Daily Archives: August 23, 2009

Pretty Sure I Cursed the Yankees

For those who don’t know – probably roughly 95% of you – I have a bit of a curse when it comes to sports.  The team I’m rooting for never really wins the big game.  We won’t even mention what happens if I put money on a team.  It’s for these reasons that I knew posting that anti-Red Sox rant yesterday would somehow propel them into a hot streak and the Yankees, Rangers, and Rays into a freefall.  Well, day one of the post-rant era got off to a predictable start.  A day after getting pounded 20-11, the Red Sox came back and destroyed the Yankees 14-1.  Fortunately, the Rays and Rangers played each other, so they both couldn’t lose, although they tried.  Both teams repeatedly squandered leads, and they ultimately went to the 10th inning before the game was decided by a Carlos Pena RBI walkoff single.