Durant is Playing Like an MVP… Seattle Must Hate Life…

I have to admit the only time Durant has failed me was during the NCAA tourney as a Longhorn. He made me a believer that he could single-handedly win a title during the year hitting a few buzzer beaters. Unfortunately, he had a god awful performance in the 2nd round of March Madness, and was out of college basketball forever. Needless to say it destroyed my brackets that year. When he went to Seattle I was pretty happy, and grew a mini-mancrush on him through his rookie season. After Presti hi-jacked the team, I’ve found it very hard to watch them. I feel like I should be boycotting anything that is the Thunder. Another reason why every picture I put up of Durant on posts is him in a Seattle uniform. Alas, it’s impossible not to watch this amazing young team hitting full stride, and Westbrook has grown a TON since he came into the league. The main reason for their success has been Kevin Durant, and how he has put them into contender status at the vetran age of 21 years old.

He's a PC with Windows 7 at least!

The Sonics (still resisting calling them the Thunder) are like that up and coming boxer that is knocking out everyone that they face, skyrocketing up the rankings. Most likely they will fall to the champ in a fight for the belt, but it’s always fun to see the potential of the young guns. Rattling off 9 straight wins has made them relevant in the west, and I don’t see losing the last two being overly devastating. It hasn’t been a small story that KD had 29 straight 25+ point performances, until he scored a measly 21 tonight. He’s turned into the full package, and if he ever learns how to start dishing it, watch out. Then again, why would he pass, when he’s going to score no matter how he’s being defended. I’m already more impressed with his offensive game more so than I am with Melo’s. It doesn’t matter who the other team puts on him or what kind of double team he is facing, he figures it out and finds a way to score! If Melo is a PC, then KD has to be Mac. There’s one thing I’ve always liked about Durant, and that is the fact that he only cares about basketball. I mean, could you ever see him shooting up a night club or even having a gun for that matter? Making a rap video? Sending naked texts of himself? That’s what I thought. He’s a pretty clean cut guy, and only seems to care about getting better at basketball. I wonder if he’ll get arrogant like Kobe and Jordan are. You see something different with him, he’s just one of those competitors that won’t allow himself to waste away his talent.

One thing he has going against him is that he’s playing in the Lebron era, because in any other year, he’d get my MVP vote. It’s wild that if you took Durant or Lebron off either these teams, both would probably be counting how many ping pong balls they had for the John Wall lottery. That is why, I’m picking both of them above Kobe. Their importance to their teams is invaluable. I can still see the Lake Show making the playoffs with the supporting cast they have in place. Lebron looks like he’s hitting his Michael Jordan type stride, where it’s going to be nearly impossible for anyone to get an MVP but him for a few years. I guess Jordan wasn’t given the award a couple times in what many felt was the league getting tired of giving the award to him, and just wanted a change of pace. It seems like as long as Lebron is healthy, and has a good enough cast to get the top seed, it will be his award to lose. I’m praying that I’ll get to see his Big-O impersonation one year, and average a triple double for a entire season. My question is, when are we going to see the third puppet come out in the MVPuppet commercials? KD is already sponsored by Nike, why wouldn’t they throw him in there!  He’d be my favorite character of the three.

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8 responses to “Durant is Playing Like an MVP… Seattle Must Hate Life…

  • mceezy

    Great post… I usually root for the under the radar guys, but Durant is so under the radar that he’s under my radar. Plus I obviously echo the anti-Thunder sentiment, in large part for Seattle, but also for jacking the Warriors’ mascot as their team name. Even if I didn’t like that mascot in the first place, it’s too much lack of creativity for me to respect them. I do hope the Sonics get in the playoffs now, just so we can see what Durant’s capable of on a national stage.

  • By

    Great post Chappy!

    I wrote a long response to it, but the internet connection crapped out on me before I sent it. Anyway, I basically re-stated the fact that if LeBron or Durantula were extracted from their teams, those teams would be the New Jersey Nets.

    Somewhat off subject, John Wall is really good, but I’m starting to favor DeMarcus Cousins as the top player in Kentucky. Your thoughts?

    I’ll probably write a post on it, as soon as I’m out of the abyss that is Tahoe.

    • chappy81

      Haha, I’m not sure anyone would be the Nets, but they would be in “rebuild mode” that’s for sure!

      I love Demarcus’s game! I’ve been hoping all along that we somehow get the 2nd pick in the lottery so we can get him. All of a sudden we’d actually have some size with him, Randolph, Biens, Wright, and Turiaf. It’s probably just a pipe dream though. We never win the lotto even though we usually have a ton of ping pong balls…

  • Anthony

    dang, I didn’t know he was playing so well!

  • tophatal


    The ‘kid’ was terrific as a Longhorn in college but unfortunately the rest of the team weren’t up to his level. He’s proven that he’s got the game for the NBA.

    Now we’ll be able to see what he can do with this Thunder team in the NBA.

    Alan Parkins

  • Si Korot

    Good entry, Chappy. Would love to get a word in w/you about something


    Si Korot

  • The Fantasy Geek

    I don’t think I’ve ever even heard the sound of Durant’s voice. That’s as under-the-radar as it gets. Fine effort, Mr. Chapman.

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