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The Free Agent Summit…. YAWN

It’s been reported once again by ESPN that the free agent summit was in full effect. This time it reportedly has taken place over the past weekend with Lebron, D-Wade, and Bosh all connecting in Miami (to read the whole groundbreaking article click here). I guess this is news. I’m sure they got a lot accomplished. I mean, do these guys really even know what teams will offer them? They probably generally know about what each team can offer them, but won’t know officially until they go and visit the teams on or after July 1st. I find it funny that this whole meeting is being covered so heavily, it must be really slow in the sports world. I like what Chris Broussard and Marc Stein came up with as their conclusions in this article. They reported that Lebron is interested in joining Miami, and so is Chris Bosh, shocking I know. They also reported that Bosh and Lebron could go to Chicago… you don’t say, I haven’t even heard that scenario! Oh wait a minute, they also said that Lebron could stay in Cleveland. Wholly crap this is groundbreaking stuff guys! They also said that Wade has meeting scheduled with the Nets and Knicks, wholly crap, I think all the top free agents have meeting with those two teams! It sounds like they accomplished a lot over the weekend having this trio of stars meet up in Miami. I mean seriously, what could they have talked about. Hey guys, who wants to take less money so all three of us can play together? Nobody, okay, so which two of us get to play together? Oh, I guess we can’t really make that decision either without knowing what contracts these teams want to give us… Good talk guys hopefully one of you picks the same team as me! Honestly, why did they even need to meet up? Why not just jump on a conference call or skype it? This whole summit idea grinds my gears! Maybe not so much that the players met, but the fact that it has to dominate the newswires today.

WNBA is Doin Work

Sweet layup!

Sweet layup!

The WNBA released their ratings for the playoffs, and shockingly did better than they ever have. I’ve never been a fan of watching them shoot jumpers and layups, but apparently it’s caught on enough to average nearly half a million viewers during the playoffs on ESPN2. Good work WNBA, maybe one day you’ll have a full city’s worth of people watching the finals! I don’t know one person who follows the WNBA, and don’t think I’ll meet one anytime soon. It’s crazy there’s all this positivity about the league, but most of their stadiums are emptier than Oakland A’s games. I bet TMZ gets 500K viewers a night. One thing I can’t deny is that they’d probably school me on the court, but Americans only want to watch the best, and THAT is another reason we aren’t all that excited about soccer.