Pete Heading to the NFL… Again!

The Jim Mora era came to a quick end in Seattle with his firing. He only lasted one year, and yesterday was relieved of his head coaching position. He helped take a team that was okay, and turned them into one of my favorite teams to bet against in my Doin Lines picks. They were a lock to get blown out nearly the whole second half of the season. Today it was confirmed that the Seahawks search for a new coach started and ended with Pete Carroll. The former USC head coach is reportedly 100% on board with joining the Seahawks. Seattle adhered to the Rooney Rule by bringing in Vikings defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier yesterday, but sources around the league were already buzzing that Carroll and Seattle being close to a deal almost before they released that they met with Frazier, which makes me feel like they never really considered him for the job. I feel like this rule is just wasting peoples time, as it was completely obvious who Seahawks were targeting. Why should they even have to bring in Frazier when they weren’t really considering him? Carroll’s move from sunny Southern California to the cold pacific northwest might have a bigger impact on SC’s recruiting than it does for the Seahawks. It already sounds like a number of recruits might be changing their minds about going to SC next year. Luckily they don’t have to deal with the Rooney Rule that the NFL has to, and can pick a replacement coach quickly. Urban Meyer anyone? Ok, probably not, but that would be pretty comical.

It’s tough to say exactly why Pete picked now to jump back into the NFL, since the offers have obviously been there every year. I’m guessing it’s a combo of his inability to talk players into staying (Sanchez and McKnight) or it could be the wear and tear of constant investigations on thier sports programs “giving” players benefits. Maybe it was not winning the Pac-10 title that made him decide he was done with college football. Maybe Joe McKnight had some inside info, and that was the reason he declared for the draft. Regardless of the reason, Pete couldn’t have left USC much more successful than he was.

Seattle is getting a good upgrade as Mora seemed to be driving this team into the ground. It was tough to even watch the Seahawks this year, and from what I saw they showed up to play in less games than the Raiders did. I’m sure that next year will be an improvement, especially on offense as Carroll is trying to convince USC’s offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates to come with him instead of going to Chicago. I don’t see any reason besides money from keeping that duo from staying in tact. We haven’t seen Pete’s coaching work too well in the NFL, so we’ll see if this go round is any better for him. He’s already got a lot of work to do there.

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3 responses to “Pete Heading to the NFL… Again!

  • tophatal


    This’ll end up being either one of two things success or a monumental disaster. I’m liable to think that it’ll be the latter. Without the likes of Chow and Sarkissian at his side. Pete Carroll is liable to struggle.

    The Seahawks have an ‘ aging roster’ and no vocal or team leader. Hasselbeck is on his last legs as a quarterback and has become injury proned.

    Alan Parkins

  • sportsguyby

    Pete wouldn’t have left if he felt that he had another 2-3 years a top the Pac-10 with potential National Championships in the near future, but USC is on the decline, and Pete did well to jump ship before everyone looks at him the way Notre Dame followers looked at Charlie Weiss.

    As far as him returning to the NFL, I have one word to describe my prediction on his success. FAIL.

  • classic17

    I’ll bet it has something to do with an investigation. The water there is just about boiling and he hopped out of the pot. I’m surprised they made him Coach and GM. Let’s take it one step at a time.

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