Delusional Thoughts on The NBA Finals

Kobe's game face isn't nearly as intimidating as his game has been the last two rounds.

In reality, I don’t like either of the teams in the Finals. Maybe it’s more their arrogant fans than the players, but either way it’s a great match up that I’m sure the NBA couldn’t have drawn up any better if it was planned. Well, maybe they could’ve had the refs force a couple game sevens, but the teams they wanted were winning, so they couldn’t pull a reverse Sacramento 2002 to give the underdogs a chance! I guess we did see it coming though, so we may as well enjoy what we can from it. The best part for me in this series, is how much the main guys want that title. Kobe and Garnett are as good as Jordan at getting their teammates motivated and focused. Kobe is truly reminding me of MJ this playoff run, and this is probably the first time I’ve ever openly admitted that those two could be on the same level. Since the infamous knee draining, I’ve never seen him playing out of his mind like this. Everything he puts up is going in, there’s no defense against him that really works. Ok, hopefully that’s the most I’ll talk about Kobe for awhile, I think I just threw up in my mouth a little while writing those last couple sentences. Anyways, Lebron taught us one thing this year, and that was you need the Championship type heart throughout your team, and both the Lakers and Celtics have that heart.

I’m hoping the Celtics can take the series, and if they do, the only way I see that happening is if they win in six. So in reality, I think it will be the Lakers taking home another title, but if I’m flip flopping on my pick with each preview I hear/read, so that must mean I have no clue who will come out the winner. One thing that should scare the crap out of Boston is the health of Rondo. If he isn’t at full strength, he is passive on the court. You can instantly tell when speedy physical guys aren’t fully healthy, and Rondo won’t be the exception to the rule. Nash for example, isn’t a guy that relies on speed, so he plays through everything, and it doesn’t affect his fundamentals. You just can’t make up that speed, so if he’s not full throttle, that alone would lose the Celtics a couple games. Also, can Fischer keep up his insane play. Two months ago if you asked any Lakers fan about their thoughts on Fischer, they would’ve said he sucks, and needs to go when the year is over, my how that tone has changed over the playoffs. Tony Allen and Rasheed are also guys that they will need during this series that are also a little banged up. The lane is the real key to the series. It’s going to be a grind it out half court game for 80% of the possessions. Both teams are very good at scoring inside, and personally, I think it’s up to Odom to have a big series for the Lakers to win. He will have to take advantage of guys like Big Baby and Rasheed guarding him when the second units are on the floor. I’m also curios to see if Perkins can hold back his temper to avoid the one game suspension for any Technical Foul thrown his way. Their best interior defender will have his hands full with Pau and Bynum, so they will need him to control that temper. Bynum is another big question mark in the series. One thing you know about the Celtics, is they will test Bynum’s health early and often. I don’t see any scenario where they don’t hack him just to see if the turns timid, and disappears like he does so often.

I could ramble on for a little longer, but I think by now we’ve heard nearly every angle possible about the series, so Thursday we will finally see how it will start to unfold. I hope the games are shown in China, because it’s vacation time for me, and I’d much rather watch the Finals than Stephon Marbury bombing threes for the Shanxi Zhongyu Brave Dragons!

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10 responses to “Delusional Thoughts on The NBA Finals

  • tophatal


    It wouldn’t have mattered who was in the upcoming NBA Finals as Stern and the NBA hierarchy stood to make a boatload of money. With the Celtics and Lakers pitting wits against each other and the interest from markets such as Europe and the Far East as well as a real interest on the African continent . I doubt you can put at an exact figure as to how much they’ll make. Other than to suggest that it could buy several truck loads of Air Jordans .

    LeBron says that the Cavaliers still hold the inside track to him remaining in Cleveland. But I bet momma James wants to go elsewhere so that her va-jay-jay can get well serviced by some big young stud in the league ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    Will you be throwing your mite behind supporting team USA in the World Cup ?

    Let The Smack Talking Begin ………….

    Alan Parkins

  • tophatal


    Now that the Jordan era in the NBA is long gone . Unless the Finals actually has one or both of these teams , rarely does anyone actually watch at all.

    So it’s something that the NBA has to want each year without fail. It’s either Lakers or Celtics. Do you really want to believe that anyone would be interested in seeing either Warriors or Clippers take on the Magic in an NBA Finals matchup ? Other than those sets of teams’ fans there wouldn’t be anyone one watching here in N America .

    It’s not fans in the stands that counts as far as Stern is concerned but those watching the event on broadcast television. With the high ratings comes high revenues and the bottom line for the NBA is increased exponentially. .

    Alan Parkins

    • chappy81

      I don’t think you could convince me that the Warriors or Clippers will ever be there, but if they were it might be an underdog story that people would like… Probably not, but you never know I guess… Oh well, being in China will keep me from watching, which isn’t the worst thing to happen!

      • tophatal


        Stranger things have happened someone convinced us all that Britney Spears could sing and so millions of prepubescent teens went out and bought her CD’s.

        Mel Kiper told us that one day that Ryan Leaf would be a star in the NFL . Well he was , actually for no more than a minute when he had that proverbial meltdown on camera. So who’s to say that either the Clippers or Warriors couldn’t find serpendipity and make an NBA Finals’ appearance ?

        I mean if Obama can scare the livin’ sh_t out of the white people by making it all the way to the White House . Who are we to question the fact that neither of the two teams won’t ever pull off such a surprise ?

        “Lookee here boy , I don’t who you is get the hell outta here ” ! But I’m the President and it just so happens that I’m black “. “N_*ga please I didn’t find in a war to send one your kind up 1600 Pennsylvania Ave ” !.

        The more we tend to think things change the more they actually remain the same !

        Alan Parkins

        • chappy81

          I actually think Britney was better than Lady Gaga, but I can’t say I really like either of them! I guess there’s a chance either of the teams could make the finals, but they are a long ways away. I’d say the Clippers have a better shot, because they have money to spend, and already have a solid cast. The Warriors just need a new owner before I can even think about them making the playoffs….

  • Anthony Castillo

    I agree about disliking both teams. For me, I would have been much more excited for a Suns Magic Final. Celtics play well, but they aren’t much fun to watch. Lakers are good, but I got tired of watching them with all of their national tv spots during the season.

    • chappy81

      Good point, maybe that’s another big reason why I don’t like this finals match up, because we are force fed these two teams all season! We need some more Miami and GS games on national TV 🙂

    • Alvin Edwards

      I can’t believe this weak response about not caring for the Lakers or Celtics. There is a reason the Suns have not made it to the finals since Charles Barkley. Come on! The Suns don’t have any game. The Celtics and Lakers are warriors, and the warriors like cream rises to the top. The Celtics will beat the Lakers and make poor Kobe cry!

  • tophatal


    Don’t tell me you’ve thrown in your man-card ? Lady Gaga ? That’s more synthetic and manufactured pop than I’d care to listen even if I were contemplating suicide .

    Tigers trade Dontrelle Willis to the D’backs. His career is sinking faster than the Titanic.

    Intriguing Questions That Need To Be Asked And Answered In The World of Sports ………….

    Alan Parkins

  • tophatal


    So Griffey Jr has decided to call it quits and retire from the game a Mariner ? Kudos to him for stepping away from the game with class rather than being pushed out through the door .

    Alan Parkins

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