The Death Of Free Sports

Tonight we lost a valuable commodity… fell victim to the “ICE”. For the last few months we’ve been able to enjoy out-of-market games at no cost on the web, but it was too good to be true – like everything else on the web. No more Warriors games in LA and Sacramento for us.  We invite you to share your favorite ATDHE memories in the comments section….

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5 responses to “The Death Of Free Sports

  • tophatal


    “Free services” is now going the way of the doh-doh bird which as we all know became extinct ! The US government through its proxy agencies , the major cable broadcast networks and internet service providers want to screw the consumers right into the ground . So bend over tighten up that sphincter because there’s going to be some really tough times ahead !

    tophatal ………………

  • By

    All moments were great w/, I was pissed last night when I saw the notification on the site.

    • mceezy

      It was rough, but….. it looks like we’re gonna be okay after all. I hope I haven’t seen the last of all the WCC college basketball games I could ever want.

  • Ravenation, L.L.C. of North America

    I can see how this bothers you guys and I don’t blame you at all. In the area you live in it’s v ery important to have sites like this ADTHE and so that you can follow your favorite NBA team without paying to get some cable package that unless you are unemployed, let’s be honest…you aren’t going to get your money’s worth.

    All they need to do is find a way to sell advertising on those sites and then it would be all good.


  • chappy81

    That was the most disappointing part of my trip up there, when we tried to turn on the W’s game and it was shut down. Good thing they found a way around it!

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