Subtraction by Addition

Well, the A’s signed JacKKK Cust today to a one year deal of about $2.4 million. I was crossing my fingers he wouldn’t be back, and thought we did say our goodbyes, but sadly he he is back. He was our top home run hitter last year, so in the end I see why, especially for a discounted price… It’s funny how the Giants were rumored to be talking to him, they must be pretty happy the A’s stepped to the plate with a contract. I’m hoping we never have to see him in the field. We already have a few too many outfielders, and what looks like a good defensive team. Messing up that defense by putting Cust down there doesn’t make you feel all that excited. Adding one more outfielder to the mix isn’t going to help anybody feel like they have a set role on the team. Maybe Beane has some plans to make some more trades. I for one, hope he does. It’s still early in the off-season, so I won’t say this is a bad move yet. The signing of Duscherer was a major plus, but I think this signing could be bad. I hope he doesn’t clog up the bases with his walks and not give all our speedy guys a chance to run the bases or strike out with the bases loaded too much this year.


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9 responses to “Subtraction by Addition

  • tophatal

    chappy 81

    But here you and mceezy are, trying to make a case for the A’s as a team who’s ambitious ? Which is it going to be ? They’ll compete but there’s no way in hell they’re winning the AL West , much less gain a playoff spot in the postseason.

    Alan Parkins

    • chappy81

      I would say that our expectations mirror your Marlins expectations from last year. We are young, and a .500 season isn’t a disaster! I wouldn’t say we are competing for a division title, until we make some more moves or our pitchers steps it up big time…

      • tophatal

        chappy 81

        The Marlins are far more resilient than the A’s have shown to be. But that’s besides the point here. As the A’s have been habitually been steering up at the rest of their division over the last couple of years while their ownership literally pleads poverty. Where’s the money going that they receive via MLB’s tax revenue sharing scheme if it’s not to improve the roster ? Ask yourself that ? Has it never occurred to you that there’s something awry there ?

        USF coach Jim Leavitt has been fired. Boy who didn’t see that one coming ? Another arrogant a_s in a similar vein to former Red Raiders’ coach Mike Leach. In Leavitt’s case he strikes a player and then acts as if nothing untoward happened. He then tries to get certain members of his coaching staff to try and cover up the incident . When questioned about it he states that the matter is being handled internally. In other words the moment he got found out he knew his head would be in the proverbial noose and then on the chopping block.

        What is is with these friggin’ coaches ? You’re entrusted to coach these kids and at the same time to teach them to become better citizen. Not rail on their a_s as if they’re a whipping post. WTF ?

        Alan Parkins

        • chappy81

          I’m not getting into an A’s argument with you, but aside from the two years the Marlins won championships were they good? I didn’t see them in the fall classic. They A’s had a run of five out of six years in the playoffs which is more than the Marlins. They just never did good when they got there…

  • Cal Meacham

    Haha, I am not an A’s fan but I feel sorry for you after this signing. What gives Billy Beane? We have been posting some pretty good offseason trade write ups at our site, stop by if you get a chance.

    • chappy81

      Yeah, I’m not sure what Beane is up to, but hopefully it’ll clear up before the winter is over. I’m sure we will make some more moves before it’s all said and done. I like your guy’s site!

  • tophatal


    Dropped this piece on former Terrapins’ basketball star Len Bias. Let me know what you think of the piece ?

    A Life Lost Too Soon Is God’s Way Of Using It As An Example For Others To Learn Something From ………….

    Alan Parkins 🙂

  • tophatal


    Am I asking you to have an argument ? Grown adults debate a topic , children argue ! So let’s have a debate on it . I think that both teams are held back by their financial situations. In the case of the Marlins it’s where we’ve an owner who’s only willing to spend if he can get either MLB or local government to kick in the costs in implementing his plans. It’s more likely than not the same thing with the A’s . As to the Marlins not contending . Look at the two divisions. The AL West essentially has nothing beyond the Angels .

    In the NL East it’s always going to be a three horse race or sometime four. Phillies, Mets , Marlins and Braves are always going to have a dogfight for the division and a wildcard berth. You’ve no depth in the quality of the teams there in the AL West and that’s what make the division all the ,more mediocre in ‘terms of the lack of competitiveness and quality’. Much as it is the same way when it comes to the NFL’s NFC West and AFC West.

    Alan Parkins

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