Doin Lines Week 17

Actually, "We'll" Be Back!

We made it through another season of picks, and fortunately now all we have left after this one is the playoffs which is much easier since there aren’t nearly as many games. I can’t lie, I thought I’d do better this year, and after last week’s ugly 2-5 there’s no chance of hitting .500 on the year. Oh well, maybe the new year will bring me better picks for the playoffs.

Happy New Year’s to all our readers out there!  May 2011 bring you plenty of success and happiness!  I went 2-3 last week, and I’m actually quite happy about it being that I was on track for an 0-5 week.  My main goal is to not screw anything up and stay above .500 on the year.  Then I’ll ride that momentum into the playoffs.

Oakland @ Kansas City (-3.5)

Chappy picks Oakland +3.5. KC doesn’t have much to play for. It looks like they will be hosting the Jets in the first round of the playoffs. Oakland feels like they have something to play for as they want to be the first team to sweep their divisional games and not make the playoffs. Great record to have I guess. Cable will be coaching for his job, and an 8-8 finish might just keep that in tact.

By picks Oakland +3.5. Being that K.C. has locked things up in the AFC West, the Chiefs don’t have much riding on this game.  I wish there were more at stake for this game because the Raiders/Chiefs rivalry is always a good one when both teams are playing well.  With that said, the Raiders would like nothing more than to end 2010 with a good win and look forward to 2011.  I think they get it done.

Miami @ New England (-4)

Chappy picks New England (-4). I’m scared the Pats will rest players, but going back to their (almost) perfect season they didn’t rest guys, so I don’t see them doing it this week. If this was in Miami I might take the points, but since it’s in Foxboro not sure how you couldn’t roll with the Pats. They haven’t really had a close game since they played the Colts in week 11, no reason for this one to be close.

Jacksonville @ Houston (-3)

By picks Houston (-3). Well Houston once again followed the same pattern of years past.  Fast start, slow finish.  It’s a shame a team with this much potential’s season highlight will be officially eliminating a banged up Jags team from playoff contention.  Pocket Hercules is not at 100%, and without him, the Jags can’t compete.  In fact, is Pocket Hercules even playing?  In fact, even if he was I still like the Texans by 10.

Cincinnati @ Baltimore (-9.5)

Chappy picks Cincinnati +9.5. This has been a terrible season for Cincy, but they do cover a lot of spreads. Last week they even beat SD without their duo of diva receivers. Baltimore is in no matter what, and has to count on a Pittsburgh loss to win the division. I think Baltimore wins this game, but when they pull all their starters Cincy works its way back within a TD.

Brett who?

Minnesota @ Detroit (-3)

Chappy picks Minnesota (+3). Last week convinced me that the Vikes are still a decent team when they have a QB that doesn’t turn the ball over. Can’t say I really knew who Joe Webb was last week, but after seeing him play Tuesday he looks like he could lead this team to another victory. They have a short week to prepare, and Detroit is on a two game winning streak, so they are bound to come back to earth. Plus the Lions need a higher draft pick, so no need to try this weekend.

New York Giants (-4) @ Washington

By picks New York (-4). Similar to last season, the Giants have had a bit of a let down in 2010.  They’ll win impressively this week, as the Redskins are along the lines of Carolina, woeful, but New York still misses the playoffs.

Carolina @ Atlanta (-14.5)

Chappy picks Atlanta (-14.5). This pick scares me. The Falcons could have this one locked up at halftime, and when they are up by 28 they could pull their starters which would give the Panthers a chance to cover. Fortunately Claussen is one of the worst passers in the league, and will save this bet with a few pick sixes to keep the Falcons lead growing. If there’s one guy that needs to have a good game its Claussen, to prove to the team that they don’t need to draft Luck #1 overall, but that’s not going to happen, and Luck will be the unlucky Panthers QB.

St. Louis (-3) @ Seattle

Hi, I'm Pete, please punch my face.

By picks St. Louis (-3). Well somebody has to win this s**t division, and St. Louis’ is as worthy as anybody.  I might have picked Seattle at home had Matt Hasselbeck not been injured, but without their leader the Seahawks have no chance.  Plus I hate Pete Carrol and would rather see the Rams do a one and done post season run than Seattle.  St. Louis by 10.

San Diego @ Denver (+3.5)

Chappy picks San Diego (-3.5). SD had the top ranked defense and top ranked offense for a good portion of the season. Do they want Norv to stick around. If they don’t I could see them tanking this game, but I don’t think they will against a division rival. SD doesn’t want to have a losing season, and they won’t let Tebow do what he did to Houston’s horrible D. Tebow gets pummeled, and everyone questions whether he’s really a true QB all offseason.

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14 responses to “Doin Lines Week 17

  • mceezy

    I’m not as optimistic as you guys about the Raiders. The game is now meaningless, and we’ve seen how the Raiders prepare when the games are meaningless over the last 7 years. My guess is they’ve already shut it down, and are probably spending the week partying before they go their separate ways for the offseason. There, maybe now they’ll win! Happy New Year…

  • Ravenation, L.L.C. of North America

    Oh, nobody on the Raiders parties (fart noise)

    I really hope you’re right about St. Louis man.


  • Ravenation, L.L.C. of North America

    Even if the Falcons did pull everyone, Carolina would need to score twice which is a tall order in pretty much every facet.


  • tophatal


    Finally the season now comes down to separating the haves from the have nots . Postseason roars into action so be on the lookout for some upsets .

    Weis is set to leave the Chiefs to n become the OC for the Gators ? I bet Chris ( Sportschump ) is happy about that ?
    That’s if his gut isn’t already wrenching as to what’s about to unfold there .

    tophatal ……

    • Ravenation, L.L.C. of North America


      Does anyone else find it weird that Weis used the NFL to get back into coaching college ball, which he so obviously failed at when he was at Notre Dame?

      Can you think of any other recent examples where this has happened?


      • tophatal

        Ravenation LLC

        When I first heard that about Weis I thought that the guy had met up with Miley Cyrus and had some salvia ! Wanting to leave the Chiefs for the Gators ? Isn’t that like that meant to be step up or down for Weis ?

        Notre Dame is simply living on past glories that may all change once the purse strings become tightened now that Comcast has bought NBC . That way we won’t have to see much more of the crap they”re trying to sell us as to them being relevant in college football !

        tophatal …………….

  • themeatlockersports

    Hey guys… Have you seen this one of Favre yet at practice? He was dancing to “Ice Ice Baby”

    Great picks by the way! Always enjoy checking in your NFL picks

  • Chris Humpherys

    So what do you think of the Cable firing and who do you want as your next head coach?

    Of course the rest of us are assuming you’re going to hire Art Shell again for a year before you actually hire anyone else? Isn’t that how it’s done out there?

    • chappy81

      I don’t like it at all. It’s not official so far and last year there were rumblings he’d be fired too so I’ll hold of criticizm on Al Davis till then. They actually tried in all their games this year except the opener against Tennessee. I’d love to give him another year to see what he can do. If they finished 8-8 or worse next year, then I’d say fire him, but right now it’s too early with a team that actually is listening to him…

      • tophatal


        What’s wrong with this picture ? The Raiders sweep their division and Cable gets fired ? So they didn’t win the AFC West but the progress made by the team was simply more than most had expected .

        It is now time for Davis to relinquish the reins because the situation has become diabolical !


        tophatal …………….

        • chappy81

          Davis won’t relequish anything until he’s dead. Even when he dies they might keep it quiet and use his corpse to make the calls, since I’m sure he has some instructions written in his will like fire whoever does good or bad coaching the team. Either way, I’m proud of the Raiders this year, they finally showed some improvement!

  • Chris Humpherys

    That’s what I figured, man. Unlike other teams in the league, Oakland improved from last year. I thought his job was safe.

    If not Cable, who would you like?

  • tophatal


    In truth I thought dear ol’ Al was already dead from the neck up ! If he does decide to fire Cable I could see him making a play for Jim Harbaugh of Stanford but it’s being rumored that’s who the Niners’ front office also want him as their next head coach. With any luck whomever gets him should he decide to leave could have the inside track in landing Andrew Luck if they’re prepared to trade up for the guy.

    tophatal …………….

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