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In Case You Needed Some Coco in Your Life Again

We’ve made it well known that we are fans of big fans of Conan O’Brien, and he IS the comedic voice of our generation. I will watch him whether it’s on youtube or TBS. I feel like he’s sincere in his approach to comedy, and really understands the younger generation. Some late night hosts, put off the vibe that they truly do view their show as a job and only worry about plugging the sponsors and the network. Conan on the other hand, feels like he’s actually having fun doing his job. I think that is what has drawn me to the guy over the past decade plus. I really wish I had known about his comedy tour before I saw the youtube clip below from his trip to Google’s headquarters, because I definitely would’ve tried to go. I guess I’ll have to follow his twitter account a little closer now.

Anyways, if you enjoy Conan, and are missing him in his absence from late night TV, here’s a great hour long video that is well worth a watch. He has some great insights into being a celebrity, and the crazy people he runs across that think they know him. He even busts out his best Ludacris impersonation. There’s also a portion where Andy Richter is with him on stage, and I have to say some of the employee questions were pretty good. The best part about this whole appearance may not have been his comedy, but when he described his falling out with NBC (around 15 minute mark he gets into it). He continues to talk about the breakup sporadically throughout the rest of the hour.

Conan Doin Late Night Again

Our favorite funny man will be returning to his late night throne. We here at Doin Work have a special connection to Conando, because he is our generation’s best late night show host. Conan O’Brien has agreed to terms with TBS, and will be starting his late night show in November at the 11:00PM slot. This will move George Lopez’s show to midnight. Make what you want out of him pushing someone back a timeslot after he had the same thing happen to him, and caused a huge uproar, but in my eyes Conan can do no wrong. Most had predicted he would go to Fox, but he ended up going to TBS. Lopez welcomed him to the network last night on his show saying that he would happily move time slots to accommodate Conan, and that they would be the best late night duo out there in a pretty weak list of options. Personally, I thought wherever Conan landed he would instantly give the station he went to the best late night show. I’ve been a huge fan of his for the past decade, and probably watched late night TV two or three times a week when he was on. Now I’d rather just watch a rerun of Family Guy or The Office, so it will good be good to have a little Coco back in my life next winter. Conan had this to say about getting the new show, “In three months I’ve gone from network television to Twitter to performing live in theater, and now I’m headed to basic cable. My plan is working perfectly.”  

I can’t say the Lopez Show really piqued my interest at any point in its existence, so moving it back an hour won’t be making me stay up any later to watch it. I’m not a fan of George’s comedy, but I do like him as a person. He used to come into my old workplace a lot (Pebble Beach) and would hand out money to people, and make fun of my bosses. He once tried to give me $100 for giving him a ride up to his car after his round. I told him it wasn’t necessary, and he said everyone has to eat, so I accepted. At the AT&T Pro-Am tournament he regularly throws wads of $20’s into the crowd making it rain on the 18th green before he posts his scorecard. The guy is plain unselfish, and is the kind of guy that wouldn’t mind giving the spotlight away to Conan.

The MLB Playoffs on TBS!

TBS PostseasonThe MLB Divisional Series was kicked off today, and the most exciting game TBS has covered so far was the last game of the regular season. Not to say if your a Philly (won 5-1) or Yankee (won 7-2) fan it wasn’t a good day, but it just wasn’t all that exciting for the rest of us. The Dodgers game is the only one that’s been interesting so far. The Dodgers are currently up 3-2 going into the bottom of the 5th and are surprisingly ripping Carpenter. So this game could be promising! Watching the playoffs and the amazing last game of the regular season it has made me realize I just don’t enjoy any announcer combos baseball has to offer. Maybe they’re dumbing it down too much for the people who don’t know what’s going on, but I rarely hear anything remotely insightful. Maybe they use the sideline reporters too much, I think Craig Sager always scares me a little the first time I see him everynight. He gives me that hide your kids because I don’t know about this guy vibe, but at least we don’t have to hear them more than five or six times a game. One thing I’m a HUGE fan of TBS for having, is the pitch-by-pitch K zone up they throw in the corner for every batter. It almost makes up for the weak announcing crews that are scared to make anyone sound like a bad person. I’d love to hear them call guys out, and stop playing the soft story line. We need some more Charles Barkley’s on the air!

You can vote for more than one combo of announcers if you really think they are equally good… Is that even possible?