Daily Archives: October 6, 2009

Is This Really Necessary?

I’m sitting here at my desk at work going nuts listening the Tigers-Twins game… what could be better?!  Oh yeah, watching the game at home on TV with a beer.  Why does the one game tiebreaker always have to be a day game?  I get it… the winning team needs time to travel.  But seriously, they know they’re going to New York, and the NL playoffs are both scheduled for tomorrow already.  SO, why not let this be a night game?  I mean, think about it, even the East Coast had to miss the beginning of the game.  There’s no reason this game should be played where only a fraction of fans can watch.  Now that this one-game playoff tiebreaker is an every year thing, perhaps it’s time MLB took a look at how to best capitalize on this.  Now, back to AM radio I go!

We Get It: Favre = God

Brett Favre gunslinger

Last night was another memorable Favre performance, but if you were only listening to the ESPN crew (Jaworski, Tirico, and Gruden) you may have thought Brett Favre was playing one on one with himself vs. his younger self in Minnesota. They brought out the full archives of Favre to show us that he was in fact once young. They talked like they’d leave their wives for him if he asked. ESPN’s bromance with Favre has reached a new level that I didn’t think could happen. Even on crucial plays for the Packers they’d still cut to Favre for a sideline shot. It was very important to show him kneeling on his “legendary knee” or scratching his “legendary stubbles.” All of the over hype made me actually hate the Vikings by the end of the game. I didn’t care all that much who won going into the game hoping to see a close divisional rivalry play out, but the bromance with Favre has made me into a Minnesota hater. Sure he was having a good game, I can’t deny that, but the Packers D was giving him 30 seconds to throw each time he dropped back. If any quarterback has that much time to sit there and look at every receiver he better find the open one. Hell, you could put JaMarcus’s corpse of a QB body back there, and probably put up 300 yards with that O-line performance last night! I wish Aaron Rodgers pulled a Tonya Harding on him when he was wishy washy on his first retirement, so we wouldn’t have to keep hearing about him. I guess we’ll just have to hope the Vikings ship sinks as fast as the Jets did last year, so the Favre bromance can end once and for all.

Explicit Cheerleading Routine Drives Old People Nuts

Wow, old people just keep getting older.  I’m no kid myself, but I’m siding with the teenage girls on this one.  When I saw all the hullabaloo about this “racy” number, I knew it’d be blown out of proportion.  BUT, this was even tamer than I expected!  I feel like I wasted 3 minutes of my life, but who knows, maybe it will do something for you. 

Sorry for the overly ambitious title, but c’mon, that’s how the news web sites get clicks!  Would you have clicked on this had it said “5 white girls and an Asian dance out of sync”?  Really?  Hmm, maybe I would too.

UPDATE:  Damn, these uptight soccer moms are relentless!  Embedding was disabled, so you’ll have to go to the source.