Did the Vikings get Favre or Farva?

Farva Super Troopers

Brett Favre WranglerThere has been way too much hoopla over Favre for a third straight summer. I’m not surprised he came out of retirement again, but since there are so many people talking about it I guess I need to weigh in with my thoughts on Farve. At the end of his Green Bay tenure he ended their playoff run by throwing a crucial interception in his NFC Championship game. This was when he entered the Farva era. Everthing he’s touched since that game has crumbled. He has been hurting organizations by doing the ol: I’m going to retire, and ended up un-retiring to play again. Wait, no I’m going to be retired, no wait I want to play. Okay, I’ll play again. He had a crappy season in New York, and I was pretty sure that would show him that he wasn’t what he used to be. He’s covered in grey hair now, and he doesn’t bring the same arm or legs to the game.

Personally I don’t really care about Minnesota or Favre all that much. He’s been an outstanding player, but this has disaster written all over it.Michael Jordan Washington Wizards Visions of Jordan playing on the Wizards are crossing my mind. They have AP in the lineup, so that might save his body some blows, but in the end car ramrod will probably run the Vikings fans to the depths of the Love Boat days. It just feels like it’s a panic move for Minnesota, since they already were trying to figure out who their QB of the future is in Tavaris and Sage. Childress should have taken a nice firm stance like Mike Singletary has taken with Crabtree. Once he made him decide by a certain date, he should have closed the door once that day passed. Childress should have moved on. Why not just see how the duo does for the first half of the season? If they are struggling during a very favorable first five weeks of the season, and the QB position is a weak spot, give Favre a call. Instead they’ll have Farva running around in their locker room on his path to find out if this is his final year. I predict that it will finally be the year we see that he has nothing left…

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6 responses to “Did the Vikings get Favre or Farva?

  • JW

    Favre’s arrival in Minnesota was like some sort of weird O.J. slow-speed chase parody.

    You had the local news yokels breaking in on regular programming, complete with live footage of his plane landing, and commentary more fitting Neil Armstrong landing on the moon than a 40-ish “has been” stealinng another season.

    You had the SUV whisking Favre down the freeway, complete with news choppers in hot pursuit.

    And you had crowds of on-lookers and supporters lining the streets.

    It was pathetic…really.

  • Alan Parkins

    The scary thing now is all of the homo-erotic lovefest that’s taking place within ESPN. I’m waiting for there to a Brokeback Mountain moment involving ESPN’s Chris Mortensen , Mark Schlereth and Favre , himself. Three guys in a tent all wanting to spoon each other . How quaint ! LOL,LOL,LOL,LOL !!!!

    Alan Parkins

  • Alan Parkins

    Favre’s return to the NFL is being treated like the second coming of Jesus Christ Unfortunately for us Favre was never crucified , literally . Otherwise we wouldn’t have to put up with all of this banality concerning his return.

    Alan Parkins

    • chappy81

      Let’s just hope this is his last year so we don’t have to hear about him until his HOF induction!

      • Alan Parkins


        I for one don’t begrudge Favre his achievements.
        But I no longer have any respect for him as a player . Neither do I have any respect for the Vikings’ organization as a whole.

        Brad Childress and the owner Zygi Wylff, are a bunch of blitering idiots !

        Alan Parkins

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