Move Over Pablo Sandoval

We brought you the good ol Japanese Fart Dance, the Governator in a very weird commercial, the hilarious Japanese Game Show, and now we bring you the Kung Fu Bear. I saw this one a last week, but forgot about it until just now. I don’t know what the Japanese are doing over there training bears how to use a weapon, but maybe it’s easier than training Pandas. If he ends up with a samurai sword in his paws in a few years, I’m going to start getting scared. Either way this is one impressive bear that is making use of his spare time!

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6 responses to “Move Over Pablo Sandoval

  • tophatal

    What happens when Jaden Smith sees that a bear is a better Kung Fu practitioner than he is ? I mean after all aren’t we all hoping to enjoy the next installment of the Karate Kid starring Will Smith’s son and Jackie Chan ?

    Did this socio political piece on the oil spill down in the Gulf.

    Boycott BP …………

    Alan Parkins

    • Chappy81

      That is going ot be one awful movie! The Karate Kid, should stay in the 80’s!

      • tophatal


        When they start to retread movies from the 70’s and 80’s to remake them it shows a complete lack of creativity in Hollywood !

        Next up the ” A-Team “ ? Need one say anymore on the matter and they’re now putting “Hawaii 50” back on tv ? I’m surprised that they’ve not approached Pee Wee Herman to see if he’ll become this generations Mr Rogers !


  • mceezy

    WOW, that bear has great Bostaff skills. What he needs is an opponent. It’s too bad none of the onlookers decided to hop in the ring with him….

  • Chris Humpherys

    I generally do the Japanese Fart Dance after too much sushi.

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