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Does Anyone Care Where the Super Bowl Is Played?

Is this a big deal? Rodger Goodell, and every media outlet seems to be making it a top story. Whoopity do, the NFL has never had a snow/cold Super Bowl! I’ve talked to a few people since I heard the news and heard pretty much the same reaction: huh, who gives a f***. That was pretty much my reaction to hearing that the new billion dollar stadium in New Jersey won the sweepstakes to host the 2014 Super Bowl beating out Tampa Bay. I mean, it’s probably exciting for that city and all, but why is this a top story? As a fan, I could care less if the Super Bowl is held in a good market or a warm place. Is it really going to make it more or less watchable? Sure, I’d like to see a snow game, but the only important thing about the Super Bowl for 99.9% of fans (I think), is that the game is close and competitive (or winning their bets). There’s only going to be two teams in there regardless, so most fans will have seen their team exit either before or during the playoffs.One other reason I think that this has been such a big deal in the media is because all of them have to go to the Super Bowl to cover it. Cry me a river media members, I’d go to the Super Bowl in a second wherever it is if I had the opportunity!

No Way Jorge

Do you know who I am? Do you know who I work for??

Do you know who I am? Do you know who I work for??

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Unbelievable. What was Jorge Posada thinking when he elbowed his way past Jesse Carlson last night?  Or was he?  No one will ever accuse the Yankees of taking the high road, don’t get me wrong, but seriously, as a catcher you should be the first to understand the unwritten rules of the game.  The Yankees hit TWO Toronto Blue Jays batters prior to the pitch that whizzed past Posada’s backside in the 8th innings.  This is a common occurrence in baseball known as protecting your own interest, or better yet, just getting even.  Posada chose to ignore the obvious and made it personal, evidenced by his immediate reaction to reportedly mouth the words “you don’t want to do that”.  It was enough that the benches almost cleared right there, no harm no foul, let’s move on right???

Oh no, not Jorge Posada.  Apparently he’s way too special to be a part of such a natural occurrence in baseball.  Something I didn’t realize being a fan of his workman-like attitude as a catcher and classic baseball disposition.  The guy looks like he could have played in any era.  So to my surprise what happens?  Posada ends up scoring on a double by Brett Gardner, and as he passed Carlson he throws out his left elbow towards the reliever.  It was so blatant, even home plate umpire Jim Joyce called it “…very unsportsmanlike … It was a cheap shot.”

Benches cleared as Gardner and Posada began to tussle, and Gardner was consumed by a pile of Yankees jerseys that had a much shorter distance to join the melee.

MMA is just not for me coach!

MMA is just not for me coach!

 Gardner reportedly felt his arms get pulled down before receiving a blow to the head that left a very large welt.  Looking at the replay it seems very unlikely that Posada got the damaging blow in, but Toronto catcher Rod Barajas and Yankee reserve outfielder Shelly Duncan were involved in separate showdown towards the end.  Later Posada made a very interesting comment, proving he knowingly made the poor decision by letting his own ego get ahead of his team and moral obligations.  “I don’t want my kids to see that. … Fight in the middle of the field, benches clearing — that’s a bad example.”

Not only did he set a terrible example for his own kids, Posada’s Yankee followers in the stands chose to make poor choices with dangers consequences.  A an idiot Yankee supporter decided to throw a full soda bottle out onto the field and hit third base umpire and crew chief Darryl Cousins in the knee.  He received a bruise bad enough to keep him from returning to the game, as a three man crew finished off the last inning and a half.  X-Rays taken were negative.  On a side note I hope they find this person and ban them for life, they are not true baseball fans just because they have tickets that close to the field.

Upon further review, besides the obvious in regards to fighting, Jorge Posada’s Yankees are on track to runaway with the AL East and are heavy favorites to reach the World Series.

Maybe Jorge just needs a hug!

Maybe Jorge just needs a hug!

  They have so much more to lose than the Blue Jays, who by mid-season were trying to unload their top 5 richest contracts as a concession to the season.  What the Yankees don’t need is their star catcher injuring his hand in a fight, suspended for a week of important season ending games, and getting other players involved in his personal disputes.  His teammates are not going to let him fight alone, and Jorge should know that by now unless he’s so insecure that he feels he needs to test them.  For a 24 year old rookie maybe this mistake happens and you learn from it. But for a 38 year old veteran and World Series champ, I’m very very disappointed Jorge.

Early Predictions for the MVP

Joe Mauer batting

Mauer has been my fantasy teams MVP this season, but does he have a case for the AL MVP this year? Currently ranked 3rd in Yahoo fantasy games, Mauer figures to be a top contender in the running for AL MVP. You can’t say that he’s been a huge surprise, because he’s always been an elite hitter consistently in the batting title race, but it’s his home run totals that have made his case much stronger for being the MVP this year. It’s pretty tough to argue with the man’s stats so far, .383 average (1st in majors), slugging .643 (1st in majors), 1.088 OPS (1st in majors), 25 homers (10th in AL), and 77 RBI’s on the season even after missing nearly the whole first month. It’s too bad the Twins are starting to fade back in the race for the central, but I feel he should win the AL MVP if he keeps his current pace. Who knows, a .400 batting average may not be out of reach either!

I don’t blame people for picking Mark Teixeira as he is having a great season with 30 homers and 86 RBI’s, but he hasn’t had the better overall season that Mauer has.Mark Teixeira home run They are both top notch gold glovers on the defensive side at their positions, so that’s a wash. Besides, nobody picks the MVP based on their defense, because that’s what gold gloves are for. If I did for argument’s sake, I’d have to say playing catcher would have to be a little more difficult than first base. In evaluating an MVP, you have to include other factors like the ballparks they play in. The new Yankee stadium is obviously a hitter’s park, while the Metrodome is much more of a pitcher’s park. Maybe that doesn’t even out the home run totals, but when you look at the fact that only 11 of Teixeira’s homers are on the road, it has to be weighed in. The Yankees have scored sixty more runs than the Twins this year. I’d assume that that is why Teixeira has more RBI’s as he has more chances. Stats would support that as well as Mauer is hitting .403 with RISP, and Tex is hitting .258 with RISP. Who is more clutch for their team? Numbers say Mauer.

Many argue that the MVP should come from a team that is going to the playoffs. This definitely hurts my Mauer argument, but it’s unlike basketball where it’s basically a requirement to be on the best team.Kobe Bryant Shooting Baseball’s voters don’t limit their view to the best teams as there have been 47 MVP’s that didn’t make the playoffs. It is one of the criteria, but it isn’t weighed nearly as heavily as football and baseball. If Kobe wants to try to take the MVP he can chuck up 50 shots a game, and surely he’ll average 35 per. Drew Brees can throw the ball 50 times in a game to put up crazy numbers (Wait, he already does that. Bad example.), but in baseball a hitter only comes to the plate once every nine players. He can’t control how many times he bats or if his teammates don’t do anything at the plate. So penalizing Mauer because his teammates are worse is unfair.

As for the NL MVP race, it’s pretty clear cut that Pujols is leading the way. He doesn’t look like he’ll win the triple crown, but it’s still not out of reach for him. He should be going for his fourth or fifth MVP by now, but for some reason the voters decided to pick someone that is more valuable to a team than him a few times. Most recently, I don’t see how Ryan Howard won the MVP over him last season. Not that Howards numbers weren’t incredible, but how can anyone really say that Pujols isn’t more valuable to his team than Howard?Albert Pujols home run The Phillies have three guys that can potentially win the MVP  every year. The easiest way to prove this theory is seeing how well Ibanez has benefitted from moving to a hitter friendly park and hitter friendly lineup. He is even in the race for the NL MVP if he can shake off the post injury rust. It’s like the Teixeira argument; he just has better players around him to help him put those stats up. Now that Pujols is matched with Holliday, his numbers should be indisputable by seasons end.

The New Salary Cap Kills Dreams, and Gives Other’s Hope


Today the salary cap numbers were released for the NBA, and as projected the cap space for next season dropped by close to $1 million from $58.68 million this past season to $57.70 million this upcoming season. It is also projected to drop 5% more next year during the extremely hyped free agency class of 2010.  I know that I’ve been a little depressed and couldn’t really tell what the motivations were for the moves made by my Warriors, but now I feel that this is going to give us the boost we needed, as it may help us get rid of our horrendous owner (back to that later).

Teams that have been clearing cap space for the 2010 free agent bonanza are suddenly realizing that they may not have the cap room they first thought. The Knicks have been the most adamant in trying to get a superstar to the big apple in 2010, as they have been dumping salary like Steinbrenner gives out $100 million contracts. Their obvious goal was to make enough room under the cap to sign a combo of star players and bring the franchise back to contention for a championship. Since they were trying to clear out enough money to sign a combo of players, they haven’t really developed much of a team.80391809NB002_CAVS_CELTICS NB001_ROCKETS_KNICKS During the tirade of trades that would be off the books by 2010 the projected cap was in the $60 million range. Now it appears that number will be around $8 million less than what was projected a year ago to spend on the superstar summer. Basically, instead of signing two superstar free agents, they will have to settle for one superstar and one MLE player. In the Knicks case, it seems that not developing a team worthy enough to entice a superstar, is going to hurt them next summer. As of now, it seems much more likely that Cleveland, Toronto, and Miami can retain their franchise guys, and possibly, for slightly less money than they had originally thought. Does it sound very tempting to a player like Lebron to go to a lottery team like the Knicks or stand pat and keep trying in Cleveland where he knows he’s close. If Lebron isn’t moving to a team with a player like Bosh, Wade, or Amare there isn’t a point for him to leave.  I’m sure he believes he could make them a playoff team, but I doubt he could talk himself into thinking that they were a championship caliber team.

What does this do to the Warriors you may ask? Not only is the cap not a concern to me, even though the Warriors have a lot of their money tied up for many years down the road, it actually could be a franchise changing year for the good of the team! Being a lifelong Warriors fan, I wasn’t old and wise enough to enjoy the early teams they had with Run TMC, so I’m stuck with the visions of the Chris Cohan era, which has produced a whopping 1 playoff appearance in 15 seasons! RunTMC_160x140 This recent news has helped our horrible owner have what alcoholics like to call “a moment of clarity”. Even if this team does get blown up because of the sale, is that really the worst thing that could happen to this franchise? I love the way their team is set up with youth and some veterans, but any longtime Warriors fan will tell you that it can’t get much worse as long as the new owner doesn’t take us for a Donald Sterling type ride. I’d love to see a front office that actually has relationships with the GM, coach, and players. What a concept!