Playoffs Getting Interesting…

It’s been a entertaining NBA playoffs thus far. Teams that we thought were favorites aren’t turning out to be the powerhouses that we originally thought they were. Like I said back on 4/20, there’s a changing of the eras in the NBA. I didn’t think it would be this year, but thought it was on the horizon. More and more it’s looking like this year is the year of change. Another good thing is I don’t think any of these series are rigged so far. Well done Stern, usually we can tell!

Mavs 2, Lakers 0 –  As they say once the home team loses the series really starts. I think someone forgot to tell the Lakers that the series started after game 1. Last night’s Lakers game was disturbing to the fans down here in LA, much to my enjoyment. It’s fitting that this is the first year I was somewhat rooting for them because I didn’t want any of the Eastern Conference teams to win it all. I can’t believe I admitted that, but yes, I was rooting for the Lakers a little. I am enjoying that some Lakers fans said they would win the series in 3 games against this soft Mavs team. Obviously, that can’t happen, but it was an indication of how they overlooked Mavs in general. Maybe the players were listening to the radio shows and got full of themselves or maybe this team is just plain dysfunctional. I won’t call this series done, because the Mavs have a long history of choking in the playoffs when the pressure is at it’s highest. The pressure of closing the Lakers out is going to be big, and close to the pressure of closing the Heat out in the Finals four years ago. That Mavs team was much different though, they have only two players from that finals roster, and were much softer without Chandler. This version of the Mavs feels a lot better, but I won’t believe it until they close out this series. Either way, the winner will lose next round to one of the young guns in the changing of the guards.

Memphis 1, Seattle 1 – Everyone thought the young team that would make an impact out West was going to be the Supersonics when it’s really been the Grizzlies who have shocked the world. I didn’t pick the Grizz to win that first series against the Spurs, especially without Gay in the lineup, but did think they were a good team all the way back in November when I regretted leaving them off my playoff predictions. Both franchises have figured out how to build a contender, and they have one glaring thing in common, size. Size matters in the NBA, just ask Steve Nash. It was always the Lakers biggest advantage for the last three years, and what do teams have to do to knock them off? Get bigger. Memphis did that through free agency and trades (Gasol, Z-Bo). Seattle did the same (Perkins, Ibaka), and now both teams look like they could beat anyone with solid role guys and their stars knowing exactly what is needed of them to be successful. I’m going to say whoever wins this series will be representing the west in the finals. I’m rooting for it to be Memphis, because I still have a hard time rooting for Sam Presti to succeed on any front.

Miami 2, Boston 0 – The team I picked to represent the East is looking about as good as it has all season. I thought that Boston was in trouble before this series started. Wade ALWAYS gives Boston fits, and that’s going back to when Wade was the only player worth anything in Miami. Last year I think he dropped close to 50 one playoff game in Boston to help the Heat avoid getting swept. Now that he has Lebron and Bosh who can also give Boston fits, he no longer has to put up 50 to will his team to a win. What’s even scarier about this Miami team is they look more comfortable playing together than they have all year. The Celtics on the other hand look a lot like the Lakers this postseason. They haven’t really looked good for more than one or two games the whole second season. They know it’s their last shot with their great coach, and might be pressing a little too hard or could just be old. Is it a lame duck coaching situation for Boston and LA that’s getting them down? Are they not playing as hard because they know there’s a new coach on the horizon after this season? Probably not, but I have to throw it out there. I guess this series hasn’t started yet since the home team hasn’t lost, but this video seems to sum up how high people are on the C’s right now…

Chicago 1, Atlanta 1 – Of the teams left in the playoffs, I’ve probably watched these two teams the least. I’m not sure why, but I was never totally sold on Chicago. Derrick Rose’s ankle is what this series hinges on, and personally I think getting the MVP is a jinx. No guard since Jordan has won a title the year they won the MVP. This day in age only big men that win the MVP get championships. Like I said before, I haven’t watched Chicago a lot, but is there anyway their defense is overrated a little? Indiana and Atlanta aren’t exactly offensive juggernauts ranking in the middle of the pack in the NBA, but are putting up over 90 in the playoffs where scoring is usually down against the unbreakable Thibodeau defense. Atlanta is the toughest team for me to figure out. They blow teams out, and get blown out just as much. You’re never really sure what you’re going to get from them. I can’t figure out why they went away from Jeff Teague, who was lighting Chicago up in game 2, but that happened, and they didn’t come close to winning. I actually like a lot of Atlanta’s players, but for some reason just can’t seem to talk myself into rooting for them. Don’t they feel like they are Mavs of the East? Good enough to be in the playoffs every year, but not good enough to go very far…

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16 responses to “Playoffs Getting Interesting…

  • tophatal

    You were sayin’ about the Bulls </b? having problems ? Nah ! I’d say the Lakers and Celtics ought to be concerned with their plight at present ! Who knew that the Mavs actually possessed a backbone ?

    tophatal …………..

    • chappy81

      I think the Bulls will beat Atlanta, but have a hard time seeing them go much further than that. Maybe it’s because I haven’t watched them play a ton, but I just don’t feel like they are going to make it out of the East…

      It’s a shocking revelation that the Mavs have a backbone. Who would’ve thought!?!

      • Ravenation, L.L.C. of North America

        The Bulls did look great this season, we get almost every game out here and they have impressed me a lot.

        But, I do see your point as everything that I’ve seen in the playoffs worries me as a Bulls fan: Carlos Boozer is worthless. Not like funny haha worthless, like he has no legitimate value on defense. He’s a complete moron. Rose is clearly injuredand it’s affecting the rest of the game. Kyle Korver was KILLING us last night, and I really didn’t see that coming.

        Atlanta ont he other hand might be for real. If for some reason the Bulls do lose, I’d laugh if they just lit the Heat up in the conference Finals. It would be hilarious.


        • chappy81

          Somewhere Deron Williams is nodding vigirously. I thought the same thing about Boozer last year when they were playing the Lakers. Sure he puts up some numbers, but is he really that helpful?!? Nothing over his career makes me think he’s there to do the dirty work, he just wants to pad those stats and get paid…

      • tophatal


        It’s what you make of it in terms of the play and throughout the series and season they’ve been extremely consistent . And that’s what you’ve got to give this team credit for .

        Far too many are buying into the fact that they’re young and inexperienced . Simply look at their coach’s pedigree ? Assistant to Pop and Rivers over the course of his career and that has to count for something ___- they’re ranked in the top 10 defensively and offensively in the league .

        tophatal …………..

    • Ravenation, L.L.C. of North America

      Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand just a week later, Alan was right


  • Ravenation, L.L.C. of North America

    I’m a little shocked that the Mavs are up 2-0 after playing the first set in LA. But at the same time, compared to Dallas, the Lakers’ inside game is a fucking joke.

    LA will never be what they once were. Now they have to go into Dallas to play the Mavs, and that stadium is going to be a warzone, and rightfully so.

    I guess we’ve seen Dallas choke so much in the postseason that no one expects a dime out of them.

    By the way I love that you left “Seattle” in there. That’s boss.


    • chappy81

      I’d say the feeling in LA is shock. I love how all of a sudden the Lakers flags on cars and pride on facebook died so quickly. It’s refreshing to log on after a game and see only disappointed comments from friends!

      I kinda like seeing Dallas doing something. It’s a team I never really liked, but you figure they’ve taken plenty of lumps. Maybe this is their time…

      Yeah man, still have a hard time writing OKC, they don’t deserve a team. I think those blue shirts are annoying, and trying to be a college type team is lame. I wish they didn’t have Durant and Westbrook, because those guys are awesome, and it’s soooo hard to root against them…

  • JW

    I’m pretty sure I watched Pau Gasol get prison-raped on live television last night…

  • Chris Humpherys

    I don’t think I’m going out on a limb here by suggesting we’re due for another Mavs-Heat Finals, am I?

    I can’t believe the Spurs, Celtics and Lakers have all rolled over the way they have.

    Or my bad, have they just been beaten by better teams?

  • tophatal


    So much for Kobe and his anti homophobic jabs . I hear he got violated so badly by the Mavs and in particular by Chandler that he’s now thinking of becoming a switch hitter .

    Lakers are looking mightily susceptible at present and can someone explain to me what it is that Artest has brought to the team during the regular season much less the playoffs ?

    Oh by the way for his latest ploy McCourt at Dodgers’ Stadium will have employees e walking around the stadium with a bucket in one hand a placard in the other asking for donations in order to pay the staff . Still think that tv contract is worth somethin’ ? Especially in light of the fact that the organization didn’t have the money to pay their staffs’ salaries for last month and the month of May. That’s one of the other reasons why Selig and the league hierarchy had to intervene .

    What’s The Point ……….. All Good Things Go To Heaven ……. But Hell For Some Would Be Much More Preferable ………

    tophatal …………

  • tophatal


    What’s been the seismic shift in the fallout after this Lakers’ series loss ? And what does it say when Artest is now viewed as the pacifier within the Lakers’ locker room after the throw-down between Odom and Bynum where he had to intervene ?

    Is it me but did Shane Moseley look as if he’d been hit by a Mack Truck in his bout against Pacquiao ?

    How can Lee fan 16 Braves’ hitters and the Phillies still end up losing 5-0 in that game against the Braves ? Never mind the fact that both Lowe and Lee were flirting with no hitters for the large part of that game .

    tophatal ………………

  • Ravenation, L.L.C. of North America

    Doin’ work have a Twitter account yet?


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