I Guess it’s Time For SJax to Go…

Steven Jackson WarriorsWell, since I’ve been following SJax from the start of his trade demands on DIME magazine, I guess I can finally admit he’s burned his bridges for dubs fans. We’ve been very tolerant of Jackson in the sense that he’s always played hard, and been a great leader on the court. I thought he’d actually show a little more respect to the organization that’s stood by him when many others wouldn’t. I guess even he is wearing out his welcome. It’s been hard for me to admit that Jackson is a cancer to the team, but this weekends events have shown me the light. I didn’t actually see his preseason game that earned him a two game suspension, but it sounded like a bitch move. Seriously, if you don’t want to play you don’t need to pick up five personal and one technical foul to prove it. He already made his point by demanding a trade, so why pour it on. I feel like the Warriors have pretty much done everything an organization can do for him. They’ve overpaid him, and pretty much handed this young roster over to him to lead. I guess that’s not enough , and I understand he’s frustrated, but he’s going about it the wrong way. The most amazing part to me is Artest now seems like the guy who has matured since the infamous Detriot slugfest. Artest has made slightly sane maneuvers (aside from not knowing that San Diego existed), but he didn’t take a ridiculously large contract like Jackson did, and now he’s playing with the champs. If Jackson really thought it through, he should’ve stuck with that old contract that was slightly more tradable. Now he’s just overpaid, spoiled, and selfish, which can only be traded to teams like the Clippers and Grizzleys of the world. It’s scary that all this is just starting to come clear to me. I’m not even caring what we get at this point even if it’s Zydrunas Ilgauskas’s dead corpse. He’s pretty much made his trade value lower than the Raiders franchise hopes. I’d like to see a deal done before the season starts, so his attitude doesn’t spread to the few positives we have going into the year.

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8 responses to “I Guess it’s Time For SJax to Go…

  • tophatal


    Guys like Stepehen Jackson always have a way of becoming a problem , no matter what environment they’re placed in. They’re never completely satisfied , despite their undoubted talents . They always come back with the same old asinine rhetoric …… of saying that they’ve been disrespected’ . When in reality nothing could be further from the truth as they are in-fact the ones who are in effect being disrespectful to the team and their teammates to begin with ! That’s my own personal take on Jackson. I sincerely doubt that he has the real respect of his peers within the game .

    Alan Parkins

    • chappy81

      Tough to argue, I’m definitely not one to argue too much on your point, but he was a great teammate from a locker room standpoint for the past three and a half years, something just snapped in him this offseason I guess… We’ll see how it all shakes out, and hopefully he’ll suck it up and not pull an Al Harrington on us!

      • tophatal


        I guess you’re viewed as a good teammate when
        you’re not raggin’ on another teammate but merely raggin’ on management and ownership ? Jackson is
        merely a narcissist and he thinks merely about himself and not much else.

        Alan Parkins

        • chappy81

          There was a pretty good article in the SF Chronicle about him and getting his “Captain” status taken away. The jest of it was that he took care of himself with his contract, and then worried about winning second. I guess it’s probably partially the W’s fault, but nobody can deny that Jackson is screwing over an organization that embraced him from the get go.

  • sportsguyby


    Great stuff! I’ve just skimmed through a little of your blog since you left me a comment w/ a link on my blog, but I did read this entire post on (former) Captain Jack. Couldn’t agree more, us Warrior fans have seemingly brushed all his past mishaps under the rug, but we should have known this day would have come. And despite his solid numbers w/ us, he is still over-paid. Lastly, when you look at this guy & his history, how much of it do you believe when he says he’s gonna play w/ 100% effort regardless of his trade demands? Me, personally. Zilch.

    • chappy81

      Don’t be a stranger! I don’t think he’s going to give us 100% effort either. It’s too bad he can’t suck it up, and live up to that ridiculous contract he signed. It looks like he’s going to be this year’s Al Harrington/Jamal Crawford… Sounds like were at the same point with Jack now, and we’ll pretty much take whatever is offered!

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