Sweet New Time Wasting Site!!!

I’m not in the time wasting business anymore, but I’ve clocked a lot of hours over at the FailBlog network. It started with Failblog, then I spiraled out of control, frequenting such ridiculous sites as Engrish, Graphjam, and even LolCatz. Today, a friend pointed me over to hackedirl.com, and I’m pretty sure it’s the best one yet. For me, at least. See, I’ve always been a fan of funny graffiti. Hacked IRL is all about it.

Instantly, it reminds me of some of my favorite funny graffiti sightings over the years….

  1. Circa 1998, I got off the freeway at Watt Ave, and someone had painted a T in front of Watt.
  2. Circa 2001, I was in a bathroom, and someone wrote CODY LAMBERT PISSED HERE. If you aren’t a dork like me, then you wouldn’t know that Cody Lambert is the surfer dude nephew on Step by Step.
  3. Circa 2004, in a porta-potty in the parking lot at the Oakland Coliseum, someone wrote on the case of toilet seat covers, FREE GIANTS HATS, and lastly….
  4. Circa 2007, on a garage in Portrero Hill in San Francisco, someone simply spraypainted, POOPDICK

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