Daily Archives: December 7, 2009

What Can Obama Learn From Tiger!?!

The new Golfers Digest hit newsstands, and the front cover will not be changed in leiu of Tiger’s many mistresses that seem to be popping up daily now. I’m not sure why these girls didn’t try to get their payday earlier! Now that Elin knows what’s up there are no more paydays coming! This cover has tons of unintentional comedy or maybe the Golfers Digest people are funnier than I ever thought. (Load it & Let it Go! How to Outsmart your Buddies. Tips Obama Can Take From Tiger.) Classic! Anyways, the article talks about how golf can be good for the economy, and the picture was actually photo shopped in case you were wondering if Obama actually had time to go golf. The Tiger Saga continues to unfold and keeps getting more fun to me at least, since I never truly liked the guy in the first place. Not to say I’m not impressed when he wins tourney’s or any of his accomplishments, just never liked him… We are doing the right thing and being true Americans, by bringing down Tiger. It’s the American way to bring down anything that is at the top!  Here’s some Golfer’s Digest reader responses to the cover some of them are a little to serious for me.