Doin Work’s Knee Jerk Reactions to Tiger’s Speech

Chappy81: Well, Tiger did look remorseful, and apologized to everyone including the kids that are his fans. He used “I” in nearly every sentence, which was good to see him blaming himself. I liked how he owned up to everything that he did, but like so many others, I feel like he’s only remorseful because he got caught. I’m surprised that he’s trying to keep the marriage together, and that Elin is actually giving him another chance. It now makes sense why he was in the rehab classes now. I never understood why he was in the classes, especially when it was reported that their marriage was over. I guess they’re really trying to work it out. Maybe his re-found connection to Buddhism will help. The one thing I really wanted to know from the press confrence was when he’s coming back to golf, and that question went unanswered. I’ll still be shocked if he misses Agusta and the Pebble Beach majors since he dominates those courses in the past, but Tiger didn’t rule out sitting out for the whole season. We shall see… I can’t picture him sitting out that long with a mental injury. If it was a physical injury, that would be much different.

Cali4Dre: Tiger the budding Buddist?  Is this the first time we have really heard this from him, a man of supposed faith at some point in his early life?  Interesting that he chose to use this crutch to help him through this situation… I guess that’s what rehab and you’re mom will do to you.  And a little surprising to not see Elin there.  Especially considering that she’s willing to stand by her broken marriage with an adulterer a thousand times over.  I don’t believe it is to keep the family together, I believe her excuse of her own parents’ divorce is prompting this decision is a quite frankly a farce. I think it is more likely because she has grown accustomed to the lifestyle that Tiger has provided, and the future greatness that will be reserved for Tiger and whomever he is with in the future.  He was already a legend at 30, hell at 20, and his legend will only grow.  He is royalty in the sports and business worlds, which by definition makes him the alpha of alpha’s and any other man would fail in comparison when it comes to picking a mate.  I agree Tiger is only apologizing because he got caught, and not because he is truly sorry.  He broke his forced humility long enough to berate the paparazzi, which again he brought upon himself by not speaking out in public sooner.  This “apology” might have been more believable about two months ago.

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