Doin Work Fantasy Football 2009 Mock Draft

The most comprehensive fantasy football mock draft this side of espn or yahoo.   Here’s who we’d pick and why….


#1 Drafting Under the Influence – RB Adrian Peterson, Minnesota Vikings

This isn’t even a decision in my mind. He’s a threat every play to go the distance, and even when it looks like he’s stuffed he can break off a Barry Sanders-esque escape. Nobody is surprised when he puts up 200 yards and a score or two! His skill set is off the charts and better than every other RB in the draft. He vowed to come back this season bigger and faster, definitely scary for any of the competition he’s about to run over!

#2 TD’s Are My Forte – RB Michael Turner, Atlanta Falcons

Love having the 2nd pick, Turner is a no-brainer choice for me here. Atlanta has a dynamic offense which makes keying the run more difficult, and we know what Turner is capable of doing. I project him not only matching his offensive numbers last season, but slightly increasing them. Until I see Maurice Jones-Drew in a full time role, he doesn’t pass Turner here. Should be interesting to see who is left on the board on the way back in the 2nd round.

#3 Who Shot Plax? – RB Chris Johnson, Tennessee Titans

Titans have always been built as a run-first offense, as  Conservative is Jeff Fisher’s middle name.  Don’t quote me on that, could be Fred for all I know.  As the Titans continue to employ a sub-par passing game, the two back system will flourish, and Johnson will receive the bulk of the carries on 1st and 2nd down.  I was impressed with his receiving game as well last year, a great target with much better than average hands, shiftiness, and speed.

#4 White Russians For Breakfast – RB Deangelo Williams, Carolina Panthers

Looking at my options on the board, I’m intrigued by both DWill and MJD.  I’m a bit hesitant about SJax, LT, and BWest in their current situations, Sjax on a shitty team, LT running close to empty (?) and Westbrook having surgery on his foot.  I like Deangelo because they looked for extra ways to get the ball in his hands in the Wildcat and I think he’ll have a decent receiving year.  A few vultured goalline carries will be made up in other areas like long runs and perhaps a passing TD or two this year.

#5 No More Madden For Me – RB Maurice Jones-Drew, Jacksonville Jaguars

I wasn’t happy about sitting at five, you typically watch the 3 sure fire running backs get picked, and are left with about 5 different players who all have there pros and cons (this years crop includes Steven Jackson, LT, Westbrook, Gore, and Portis). But holy smokes does a gift fall to me with Maurice Jones-Drew. With the featured role in the back field all his, and the experts putting him at 2 at worst 3 on there boards, I feel like I get a big time break here. More then likely I will be looking to match a catch happy MJD with a top tier wideout in the next round.

#6 Detroit’s Staff Infection – RB Steven Jackson, St. Louis Rams

I’m not the biggest Steven Jackson fan around, at least not since his Oregon State days, but this was simply a case of taking the best player available.  The difference maker here was the addition of Jason Smith. With the departure of WR Torry Holt, one would think the Rams would be relying on the running game a little more than in the past.  While he hasn’t come close to his 2006 numbers, when he put up 1500+ yards and 13 TDs, you have to factor in that he only played 12 games each of the last two seasons.  Now, I concede that could be a bad sign in regards to durability, but let’s optimistically say he plays in 14 games this year.  Jackson could easily finish with 1200+ yds and 10 TDs.  Add to that roughly 50 receptions and he’s definitely worth the 6th pick.

#7 Hey-Bey Bey – WR Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona Cardinals

Given my history of taking the first WR in the draft, why not take L-Fitz?  We all know the Cards will throw the ball, and with the backfield an unproven commodity consisting of Tim Hightower and 1st round draft pick, Beanie Wells, there’s no reason Fitzgerald’s number would go anywhere but up.  I see 100+ receptions with double digit TDs.  Only one fumble last season?  Sold.

#8 Beanie Power – RB Matt Forte, Chicago Bears

Tough one with LT still on the board, and Frank Gore being the only capable offensive player in SF.  Or SC, whatever (Santa Clara).  My other option would be go off the board with someone like Brady, but Forte had a pretty decent year last year as a rookie in a struggling offense.  The offense may struggle again this year, but with Cutler in their it’s a true wildcard situation.  Defenses will be wary of his arm, and he gets to face three pretty soft defense in his division 6 times.  I’m banking Forte has an even better sophomore year.

#9 The Norv TurnOvers – RB Frank Gore, San Francisco 49ers

I’m not sold on LT coming back to form especially with Sproles stealing some of the caries from him. Plus, I couldn’t bring myself to curse a player on my team! I feel that the switch from Martz’s passing oriented offense to Mike Singletary’s pound it in your face look will swing Gore back to his 2006 form. Gaining a solid receiver in Crabtree will make defenses not be able to load the box as much as well. Gore is a solid pick at the #9 spot.

#10 Turn My Swag On – RB Ladanian Tomlinson, San Diego Chargers

LT’s stock is at an all-time low, we all know that.  His numbers have been on the decline since 2006, but they’ve still been decent – definitely not worth a top 3 pick, but if falls to #10, I’m happy with that.  I’m also a sucker for the guy with a chip on his shoulder.  I’ll admit, history’s not on his side, but LT has a hall of fame resume, and HOFers don’t go away that easily.  San Diego still doesn’t seem sold on Sproles as a feature back, so LT will still get his carries.  The big issue here is injuries, but those are always a crapshoot in fantasy football.  If healthy, he’s still a first rounder.

#11 Santa Clara 49ers? – RB Brian Westbrook, Philadelphia Eagles

Back end of the draft? No problem! I’m never upset being at the end of a draft, in fact I actually kind of like it when it’s football. Anyhow, I’m coming away after my first two picks with two running backs, no matter what. And with question marks surrounding so many proven players, and upside guys all over the draft board, I’ll just sit back and see what happens. And who falls? None other then Brian Westbrook. I’ll have to thank his iffy ankle surgery a few weeks ago for this. I have zero problem taking him with the 11th pick.  Far too much production to let him slip into the 2nd round, I’m happy with a super star fantasy back falling to me here.

#12 TJ Whosyourmamma – RB Steve Slaton, Houston Texans

I don’t ever not go with a running back in the first round. Slaton was a savior to my fantasy team last season and for that I will take him since he’s available. He raised his teams rushing offense last year from the 22nd ranked to the 13th ranked rushing team. He is a top pass catcher out of the backfield which just adds to his touches and appeal. Slaton, LT, and Forte were the only RB’s in the top 11 in rushing yards and receiving yards. If he was available at 12, I wouldn’t hesitate to pick him.


#13 TJ Whosyourmamma – WR Andre Johnson, Houston Texans

Back to back Texans! I wouldn’t have planned it this way, but the combination of Slaton and Johnson should be nearly all the touchdowns the Texans will score this season. Johnson finally put together a healthy season last year, and his production was noticed as he was second in receiving yards and receptions overall. I pondered taking Randy Moss, since he’s probably ready to be a TD machine with Brady back, but I’ll stick with the more younger stud option and not rely on Brady’s healthy recovery and Moss finally showing his age as TO and Marvin Harrison have the last couple years.

#14 Santa Clara 49ers? – RB Marion Barber, Dallas Cowboys

As I said I’m grabbing a running back here, and my choices are pretty clearly between Portis and Barber. With the loss of T.O. I’m thinking the Cowboys focus on the running game a little more this year, and I want to have their running game (I’ll be looking to scoop up Felix Jones by round six) on my squad. Barber is a smash mouth running back who doesn’t catch out of the backfield a ton, but I will be counting in him to rack up yards and TD’s. I’ll be paying closer attention to wide receivers with my next couple of picks to make sure I don’t have a hole there. This may be a draft that leaves me picking up a quarterback late – never a great situation – but manageable none the less.

#15 Turn My Swag On – RB Clinton Portis, Washington Redskins

Since I took Tomlinson in round one, there’s no way I could take anyone other than an RB.  Portis will remain the feature back in Washington, so like Tomlinson, if healthy, he’ll put up the numbers.  I still consider Portis an injury risk, which must be due to the fact that the last year I had him, he only played 8 games.  However, he’s suited up all 32 games the last two years, so there’s reason for optimism.  Anytime both of your RBs play all 16 games, you’re gonna have a shot to win.  Portis and Tomlinson are risky, but that’s what fantasy football is all about.

#16 The Norv TurnOvers – QB Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints

Taking Gore in the first round I decided to go QB in round two. This is too early to take my boy Rivers, so I’ll have to go with the guy we should’ve kept. Brees has been a fantasy stud since his Charger days, and even more so as a Saint. I see no problem with him meeting my expectations of 25+ TD’s and 4,500+ passing yards. He threw for 5,000 yards last year, nearly breaking Marino’s single season record. Brees has been the most consistent fantasy QB over the last three years.  He is a no brainer here!

#17 Beanie Power – QB Tom Brady, New England Patriots

I like having a great QB, and I can lock down one of the best QBs in the game with a great passing offense built around him.  If Drew Brees is already gone, Brady or Manning will be next, and I prefer Brady’s situation over Manning’s and I won’t pick again for a while.  All the RBs I like are off the board except Ronnie Brown, and I’m thinking I could take a WR like Moss here since Fitzgerald went so early.  Patriots had a terrible running game last year, so I like Brady to come back to form this year.

#18 Hey-Bey Bey – RB Marshawn Lynch, Buffalo Bills

With Fitzgerald on board, there’s really no choice but to grab a RB here.  Lynch’s stock is down due to his legal trouble and pending suspension, but I’m looking at guys like Brandon Marshall and Steve Smith last year.  Marshall’s suspension was reduced to one game last year, so I’m hoping Marshawn’s appeal will yield a similar result.  If that’s the case, I’ll take Lynch minus one game at #18 any day.  Oh, and let’s not forget the addition of Terrell Owens in Buffalo.  I don’t care if your name is Trent Edwards, Ryan Fitzpatrick, or Tony Siragusa, the defense has to respect the air attack with TO and Lee Evans lining up at the wideout spots.  Lynch has excelled even with 11 pairs of eyes on him, so with the field opened up a little more, things look good.  Plus, he nearly tripled his reception total from 07 to 08, so look for that to go up.

#19 Detroit’s Staff Infection – RB Ronnie Brown, Miami Dolphins

Sure, Brown’s stock is down a bit, but we’re talking about the 15th RB taken.  The Dolphins were much improved last year, so I look for them to build on that momentum.  Aside from that, the two key factors for me here are that Ricky Williams’ days of potentially taking over the starting back spot appear behind him, and Brown is in a contract year.  That always goes a long way in my book.

#20 No More Madden For Me – WR Randy Moss, New England Patriots

I really wanted to take Brandon Jacobs here and match him up with MJD, a real strong TD duo that could have really paid off. But, I’m not going to lie I’m sucked into the return of Tom Brady and its impact on the receiving game (heck even the 50 year old Joey Galloway is on my radar later in the draft) for the Pats. I’m buying into a return in numbers with Moss this year, it might be a small leap of faith, but risk reward picks like this are what win you fantasy titles. Having two premier players at their respective positions is a nice start to my draft.

#21 White Russians For Breakfast – RB Brandon Jacobs, New York Giants

Slim pickins left at RB, and I already have Deangelo who might have a few TDs taken by Stewart.  The only true starter-big back left is Jacobs, and we know he’s a beast.  The Giants have a huge question mark at WR this year as Burress and Toomer are both missing, and the Giants prefer to run anyways.

#22 Who Shot Plax? – WR Anquan Boldin, Arizona Cardinals

If Fitz went 7th, the Boldin at 22 is a steal in my book.  I have a solid receiving-RB in C Johnson, so getting a top receiver here stacks up my receiving early.  I go again in 5 picks, and the WR drop off is more severe than the RB drop-off, which is minimal.  Wayne caught my eye as well, with Steve Smith right behind him. I can take a RB with my next pick or if Manning is still there go QB.

#23 TD’s Are My Forte – QB Peyton Manning, Indianapolis Colts

Of course by this pick all premium running backs are gone, as well as most wide outs. At this point I’m thinking strictly point production on any given Sunday. At the tail end of the 2nd round, I’m all over Peyton here. Things might be in flux with Indy, but one thing is constant, Manning bringing solid points to the table. My next two rounds will require some juggling, but a productive running back will be the direction.

#24 Drafting Under the Influence – WR Calvin Johnson, Detroit Lions

Woah, it’s my turn again. Man I fell asleep waiting for my second pick! The huge drawback to having the first pick is waiting and watching all the names you want fall off the board! Megatron is still available though! Calvin proved last year that it doesn’t matter who is throwing the ball for the Lyons, he will make some plays in every game!  Since they really don’t have anyone else worth throwing too, he should be set to be targeted close to last years total of 3rd most in the NFL! It can only get better than last season’s QB situation, so we can only expect his value to go up.


#25 Drafting Under the Influence – WR Greg Jennings, Green Bay Packers

Do I hear boos? Where am I? I guess maybe I’m a doing a little drunk drafting with two WR’s in a row, but this pick basically gives me two top receivers. Jennings obviously supplanted Driver as the number one option in Green Bay. He has had 23 TD’s over his past 30 games, and if that doesn’t tempt you then I’m not sure what will. I could’ve gone with a QB, but with Brady, Manning, and Brees gone, and I feel I can get a serviceable QB in a later round.

#26 TD’s Are My Forte – RB Thomas Jones, New York Jets

I hate this pick; as soon as I selected Jones I immediately hated it. Bush, Grant, or Addai have more upside then Jones. The Jets are an easy target to clog up the running game. This pick also mandates a Leon Washington handcuff far early then I want. If Sanchez can at the very least manage a football game, maybe the 1-2 duo of Jones and Washington will work out….far too much risk for a 3rd round pick then I would have liked.

#27 Who Shot Plax? – RB Kevin Smith, Detroit Lions

This is quite a gamble here, but I’m solid at WR and it’s too late for a top QB and too early for the next run on Mid-level QBs.  I like Kevin Smith because he wasn’t terrible on a terrible team last year in his rookie year when he could have been, and he’s the RB of the future in Detroit.  Could have the possibility of a smaller scale Michael Turner/Matt Ryan if Stafford can start right away.

#28 White Russians For Breakfast – WR Steve Smith, Carolina Panthers

I have my 2 RBs and I don’t like any of the next highest rated QBs.  Looking at the WR board, I like Colston and Wayne here as well, but Steve Smith has proven to be capable of upper tier receiving if he can play a full season.  Delhomme is supposed to be healthy, and we know Carolina has a great running game behind an awesome Oline, so this seems to be good value for a great WR.

#29 No More Madden For Me – RB Reggie Bush, New Orleans Saints

Winner winner chicken dinner! Thomas Jones and Kevin Smith get taken before Reggie Bush? I love a league with owners who draft under the influence of drugs and alcohol!  I’m really excited about this pick; he does a little bit of everything, and will be a great partnership with MJD. Health concerns are a major issue, but I’ll be looking to grab Pierre Thomas a few rounds earlier now, no worries there. Having three explosive players and my two running back slots filled is great. Grabbing one more quality WR, and QB (I’m still shocked Kurt Warner is on the board) with my next two picks seems very doable at this point.

#30 Detroit’s Staff Infection – WR Marques Colston, New Orleans Saints

With Jackson and Brown on board, it’s time to go WR.  Colston is clearly the best one on the board at this point.  He’s supposed to be healthy (or will be in time for training camp) and will reclaim his role as Drew Brees’ favorite target.  He’s an elite receiver and the #1 target in one of the most pass-friendly offenses in the league.  He should eclipse his career high numbers from 2007.

#31 Hey-Bey Bey – RB Ryan Grant, Green Bay Packers

Grant was a pretty big disappointment last year, but that was as a first round pick.  If he puts up the same numbers as a mid-third rounder, I’d be pretty satisfied.  The thing is, I see him surpassing those.  1,200 yards was still pretty good.  It was his 4 touchdowns that brought his value down.  Since Brandon Jackson and Deshawn Wynn are hardly goal line threats, I look for Grant to find the end zone a lot more.  Also, consider this: The Packers play the AFC North and NFC West this year.  That means games against Cleveland, St. Louis, Seattle, Cincinnati, and Arizona, all in the bottom half of rushing defenses last year.

#32 Beanie Power – WR Reggie Wayne, Indianapolis Colts

Looks like I’m stuck with only one legit RB with little options left, so I’m gonna take the best WR on the board in Wayne.  No Harrison, no problem.  He wasn’t there last year and Wayne had a great season.  Wayne could beat his coverage and get open for Manning in a hallway, that’s how good they are together.  My other option is to take Addai, but he seems pretty shaky so I’ll let someone else gamble.

#33 The Norv TurnOvers – RB Joeseph Addai, Indianapolis Colts

Losing Harrison has me higher than I probably should be on Addai, especially since I saw him single handedly destroy one of my friends fantasy teams last season. I think that the loss of Harrison may have Indy looking to get Addai more involved in the passing game and on the ground. I understand he was in a time-share at the end of the season with Dominic Rhodes, but if he returns healthy, then he could be a steal in the third round. He needs to prove that he is that every down back!

#34 Turn My Swag On – WR Dwayne Bowe, Kansas City Chiefs

I was torn here between Bowe, Terrell Owens, and TJ Houshmanzadeh.  None play in a particularly dangerous passing attack.  I’m playing the upside here though.  The Chiefs were 9th in the NFL in pass attempts last year, due in large part to their frequently playing from behind.  Enter Matt Cassel.  If Tyler Thigpen and Damon Huard could find Bowe 86 times for 7 TDs, imagine what Cassel could do.  Subtract Tony Gonzalez, and Dwayne Bowe is clearly the biggest target downfield.  There’s a lot of IFs, but with LT and Portis in my backfield, my whole team will be an IF.  I like the upside here over TO and TJ.

#35 Santa Clara 49ers? – WR Roddy White, Atlanta Falcons

Wow, hello Roddy White! Easy pick here at the back end of the third round. I was in the market for a productive wideout, but I didn’t expect to have one with such upside to be available. With the growth of Matt Ryan and the addition of Tony Gonzalez, I think White has a very good chance to surpass last year’s numbers, (88 receptions, 1382 yrds, 7 TD’s). I’m predicting Roddy White to finish the season as a top 6 wide receiver in fantasy. There are a ton of quarterbacks still on the board, which bodes very well for the make up of my team……..

#36 TJ Whosyourmamma – WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Seattle Seahawks

Well, to keep my fantasy teams name it’s pretty obvious that I need to take TJ. I don’t buy what people are selling, thinking his production will fall off this season. He’s got Deion Branch running the deep routes (like OchoCinco was) opening up the middle for him to work where he did in Cincinatti. If Hasselback comes back healthy (sounds like he’s already clicking with TJ), and stays on the field this duo could be hard to stop. He will definately be the redzone target as he has size and great hands, which is more than I can say for their other reciever. He should be a good combo with Andre Johnson for my WR core.

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