Did the Kings Have Their Best Draft Ever?

Derrick Rose trails the play wondering if Tyreke is indeed the best guard out of Memphis

We all know about Tyreke, and how he’s been nothing short of spectacular in his short NBA career. He made a few more believers when he lead the Kings from a 35 point deficit to beat the Bulls. MCeezy has more than covered him on our blog, as he looks to be a lock for the ROY award if he continues to put up the numbers he currently has, and continues to impress by putting up the seemingly effortless average of 20, 5, and 5. He is obviously their future, and probably their best draft pick in a long while for Sacramento. Maybe they were lucky to not get the first pick and draft rights to Blake Griffen who hasn’t played a single game this year. The reason for this post is mainly because of their 2nd choice in this year’s draft, Omri Casspi, who has been surprisingly good too. I’ve seen him in the top five of most rookie of the year polls, which shows you how great this draft was for Sacramento. He was the 23rd overall pick, and has made it into the starting lineup, maybe due to injuries and bad/inconsistent play by others, but still a starter nonetheless.

The Kings thought he was going to be a project coming into the season as he was shooting 29% from the field and was a turnover machine during the summer. All that has been long forgotten as he’s now coming into his own after receiving a boost in minutes. We’ll just chalk up those early mistakes to “getting used to the United States”. He’s been crowned the “King of Israel” on Sports Illustrated’s recent issue. I guess if Lebron James can be crowned a King before he plays an NBA game, then why not! He is currently 5th in NBA rookies in scoring 11.5 per game. I have to admit, I’ve only seen him play a few times, but the games I saw he looked good putting up efficient 20+ point games and helping out all over the floor. He looks like he’s getting to the right spots on the floor and contributing on the boards a little more. One thing that he seems to do well regularly is drop in threes averaging 1.2 per contest. Since being put into the starting lineup he hasn’t let Westpaul down. Maybe it’s coach Westpaul that just knows how to coddle these good rookies, or maybe they are flat out ballers. Either way, it’s been a long time since the Kings made the right choice, and even rarer that they’ve made the right choice more than once in a draft. Actually looking at all their drafts, they really have never drafted two successful players. Things are looking bright for the future of a once proud franchise that looks to regain their respect in the league once again.

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