about at Roaracle!

I’ve waited my whole adult life for this moment, and the possibility of my favorite team being sold to an owner that cares about the team could truly happen has made this a great Monday! The words “great” and “Monday” aren’t in the same sentence very often, unless your watching an ESPN MNF commercial, but today is special. It was reported just hours ago that owner, Chris Cohan, has hired Galatioto Sports Partners to assist him with the SALE OF THE WARRIORS! A team that is in the fifth largest market in the NBA is hoping the bidding will go over the $400 million mark. Personally, I think that’s a little high, because the Bobcats just went for $275 million, but I’m far from qualified to tell you what a teams’ value is. I’d think it would make it more difficult to get what the price he wants since there is the pending lockout looming large over every possible future franchise owner. Apparently there are more buyers in the running than the only previously reported one, Larry Ellison. We know that Ellison will be in the mix in the bidding war, since he previously had said he was interested over the past year plus, but also had said you can’t buy what’s not for sale. Now that they are, so let’s hope he can assume ownership of the team.

Despite owning one of the worst records in the league, the Warriors draw the 13th best attendance in the NBA. This is just one more reason this is great news for the best fans in the league that pack Roaracle on a nightly basis. We now actually have something to cheer for. Their first order of business when the team gets it’s new owner should be to rehire Chris Mullin. We need him back in the front office making smart personnel decisions. He was the main catalyst to getting together that very exciting 2007 team that upset the Mavs. Yesterday, there was no hope for the future outside of Curry, today the possibilities are endless!

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