Daily Archives: October 20, 2009

Karaoke Performance Gone Wrong

Holy s**t what is going on here? I was horrified watching this god awful performance, but yet couldn’t take my eyes off it. This was one of the most perplexing four minutes of my life…hell I had to even go back and watch this again in attempt to really comprehend the subtitles that were flashing across the screen at me.

I need a stiff drink.

Is Pat Leahy More Unhittable Than CC?

About two years ago I joined a wiffle ball team, and it was pretty fun, and surprisingly competitive. I thought that it was pretty amazing that guys were throwing a wiffle ball that weighs an ounce forty feet at upwards of 50 mph! I’m not saying that it hurts to get hit by the ball, but I did get a few welts here and there from pitches. Although I only had one glorious wiffle season it made me respect guys that could make the ball go where they wanted it to. The video above is 2008 first round draft pick Pat Leahy. Yes, they do have drafts and free agency in wiffle ball. I guess it’s getting to be pretty big over on the east coast, where they do take it pretty damn serious! Fast Plastic is a growing league, and might be something worth checking to see if they have it in your area. Everything’s worth trying once!