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The Best Playoff Dunk?

A month or two ago Sportsnation over on ESPN had a best dunk of the playoffs contest. This Pippen dunk barely beat out a dunk by his teammate MJ in another highlight dunk over Patrick Ewing.  I have to say I remember the Jordan dunk more, but did agree with it winning the contest. This dunk had everything in it. Intimidation, rivalry (well, a one sided rivalry), FU mode, and Ewing was really trying to block that dunk! Anyways, I ran across this video of Pippen telling us a little more about the dunk, and thought it was worth sharing…

In Your Face(s)

Did anyone get an opportunity to see what Dwayne Wade did to Troy Murphy, Brandon Rush and Josh McRoberts last week?  Well there are a lot of “cons” to how easily accessible things are with this “new” media (youtube), but this right here, is definitely a “pro”.


Sometimes Small Victories Keep Us Warriors Fans Content

On the heals of beating the Celtics, the Warriors battled tough with the Lakers in a much closer than expected contest yesterday in the second portion of their back to back. It was good to see the Warriors playing with a mostly healthy lineup for a change. It looks like the bigs ARE making a difference in the games so far. I guess it’s a given that starting Radmanvic and Maggette at the 4 and 5 isn’t a winning combo, but with Biendris and Turiaf now back, we seemed to have picked up the confidence level. Randolph even looks rejuvenated as he has gone back to playing the 4 instead of the 5. Even throwing in a little point forward action from time to time. Ronny Turiaf sent the above Kobe dunk back last night, which got me pretty fired up! I guess it’s just nice to finally see some interior defense after giving up layups and dunks all year to EVERY team! Cali4Dre said that I shouldn’t put the clip up unless I showed the other 50 shots he didn’t block, but every victory over Kobe or the Lakers is a good sweet one, and this was no different! Who cares what the final outcome was, we aren’t going anywhere this year anyways…

Michael Jordan at 46 Still Has Game

This clip has been popping up in various places around the web for a bit, with MJ’s recent Hall of Fame speech making headlines, I thought it appropriate to put some context behind those words. Simply put, the man is a KILLER on the basketball court, and he said as much in his induction speech. Take this video of Michael at his Flight School in Santa Barbara, a little innocent smack talk with Slamball super star (is that an oxymoron?) Chris “The Ghetto Bird” Young, leads to a standing reverse dunk, in jeans no less, followed by a quick one on one beat down. If he had to rip your throat out on the court to get a W he wouldn’t blink to do it. Maybe stodgy reporters like Rick Reilly can hate on Jordan these days, but sports fans in the trenches like us will give him is due anytime….Well played MJ shutting up that young buck.