Mike Tyson Gets His Due

Yes, Mike Tyson was inducted today into Boxing’s HOF. For better or worse Mike Tyson was a force in the sport. He was a crazy ear biter, but I think that’s what made him good like most fighters. It’s rare you meet boxers like Pacquiao or Forman, and it’s much more common to come across bastards with Tyson or Mayweather like attitudes. While I was growing up Tyson WAS boxing even more so than Sylvester Stallone, err, I mean Rocky. He was the most feared man alive, and I barely could beat him in Nintendo’s original Mike Tyson’s Punch Out. Luckily for him he’s stayed away from being broke jumping in a few movies lately, and seems to have a new perspective on life making him look a little sane. Anyways, after hearing he got inducted to the HOF, I had to jump on youtube to relive some of his clips to kill a little of the afternoon, and thought I’d post some for for you to remember just how awesome he was…

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9 responses to “Mike Tyson Gets His Due

  • tophatal


    I’ve no problem with Tyson being inducted but Stallone ? What the hell if if that’s the case then actors such as Paul Newman and Robert De Niro ought to be inducted for far more convincing portrayals of fighters on the ‘big screen’ . The Rocky movies were no more than a gimmick based n on Chuck Wepner’s bout against Ali.

    Is it any wonder that the sport can’t be taken seriously if it doesn’t event take its own integrity seriously ? What next they’ll induct both Sarah Palin and Anne Coulter because they love the sport ? The writers and adjudicators who advocates these nominees are a bunch of a_sholes !

    tophatal ………………. 🙂

    • Chappy81

      Yeah man, I couldn’t belive Stallone made it in. That was completely ridiculous! I get that Sly is a boxing fan outside of his movie making, but that doesn’t make him worthy of the HOF. There’s hundreds of guys that actually put on the gloves that deserve it much more.

      I agree things like Sly getting in make it hard to take the sport seriouslyl, which is probably just one more reason why MMA is taking over…

      • tophatal


        Not only has MMA taken over it has even more devoted followers plus the fans are given the fights that they want to see and not two bums looking to have a payday courtesy of whomever is promoting a bout . Way too many governing bodies internationally and with both Arum and Don King still involved in the sport who can take it seriously ?

        The dialogue here was so cliched that it was a joke !

        Sly should come off the PED’s and Botox before his ass ends up looking like a wrinkled prune and the same with his pen_s as well ! It’s shrinkage and old age and that’s what that crap does for you . To hell with bs that it makes him feel younger ……… he now looks older than Burgess Meredith who played his coach Micky in those movies .


        tophatal ……… 😛

      • tophatal


        Int’l Boxing Hall of Fame …………. fame being operative to whom they’re inducting . Stallone didn’t catapult the sport anywhere he merely made a couple of lame ass ‘Rocky’ movies and the world was suckered in by it all !

        tophatal ……….. 🙂

  • Chris Humpherys

    Tyson was my favorite boxer of all-time. There was nothing like tuning in to see Tyson beat someone to a pulp… but you better get there quick before the fight was over.

    It’s a shame what happened to the guy but there’s no denying the legacy he leaves on the sport.

    • tophatal


      What happened to Tyson was of his own making and the influence of Don King who took for almost everything he was worth at the time. And needless to say that skank Robyn Givens came onboard on that gravy train with her mom to see what she could also get.

      tophatal ……….. 🙂

  • Ravenation, L.L.C. of North America

    This is a tough one for me to decide on. Obviously Mike was a polarizing figure in the sports world. I don’t really read a lot into the whole cocaine use thing, because the sport of boxing and the culture of fighting are both surrounded by white powder. The rape was obviously the most disturbing thing because it showed that he was actually really the monster he would say he was in post fight interviews.

    That being said, those first twenty fights were some of the most brutal examples of domination that I have seen from anyone in any sport ever. Sure, a lot of those guys were no name fighters, but that wasn’t Tyson’s fault. After Foreman there weren’t a lot of good fighters in that weight class at the time.

    I saw a guy in Mike Tyson who had several demons and grew up in a rough Catskills, NY area where he was raised by the streets and saw boxing as an opportunity to give him a better life.



    • chappy81

      In the end I figure I always enjoyed watching Mike fight and even though he wasn’t an outstanding citizen that just made him a little more entertaining. I agree though, he wasn’t exactly beating down legends in the ring, but the way he beat whoever he faced was impressive especially being undersized a little in most of the fights.

      He seems to have a grip on reality which is refreshing to see people can change.

      Can you believe Stallone was inducted to the HOF? That is a joke!

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