March Madness the Best Day 1 EVER!

Easily the most time I've spent on CBS's website...

I’m not even going to try and recap the amazing day that happened yesterday. Personally I thought it was far and away the best 12 hour stretch of basketball I’ve seen in my lifetime. There were buzzer beaters, overtime, comebacks, cinderella stories, the whole enchilada! I’m hoping that today will bring just as much excitement, but am somewhat skeptical that the games will live up to yesterdays excitment… I don’t even know what my favorite moment was from yesterday, because there were so many of them. If there was ever a time when Sportscenter needed a top 20 plays list, yesterday was the day for it.

  • 7 of the 16 games were decided by 3 points or less
  • 11 of the 16 games were decided by single digits
  • 4 of those games were decided by a shot made in the last five seconds

Quincy Pondexter’s performance was something out of Steph Curry’s book, leading a storming Washington Husky team back from a 14 point deficit making every shot he took over the last six minutes including the game winner. Murray State, Ohio, and Old Dominion all gave us reasons to believe there could be another George Mason, although I don’t see any of them making it to the elite 8, but then again, after yesterday’s action anything is possible. It was good to see St. Mary’s get their first tourney win and rep the WCC. If you liked buzzer beaters Ishmael Smith, Pondexter, and Danero’s will all be highlights for the rest of the tourney. I’d write more, but the games are about to start, and I’m at work, so it’s time to start streamling again! If today is anything like yesterday, then every basketball fan won’t want to miss a minute of the action! Feel free to let us know what your favorite moment was from day 1.

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