Just Pay These Kids Already

mbmsu3The ongoing NCAA investigation within Memphis has people questioning whether Derrick Rose’s SAT scores were legitimate when he was given his eligibility. There is no doubt in my mind that this has to be at least partially true, but we will see as the investigators finish their report. I also feel that Memphis probably turned the blind shoulder if they were in fact aware that someone did take Rose’s SAT test for him.

Rose taking Memphis on their march through the NCAA tournament was amazing, but even more amazing for the schools pocket book, and ability to recruit other top All-Americans. Well, everybody knows all of this, but since there now are many players like him are stopping through college for a “one and done” it makes for a tough case that they even were interested in the academic portion. They just want to shine enough in their one year to be drafted into the big show.slam1_2

Another player in the same draft class, OJ Mayo, was charged with accepting gifts from agents in his high school years, which would make him ineligible for college. He had a great season and was a lottery pick, which is as good as hitting the lottery.

So far the NCAA has turned up nothing for either of the cases, and we all know that these types of things are happening over and over! Since the NBA decided to make these eligibility rules why didn’t they also create some system to give them some of the money that the school makes off of them? There are lots of student jobs that schools will pay their students for, so are they considered professionals if they are being paid for something related to their major? Sure, more than I’ll ever be in any of those fields… Is it out of the question to give a student athlete a job of playing a sport?!? Sure it would put some schools out of the running for the top rated players in the country, but isn’t that the way it is already! I’m not saying to give them millions to play in college. I’m saying that there needs to be a system to rate the top 50 high school basketball players on there way to a one year stint in the NCAA, and give them some type of incentive based salary. I know some alumni would definately donate a few extra bucks to get their former school the next Derrick Rose. Hell, I’m sure they already do!

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8 responses to “Just Pay These Kids Already

  • mceezy

    They could even have a flat salary cap so it would level the playing field for all schools, leaving the variables up to facilities, staff, program tradition, etc… the way it should be!

    Great post.

  • chappy81

    Definitely! A max possible salary for any player would have to be enforced! Maybe even make it so you can’t have more than two paid athletes on one team!

  • Paul

    Yeah, but that’s a fine line your crossing. If you pay some of the players, other’s on the team that outperform the paid player will demand their dues…

  • mceezy

    could be like playing for a new contract… try and earn that pay the next season. of course, then you get a lot more transfers. I say just pay everyone, but mostly the same as a part time job on campus.

  • Paul

    Yeah, I agree to some extent. I just don’t think it will ever happen…

  • Alan Parkins

    What they ought to be doing is allow the kids to have a stipend . And then that’d basically stop many of the maneuvers that take place within each of the major collegiate sports. Then there ought to be financial penalties and suspensions then meted out to any programs found to be cheating. Suspensions and the vacating of games is in no way enough of a deterrent !. Colleges ought to be hit in the pocket as well ! And the same ought to be done to the coaches too !
    Now Calipari is saying that in no way ought Memphis be punished. It’s now come to light that a close personal friend of his, who assisted in the recruitment of Rose, may have been involved in the irregularities that took place concerning his SAT’s. What does that suggest to you ?

    Alan Parkins

    • chappy81

      I like the stipend idea…

      It suggests that nobody is tellin the truth and we don’t really know what happened, and most likely never really will. They pick and chose which battles to fight. I’m sure that cases like this come to light all the time, but since they were 38-2 and had a good amount of evidence they pursued it..

      • Alan Parkins

        We all like the stipend idea ! But unfortunately the NCAA is such an archaic body. That it’d appear that they’re not prepared to even consider it to begin with . And one wonders why there are such scandals going on ? The likes of Myles Brand and the major conferences would rather have that boatl-load of cash that comes filters into their coffers each season remain , as is . Rather than seeing what is morally and obligatorily right ! They’re as corrupt as the politicians upon Capitol Hill !

        Alan Parkins

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