WNBA is Doin Work

Sweet layup!

Sweet layup!

The WNBA released their ratings for the playoffs, and shockingly did better than they ever have. I’ve never been a fan of watching them shoot jumpers and layups, but apparently it’s caught on enough to average nearly half a million viewers during the playoffs on ESPN2. Good work WNBA, maybe one day you’ll have a full city’s worth of people watching the finals! I don’t know one person who follows the WNBA, and don’t think I’ll meet one anytime soon. It’s crazy there’s all this positivity about the league, but most of their stadiums are emptier than Oakland A’s games. I bet TMZ gets 500K viewers a night. One thing I can’t deny is that they’d probably school me on the court, but Americans only want to watch the best, and THAT is another reason we aren’t all that excited about soccer.

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2 responses to “WNBA is Doin Work

  • tophatal


    Slowly but surely they’re learning from their male counterparts. But they’re still a long way off from where they’d like to be.

    Drawing a 2-3.5 rating equates to barely 2.6 million viewers. But judging by where they once were , it’s better than nothing. It beats the showing of the NHL , that’s for sure .

    Dropped this piece on OSU’s Dez Bryant and his problems with the NCAA after his meeting with Deion Sanders.

    A Rule Of Thumb Don’t Act The Fool …………

    Alan Parkins

    • chappy81

      Really the NHL doesn’t even get as many viewers as the WNBA!?! I for one would rather watch the Stanley Cup over the WNBA finals any day of the week! I’m shocked anyone can really tune in and get excited about the WNBA…

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