Game On The Line, Thunder Win. Literally.

Anyone's ball game now.

Oh my goodness.  Do the Oklahoma City Thunder have a real shot at dethroning the champs?  Well, yes.  It’s now a best of three series, and the shorter the series, the more luck plays a part.  Think about it.  If Oklahoma City steals game five in L.A. that puts the Lakers in a must win situation, in a hostile environment.  There’s no room for error at that point.

Now, Oklahoma City can’t feel too confident about their Game 4 thrashing of the Lakers, simply put, they had an unfair advantage.  Let’s just say the outcome was decided by the “charity” stripe, and because so, the game was gift-wrapped and given to the Thunder.  Pun intended.  Poor pun that is, but whatever, I’m still a little buzzed from my outings this evening.

Oklahoma City shot 48 free-throws Saturday, and made 42 of them.  42 points were registered with not a defender in sight.  That’s amazing to me.  Now, if you’ve read my articles, or happen to know me, I am the biggest Lakers hater there is, but.  42 free-throws!?  That was a little excessive, granted there were fouls, and fouls have to be called the way see fit, but were there really 30 fouls committed by the Lakers?  I’m going to say no.

I’m rooting for Durantula, Westbrook (who is the real key to this series) and the Thunder, but they can’t expect to rely on such a free-throw advantage again this series.  The Lakers actually finished the game with more field-goals made than the Thunder, shooting at a better clip too.  If the Thunder hope to advance, they’re going to have to put all the beans on the table for Game 5.  They have to lay it all on the line, and treat it like an elimination game, because it is.  If the Thunder take Game 5, they win in six.  They lose, Lakers take it in seven.  The magic number is 46.  If the Thunder shoot 46% from the field as a team, I predict they’ll pull it out.  They’ll only get about 13 free-throws in L.A. so efficiency is huge.  As much as Durant has stepped up at home, he’s going to have to do it on the road for the Thunder to stand a chance.  I’m pulling for you, buddy.

10 responses to “Game On The Line, Thunder Win. Literally.

  • tophatal


    Kobe’s postgame interview shows how nervous the Lakers really are. He states it makes things all the more exciting . In reality however Lakers’ fans are all the more nervous knowing that this is a Thunders’ team that simply won’t back down at all.

    Alan Parkins

  • Chappy81

    I hope they do it! It would make so many people pissed! Your prediction would be correct too!

  • mceezy

    Westbrook is having a huge coming out party. I wasn’t a fan before this season, with him being a UCLA product and I was never really convinced he would be that good in the NBA. Well, he’s proved me wrong, and I’m enjoying watching him mature into an elite player since he’s going to be one of my three keepers going into next fantasy season.

    • rstabenau

      Love the thunder in this matchup. Durant took away some of Kobe’s confidence in game 3, and he was hesitant to drive (maybe fear of getting swatted by durantula?) Im a big Nugget fan but im pulling for a Utah v. OKC semi finals. Westbrook v. Williams would be huge…there does seem to be a Nugget come back brewing… only down by 8 with 5+ left. go nugs. Great posts

  • tophatal

    I see that everyone is running rings around Artest ? Great asset he’s been to the Lakers in the postseason. About as much use as a friggin’ anchor weighing down a dead body ! I guess that’s why the Lakers wanted him to begin with ?

    Alan Parkins

  • Chris Humpherys

    I personally think the Lakers will still win the series but the Thunder has given them a serious scare.

    And it’s been fun as heck to watch.

  • tophatal


    If the Lakers were to go down . What are the likely outcomes. The fans riot in LA ? The fans call for the tarring and feathering of Ron Artest ? The fans look to rip Kobe a new one ? Or they basically change their allegiance and start to support the Clippers ?

    You do realize that once Kobe retires , Phil will also follow and head off into the sunset with Jeanie to his ranch in Montana ?

    Alan Parkins

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