Early Predictions for the MVP

Joe Mauer batting

Mauer has been my fantasy teams MVP this season, but does he have a case for the AL MVP this year? Currently ranked 3rd in Yahoo fantasy games, Mauer figures to be a top contender in the running for AL MVP. You can’t say that he’s been a huge surprise, because he’s always been an elite hitter consistently in the batting title race, but it’s his home run totals that have made his case much stronger for being the MVP this year. It’s pretty tough to argue with the man’s stats so far, .383 average (1st in majors), slugging .643 (1st in majors), 1.088 OPS (1st in majors), 25 homers (10th in AL), and 77 RBI’s on the season even after missing nearly the whole first month. It’s too bad the Twins are starting to fade back in the race for the central, but I feel he should win the AL MVP if he keeps his current pace. Who knows, a .400 batting average may not be out of reach either!

I don’t blame people for picking Mark Teixeira as he is having a great season with 30 homers and 86 RBI’s, but he hasn’t had the better overall season that Mauer has.Mark Teixeira home run They are both top notch gold glovers on the defensive side at their positions, so that’s a wash. Besides, nobody picks the MVP based on their defense, because that’s what gold gloves are for. If I did for argument’s sake, I’d have to say playing catcher would have to be a little more difficult than first base. In evaluating an MVP, you have to include other factors like the ballparks they play in. The new Yankee stadium is obviously a hitter’s park, while the Metrodome is much more of a pitcher’s park. Maybe that doesn’t even out the home run totals, but when you look at the fact that only 11 of Teixeira’s homers are on the road, it has to be weighed in. The Yankees have scored sixty more runs than the Twins this year. I’d assume that that is why Teixeira has more RBI’s as he has more chances. Stats would support that as well as Mauer is hitting .403 with RISP, and Tex is hitting .258 with RISP. Who is more clutch for their team? Numbers say Mauer.

Many argue that the MVP should come from a team that is going to the playoffs. This definitely hurts my Mauer argument, but it’s unlike basketball where it’s basically a requirement to be on the best team.Kobe Bryant Shooting Baseball’s voters don’t limit their view to the best teams as there have been 47 MVP’s that didn’t make the playoffs. It is one of the criteria, but it isn’t weighed nearly as heavily as football and baseball. If Kobe wants to try to take the MVP he can chuck up 50 shots a game, and surely he’ll average 35 per. Drew Brees can throw the ball 50 times in a game to put up crazy numbers (Wait, he already does that. Bad example.), but in baseball a hitter only comes to the plate once every nine players. He can’t control how many times he bats or if his teammates don’t do anything at the plate. So penalizing Mauer because his teammates are worse is unfair.

As for the NL MVP race, it’s pretty clear cut that Pujols is leading the way. He doesn’t look like he’ll win the triple crown, but it’s still not out of reach for him. He should be going for his fourth or fifth MVP by now, but for some reason the voters decided to pick someone that is more valuable to a team than him a few times. Most recently, I don’t see how Ryan Howard won the MVP over him last season. Not that Howards numbers weren’t incredible, but how can anyone really say that Pujols isn’t more valuable to his team than Howard?Albert Pujols home run The Phillies have three guys that can potentially win the MVP  every year. The easiest way to prove this theory is seeing how well Ibanez has benefitted from moving to a hitter friendly park and hitter friendly lineup. He is even in the race for the NL MVP if he can shake off the post injury rust. It’s like the Teixeira argument; he just has better players around him to help him put those stats up. Now that Pujols is matched with Holliday, his numbers should be indisputable by seasons end.

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9 responses to “Early Predictions for the MVP

  • Nick

    I think you should include Prince and Braun in the NL MVP balloting…

  • Baseballbriefs.com

    Baseballbriefs.com tracking back Early Predictions for the MVP…

    Baseballbriefs.com tracking back Early Predictions for the MVP…

  • Alan Parkins

    I for one think that in the NL it ought to be Albert Pujols . What the guy has done this season has been exceptional ! And he just continues to get better each year.

    In the AL , I’d definitely have to go with the Twins’ Joe Mauer. As far as the Cy Young award goes. It’ll be a toss up in either league.

    I’d done an earlier baseball piece on Ichiro , Mauer and Pujols. In order to view just click on the text shown below.

    Hitting Is An Art Form And The Art Is Watching Mauer, Ichiro And Pujols At Work …………

    Well I’ve had my fill of it and I might just end up committing seppuku (Ancient Japanese art of ritual disembowelment) . How much more do we really need to hear about the return of Brett Favre ? And how does it now look to Tavaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels , there with the Vikings ? Especially after Childress said that the franchise was prepared to move on. Are the hierarchy under the owner , Zygii Wylff that stupid or what ?

    Alan Parkins

    • chappy81

      Unfortuantely, we’re going to have to hear about Farve until the season starts, but you know who’s happy about Farve coming back? Vick, Cable, and Big Ben have to be happy, because the whole circus moved to Minnesota! I’ll check out your piece on Mauer, Ichiro, and Pujols when I get a chance!

      • Alan Parkins

        Chappy 81

        In my home I’ve got over forty katanas (swords) and knives that adorn the walls of my home. As a former militart vet and martial art’s teacher. I’m now looking at several of them and deciding upon which of them I’ll take down. Then sharpen and perhaps resort to the ancient Japanese ritual of seppuku (ritual disembowelment).

        That’s how bad it has become for me concerning any news with regard to Favre and the Vikings.

        I see that as such no blame has been apportioned upon the shoulders of John Calipari and what has gone on at Memphis ? Surely he knew what’d been going on concerning not only the transgressions of some of his players ? But more in particular when it comes to Derrick Rose ! Now they’ve had to vacate all of the wins attained during their 07-08 season run to the NCAA Finals. And still he’s ended up with another coaching job with the Kentucky Wildcats.

        Alan Parkins

        • chappy81

          Well, I hope my post on Favre doesn’t make you want to play out that seppuku ritual! I think the closest to martial arts I’ve been is when my brazilian landlord gave me a free week of lessons right after we started renting the house from him…


          I’m not sure what to make of Calipari. I’ve been following it from a distance, so I’m not completely up on what happened. I didn’t actually know that they had to vacate all of their wins form their championship season, I’ll have to read a little more about it later… Or maybe you’ll have to write a post about it! You figure he had to know something since it was probably one of the main ways they recruited Rose, and all coaches know what’s going on with their players academically…

        • Alan Parkins

          For me it’s not that something like this has come up again. It now seems to be ritualistic . Every year the two most high profiled sports in collegiate athletics (football and basketball) .There seems to be some form of cheating that comes to light. But what’s even worse is the apparent lack of real action and zest by the NCAA to mete actual punishment that’ll be a deterrent If they’re meant to be so all powerful then why not sanction and place a heavy financial penalty upon a program and the university , itself. Instead they continue to act like a docile mice in a church vestry.

          Here’s my take on it all. Just click on the text to view . Also do check out the piece on sport’s agents Scott Boras and Drew Rosenhaus.

          Elvis Has Left The Building And So Too Did John Calipari Who Knew ?

          The Boras , Rosenhaus piece is below.

          Oh Mr Boras What Big Eyes You Have And Oh What A Big Mouth You’ve Got All The More To Gobble Up The Gullible Owners And GM’s

          As and when you’re ready I’ll look forward to reading your comments . Thanks for the continued reading and the support shown ! It’s greatly appreciated !

          Alan Parkins

        • chappy81

          I’ll have to check them out when I have some time later tonight! I fully agree with you on all the NCAA scandals that keep coming up, but it’s nothing new just think back to when the movie Blue Chip came out, that was over ten years ago! In essence the more things change the more they stay the same. The rules keep changing and so do the rules that are broken, but it’s the same story with different sub plots. I wrote awhile back how they should pay the student athletes something… Check it out if you’re interested…

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