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Rex, A Man With His Own Agenda

Rex Hudler

As birthdays come and go, they seem to get less and less exciting. Today is my birthday, and thankfully I’m a couple years removed from those drink till you blackout birthdays. The one good thing about birthdays is that you are always right, and nobody argues with the bday person. I thought this would be the best possible time to blast my favorite announcer Rex Hudler.

If you don’t know who Rex Hudler is, you should probably thank god that you haven’t! He was a utility player that played for six major league teams over 13 seasons including the Angels for 3 of those seasons. Anyways, he never was a star, and his stats and bio aren’t the point of this post. If you were looking for info on him you should look on Wiki. He is currently the Angels color man, and is the worst announcer I’ve had to listen to. He might even be worse than this guy.

I don’t think I have ever had as much pure hatred for any other announcer in any sport. Sure guys like Joe Buck and Bill Walton annoy the crap out of me, but Hudler takes the cake. I think he somehow found a way around saying anything positive about the opposing team. I don’t mind homers, and even Jim Barnett the Warriors announcer gets pretty ridiculous with his rants, but at least he gives the other team credit when credit’s due. If you could just listen to his half of a broadcast without the play by play guy you’d think the Angels were playing against themselves. He just gives no insight to anyone except his Angels, and unless you like them it’s pretty hard to listen to. When I first moved to SoCal, I didn’t like the Angels or the rally monkey, but I didn’t hate them the way I do now. Thanks Rex for making me realize how lame your team is, and killing any chance of me ever rooting for the Angels on any level!


I don’t think I’ve seen this video or heard this song in at least 15 years.  I’m okay with that too. 

I Accidentally Won $1.65 Mil On a Nickel Slot On the Way to Work


This is obviously a stock photo, for its doubtful the woman was young, hot, and Asian.

This is obviously a stock photo, for it's doubtful the woman was young, hot, and Asian.

Courtesy of the Sacramento Bee….

An Auburn woman’s favorite slots at Thunder Valley Casino in Lincoln are a set of Wizard of Oz nickel machines. So, Susan Nott, a federal employee, decided to stop by the casino 30 miles east of Sacramento on Tuesday morning to give them another try.

After playing a five-cent machine for about 30 minutes she hit it big — winning $1,648,076.81.

Nott said she would spend her winnings to buy a car, pay off her children’s student loans and invest.

Can you imagine that call in to work? “Hey boss, I’m, uh, not gonna make it in this morning.  Actually, I might not make it in for a couple weeks.  I just won $1.65 million this morning, so um, yeah.  Hope that’s not a problem.  I mean, if it is, then I quit, but you know, I’ll, uh, come back sooner or later otherwise.”

Sure is a lot better than the guy who racked up a $29,000 tab at a Las Vegas strip club while blacked out!