Gilbert is One Hell of a Prankster!

One of my favorite players in the NBA, Gilbert Arenas, has been all over the news because he pulled a gun on his teammate, Jarvis Critteron reportedly over a gambling debt. I dunno if I believe that story, but something obviously went down considering they met with police today. I find it comical that Gilbert would be THAT angry over a gambling debt when he’s in his third year of a $111 million dollar contract! BUT, a ridiculous amount of athlete’s live outside their means, and Gilbert could be no different. Who knows, maybe he lost a few pay checks to Critteron playing cards, and pulled a gun on him to get his money back. Sounds very plausible. I’m thinking he has more common sense than that. Gil hasn’t been nearly as active on his blog as he used to be in the past, and has been far less of a showman this season on the court. I’m sure being on a losing team has something to do with it, but he was more outgoing a couple of years ago to the media. I guess I buy the most recent story that he was pulling a prank on Critteron. Since he spoke to police, they allowed him to clear it up. Honestly, it’s not a big deal to me if he didn’t have them loaded, and used them as a joke. Also, a side thought on DC, I hear it’s pretty ghetto around there, so maybe guys do need some guns around to protect those Bentley’s when they leave the arena. Either way, I love some of the reactions that players around the league had!

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5 responses to “Gilbert is One Hell of a Prankster!

  • tophatal


    Arenas is like Tracy McGrady , he’s all played out and nowhere near he the player he thinks that he is. As for his gun draw down with Javaris Crittenton , well that’s suggests that they’re both as dumb as they look ! Hasn’t any of these as_holes learn anything from the Plaxico Burress situation ? Both players were said to have unlicensed weapons at the Verizon Center ?

    And neither the Wizards’ front office have done damn thing about this incident. All parties are a bunch self serving bastards. Suppose a member of the public had been caught up in the fracas between the two outside the locker room . What the hell would the press be reporting then ? Innocent victim shot by NBA star ?

    Alan Parkins

    Alan Parkins

    • chappy81

      Yeah, it’s a pretty weird story, and no they didn’t learn a damn thing from Plax! At least they weren’t drunk or had either of the guns discharged. I’m sure there’s going to be some kind of suspension for the incident, but they have to wait for the police investigation to conclude first… At least I think that’s what they’re waiting for. I wonder if Stern even knows that it happened!?!

      • tophatal


        For me Stern no longer has any credibility in this league whatsoever after this incident. Nor does anyone within the Wizards’ front office organization. They’v all remained mute while these two players have essentially brought the game into disrepute with their actions.

        I also think it an affront that neither Arenas or Crittenton has come forward to offer a public apology for their misdeeds. What if their so called ‘gun play’ had been in a public place such as a parking lot and someone had either shot or fatally wounded by their antics ? What we be all now discussing ? They need to be held accountable for their actions and immediately be suspended.

        Alan Parkins

  • classic17

    This story is just bizarre, I mean, the last time I pranked someone by pulling a gun on them, I didn’t get off nearly as easy. This is favoritism if I’ve ever seen it!

    Also, I finally got some internet connection so you all have officially been added to our links.

  • Broken

    This better not kill my fantasy team god-dammit.

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