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Super Going To Have My Time Occupied 4

If by any chance people get the impression that I’m missing, I am not.  I will give you fair warning now … there is a reason for my potential disappearance, and here it is:

Just Wright

Common is one of my favorite rappers of all-time, let me rephrase that.  Common is one of my favorite “emcees” of all-time.  There is a difference.  ‘Til this day Resurrection still manages to transcend time for me, in fact, Common in general transcends time, as he is still more than relevant to this day.  The shelf life for most Hip-Hop artist is like four years.  He’s been at it for decades.  He might be one of the trendiest artist alive as well.  Ask your girlfriend if she likes the way Common dresses, go on … do it.  Yeah buddy, I knew she would.

As do many Hip-Hop artists, Common has tried his hand at acting, and has been quite successful at it too.  Perhaps he hasn’t done anything in which he’s “stolen” the show so-to-speak, but he’s done enough to raise a few eye-brows.  In fact, he’s done enough so to land his first (male) leading role in Just Wright, a movie in which he plays an NBA All-Star who suffers a severe knee injury and must go through a rigorous rehabilitation regiment with the guidance of potential love interest Queen Latifah in attempts to return to the league.  O.K. so going from his day job of being a Hip-Hop legend to acting as an NBA baller might not be such a stretch for him being that the two are synonymous with each-other, but still.  Give credit where credit’s due, it’s a leading role.

Why we should watch this movie?  Well, because we should all support Common, he’s a rapper (emcee) with a positive message and vibe.  Those kinds don’t come along too often.  Another reason?  We’re sports junkies!  C’mon, unless it’s a movie like Fighting, or Never Back Down, us guys are usually interested in sports flicks.  Especially if it stars, or has cameos of real professional athletes.  This one does!  I was 11 or 12 years old when Blue Chips was a feature film, and it quickly became one my favorite movies behind Jurassic Park, simply because Penny Hardaway was in it.  If those reasons aren’t valid enough, it stars Paula Patton too.  ‘Nuff said.  —————————–>

One last thing to note, Common plays for the N.J. Nets in this movie.  Perhaps this will be the most positive thing for Nets fans to view regarding their team until the next NBA Draft comes along.  I’m just saying.  Plus he (Common) kind of reminds me of Stephon Marbury when he puts on that jersey … I always like being reminded of Stephon Marbury.

Judge to Quaid: “We Got Parkman!!!”

From the Los Angeles Times – Actor Randy Quaid and his wife were booked into Santa Barbara County Jail on Monday afternoon on felony charges connected to their alleged failure to pay a hotel bill, authorities said. Quaid and his wife, Evi, had previously failed to appear in court on felony charges of defrauding an innkeeper, burglary and criminal conspiracy, the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department said. Both were booked in lieu of $100,000 bail, which they posted. The couple left the jail complex about 4:30 p.m. Monday, the department said.

This is too bad. Randy Quaid is three times immortal in my book. First, he became an instant legend in his role as Uncle Eddie in the National Lampoon’s Vacation series. Third, he played Ishmail in one of the Top Two bowling films of all time, Kingpin. Sandwiched in between those two landmark roles was a smaller part but just as legendary. Quaid portrayed a die hard Cleveland Indians fan in Major League, and anyone associated with that movie in any way is all right in my book. I’m not sure how they managed to rack up so many felony charges for simply neglecting to pay a hotel bill. They should’ve gotten it free in the first place. If the weirder Quaid showed up at my Inn, I’d gladly give him a place to stay.  You can’t just let Randy Quaid get munsoned out in the middle of nowhere!

Doin MLB Power Rankings

We now we have three solid weeks of baseball action in the books, and it looks like it’s time  to look at how the top 16 teams stack up. MCeezy did a premature power rankings four games into the year, and it looks like that will likely be the last time the Giants and A’s lead the way. I’d love to see Battle of the Bay Part II, but unsurprisingly I don’t see anyway that would happen.

#1 Tampa Bay Rays – Nobody should be surprised to see the Rays playing so well or at the top of the rankings. We knew they could score runs, but we didn’t know that they’d have Garza and Price dominating the way they have! The Rays are 9-1 on the road including a sweep of the ailing Red Sox. They are trying to make a push in what could be the final year they are all together. I hope they do, and that’s why I picked them to win it all!

#2 Minnesota Twins – Who needs Joe Nathan!?!

Is this the Bash Brothers Version 2.0?

Losing him hasn’t hurt them on their way to one of their best starts in recent memory at 13-6. Rauch has been a huge pickup for fantasy teams, and has been great for the Twins closing out games. Justin Morneau looks like he’s finally healthy and back to his old MVP form. Mauer wants to continue off his stellar 2009 campaign, and has kept that MVP form thus far. Maybe Nike should look into getting these two guys some MVPuppet commercials.

#3 New York Yankees – They just lost their first series of the year, but this biggest concern should be Vasquez, who has been terrible donning the pinstripes compared to his solid 2009 season in Atlanta. It’s just reminding us that moving from the NL to the AL East isn’t a good move (see Brad Penny). Tex still isn’t hitting, but he will eventually…

#4 St. Louis Cardinals – Speaking of Penny, going from the Sox to the Cards seems to have helped him regain his form (3-0, 0.95 ERA). They’ve have great offensive players that don’t need to be mentioned, and now a trio of solid pitchers. Even Piniero is pitching well. Dave Duncan know how to mold pitchers to their strengths!

#5a Oakland Athletics – 12-8 doesn’t seem like that noteworthy of a start, but there is noway before the season started you could convince me that they would be atop the west for this much of April or any of it for that matter. Since 1992, they have only started 12-8 once, so there’s some reason for renewed but reserved optimism in Oakland. Their new style of play has them winning sooner than expected. Lots of injuries already though, and hopefully it’s not a sign that 2007-09 injury plagued seasons are going to continue. Gio has the highest ERA of 3.68 out of all their starters, which is amazing! This stat sums up the main reason they lead the league in starters ERA, and are close enough to win any given game.

#5b. San Diego Padres – Bud Black seems to have his guys playing some great baseball. This is the second team in a row that everyone, including myself, had very low expectations for. You may want to call their owner Uncle Scrooge with their $38M payroll, but the guys in there are playing smart, and have been opportunistic on the base paths, and helped them score some runs! It’s surprising how good their offense has been, and just like the A’s they are stealing bases, and have guys hitting for good averages. We will see if that starting pitching can hold up… Continue reading

Is Teabagging Going Too Far?!?

This looks worse than getting teabagged...

The other day I made my first splash into College Baseball posts, and today I ran across a story that got me a little peeved about a Middle school track team, and was inspired to pop my second cherry in as many weeks. The story can be read here, and is about two Iowa middle school track kids are being accused of “tackling a teammate, and placing their testicles on his face (aka teabagging)“. The boys aparantly tackled the victim to the gound and commensed the teabagging hazing just before practice. The victim who hasn’t been named, filed charges on the two “hazers” on April 13th.

I’ll be the first to admit I’ve witnessed some ruthless stuff growing up that probably went a little too far at times (especially in college), but in the end it was just part of growing up as a normal guy. Hell, my High School hazed all their freshmen by making us walk through an arch while the upper classmen hucked pennies at us as we walked through the lamest archway ever made. That tradition didn’t last long (only two years I believe). Anyways, in every sport there is hazing, and some of it might turn a little gay, but at the time it’s usually more funny than gay.  Even in the pros there is hazing, just ask any rookie on any team. You can bet that Richard Seymour is going to make Lamarr Houston his bitch this year out in Oakland. There is no way I can say that I wouldn’t have been pissed about getting teabagged when I was the kid, but there is noway in hell I’d be mad enough to file charges! What happened to getting even the old fashion way?!? Cmon kid, get them back with a solid prank instead of getting all legal with it! Even a 14-year-old should be able to come up with a get even scheme. If these two hazing kids serve any Juvenile Hall time for this that would be the true crime. Teabagging is nothing compared to the horrific broomstick fiasco we heard about awhile back. If you want to cringe a little, here’s that link….