Grant Hill Drinks Sprite!


It’s just impossible to not root for the guy!

Screw the Subway and Atkins diets, I’m going straight for Sprite!


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11 responses to “Grant Hill Drinks Sprite!

  • tophatal


    Hill also has the pleasure of going home to have copious amounts of sex with r & b singer Tamia, who just happens to be his wife. So him drinking Sprite is the least amount of his worries if anything. That’s unless he’s not being paid as an endorser of the soft drink ? Then AZ you have a problem.

    And speaking of problems concerning the state the World Boxing Council will no sanction or promote fights in the state of Arizona because of the new immigration policy that has been legislated there and enacted.

    Courtesy of

    WBC Forbids Mexican Boxers To Fight In Arizona

    Jose Sulaiman, World Boxing Council President, the WBC Board of Governors, and the Federation of Boxing Commissions of Mexico (FECOMBOX) unanimously agreed that they will not authorize Mexican boxers to leave the country to fight professionally in Arizona, United States, due to the shameful, inhumane, and discriminatory anti-immigration law, which is no other thing than a flagrant violation to the basic principles of dignity and equality between races.

    The WBC fully devoted itself to fight against Apartheid in South Africa for 19 long years, until Nelson Mandela, who was in prison for about 27 years, was released to later become the President of such country.

    Great figures of boxing have fought in Arizona, boxers such as Julio Cesar Chavez, Salvador Sanchez, Konstantin Tszyu, “Coloradito” Lopez and many, many others, even Mexican preliminary fighters, and the WBC will not allow that in boxing, athletes are exposed to suffer that degrading act, humiliating and inhumane, as racial discrimination is.

    This prohibition will come into effect on May 1st, 2010, respecting retroactive contracts; we are certain that the Arizona State Boxing Commission, amicable and always in mutual cooperation with us, will understand that this is an action against politicians who do not have a just mind and do not respect human equality.


    This is definitely one time where sports and politics should not mix. Immmigration ought to be dealt with by the federal government . The state is there to deal with the rights of its citizens is it not ? So unless an illegal immigrant has broken the law then this stance now being taken by the state is draconian. It will end up costing far more financially than they actually think. What happen when they then choose to incarcerate or deport the individuals in question ? Who ends up paying for it all ? Only the taxpaying citizens of the state that’s who !

    Alan Parkins

  • Chris Humpherys

    Impossible not to root for the guy, Chap?

    You’re obviously not a Tar Heel, Kentucky Wildcat or Orlando Magic fan.

    • tophatal


      Don’t hate appreciate …. chappy more likely than not is a Pac-10 guy all the way.

      Alan Parkins

      • Chappy81

        Ha! I can’t say I’m a Duke fan by any stretch of the imagination, but Grant was one of my favorites as a teen ager, so I will always have a soft spot for him!

        • tophatal


          Hill has always been one of the good guys within the NBA !

          Funny thing when he was initially with the Pistons he was a perennial All Star and it was thought that he’d be one of the saviors of the game within the league .

          The wheels fell off , things started to head “south” , he arrives with the Magic burdened by that fat contract. Which he’d failed to live up to because of the incessant injuries and repeated operations. Come full circle and he back again playing top notch ball on a very good Suns’ team

          Alan Parkins

        • chappy81

          Yeah, it was sad when his ankle gave out over and over. It was cool to see him fight back and finally make it out of the first round of the playoffs. He’s a solid contributor on defense for ths Suns, which is important since nobody there plays D. I only refrenced sprite, because he had a big marketing campaign when I was a kid, and all the commerdials just kepts saying over and over “Grant Hill Drinks Sprite!”, and would show him dunking over people…

        • tophatal


          Hill came to the Magic with all of the right intention and all the altruism in the world. Unfortunately that wasn’t borne out due to his lack of play over the course of his stay with the team. Never mind the fact the got paid in excess of $85 million during stay with the Magic. Kinda sucks doesn’t it being paid to not play ?

          Alan Parkins

        • chappy81

          Well, since I’m not a Magic fan, the money they wasted on him wasn’t on the top of my priority list 🙂 It was a shame that he didn’t earn that money, but that’s the risk with any player you sign…. The A’s are still eating Eric Chavez’s money. It was the first real long term deal we signed a guy to since the early 90’s. That hasn’t panned out, but I’m not bitter, you just can’t prevent some crap from happening!

  • Anthony

    Love Grant Hill. The man is a class act. Nice seeing him ballin’ on the younger folks!

  • Chris Humpherys

    I can’t say I dislike Grant Hill. Oh wait… YES I CAN!

    Sure he’s a character guy and the NBA can always use more of them but he also handcuffed the Orlando Magic for three years.

    • tophatal


      The Magic shackled themselvs to Grant when they could’ve bought out his contract. But look who they had as their GM at the time ? None other than John Weisbrod ! The guy is complete a_s ! Is it any wonder he’s since moved on the NHL where he can ruin another friggin’ franchise !

      Alan Parkins

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