Pac-10 Sucks It Up For The Holiday Season

Oregon capped off a crappy bowl season for the Pac-10. The Ducks were smothered 26-17 by team sweater-vest tonight in the Rose Bowl. It wasn’t all that great of a game, just like many of the other games that Pac-10 teams decided to NOT show up for. As a whole they went 2-5, and the only teams that seemed to actually want to play were USC and UCLA. I guess there’s something in the water in Socal, like salt, but something went wrong for everybody else. Arizona, Oregon State, Oregon, Cal, and Stanford all seemed to forget how to play. I was especially disappointed in the Arizona performance, and was glad I only caught a quarter of the game. They must have been thinking about their New Years Eve plans more than the game. Personally I thought we’d do a lot better, but I guess it proves that the Pac-10 isn’t as strong as I thought. I truly thought Stanford, Oregon, and Oregon State would pull out wins. I guess if there was a playoff setup we wouldn’t have made it anywhere… Anyways, now we can move to a new decade. One that will hopefully be a stronger one for the Pac-10!

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8 responses to “Pac-10 Sucks It Up For The Holiday Season

  • tophatal

    chappy 81

    It doesn’t pain me to say this but I just have to laugh when I hear all these West Coasters opine on the greatness of the Pac-10 . That’s akin to talking about the intelligence of Sarah Palin. What’s up with that ?

    Is there something you all tend to know over that you’re not letting on about ?

    Alan Parkins

    • chappy81

      haha, well it won’t stop. We are going to maintain that we are under rated, we just had a bad bowl season! I can’t wait for tomorrow’s game, TCU and Boise State, should be a good game!

      • tophatal


        Do they actually play defense in the Pac-10 ? ’cause from what I understand there many of the athletes there have a hard time spelling the word much less understanding what it actually means.

        Boise St & TCU , not much of a game !

        Alan Parkins

        • chappy81

          In all fairness the Pac-10 was undefeated last year in bowl games, so they aren’t THAT bad all the time. This year they didn’t show up though on D or offense…

          You aren’t excited about Boise State and TCU!?! Cmon man, it should be a good game at the very least!

  • tophatal


    Shouldn’t the games have some pizzazz to them ?

    St vs TCU should I got all warm and fuzzy ? Whoops there it is 17-10 Boise over TCU with a little over 30 seconds left. Wow ! Was this meant to be a ball game or crocheting class ? TCU’s qb stank up the joint !

    Alan Parkins


    Seriously though, you can easily make that image from scratch on PS, so I wouldn’t count it as a “photo”

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