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Golden Stick Wiffleball League Coming to California!

Exciting news out of the Northeast as Golden Stick Wiffle Ball is expanding next year. A little less than a year ago, a couple friends and I were having a couple beers, perusing Youtube, when we came across some videos of guys throwing ridiculous stuff with wiffle balls. We were amazed at the junk you could throw with those little plastic balls. A couple minutes later, we were out in the alley by my house throwing unhittable breaking balls to each other until 2am. I looked into Wiffle Ball leagues in my area and was surprised to find there are none. Chappy suggested Fast Plastic, a league he had played in previously in the Los Angeles Area. Unfortunately, they don’t have a league in the Sacramento region. The league that stood out to me was Golden Stick. Their leagues were out in Massachusetts and New York, but it was clear that GSWL is the NFL to Fast Plastic’s CFL.

Fast forward to December, and I found myself watching more wiffle ball videos – this time highlights of Golden Stick’s playoffs. Now, I’ve been known to watch basketball and wanna hit the hardwood, but it doesn’t even compare to how much watching wiffle ball highlights makes you feel like wanting to grab some plastic and head outside. Seeing as how I was knee deep in snow upon stepping outside, I thought I’d pop over to GSWL’s website and see if by some crazy chance they were expanding into CA. Amazingly enough, they are!

That’s right. Next summer, Golden Stick will be in Northern California! Teams are forming right now from Chico to Sacramento to San Francisco. Since this is actually going to become reality, I checked out the league further and was blown away by what I saw. This isn’t exactly the same wiffle ball game you played as a kid. We’re talking jerseys with professional logos and names and numbers. The website has standings and statistics that make my rec basketball league look like the local newspaper in the small town I grew up in. And the ultimate prize – an all-expense paid trip to Las Vegas for regional winners to compete for the National Championship.

If you haven’t done so yet, head over to Youtube and watch a video or two. Makes you wanna get out and hurl some 70 mph plastic at your buddy’s face. The best part is watching his knees buckle while the ball breaks right in over the plate. I’m ready to get out there and see if anyone can hit me. The league starts in June 2010. GSWL is expanding into other markets as well, so definitely check out the site to see if it’s coming to your area.

Here are some links if you’re looking for more information…..

Golden Stick Home Page: http://www.goldenstickwiffle.com/phpwcms/index.php

For information about the NorCal Region, e-mail….

SF Bay Area – Sylvie Serrano at raiders38002003@yahoo.com

Sacramento/Yuba City/Chico – Steven Underwood at s.underwood@goldenstickwiffle.com

RFP of the Day: Kenny Anderson

Typically I like to pick someone a little more random and more forgotten, but today we’re putting the spotlight on Kenny Anderson. He was one of the most celebrated high school players ever in New York, but, since I grew up in California, my first exposure to Anderson was his college career at Georgia Tech. I was a huge Yellow Jackets fan as a kid, and while I can’t pinpoint exactly when or why I became one, I’m getting more convinced as the years go on it was Kenny Anderson’s arrival that got me going. He was the first in a line of point guards I rooted for, followed by Travis Best and Stephon Marbury. Of course, this is after he left GaTech after his sophomore season to enter the NBA Draft. He was selected by the New Jersey Nets with the 2nd overall pick in the 1991 NBA Draft, after Larry Johnson and before Billy Owens and Dikembe Mutombo. Anderson had a lackluster rookie campaign, averaging just 7 pts and 3 ast per game. He rounded into form the next season, though, averaging more than 16 pts and 8 ast for each of the next four seasons, peaking with an all-star nod in 1994. I’m pretty sure I traded all my Shaquille O’Neal rookie cards to my friend for all of his Kenny Andersons. Pretty sound investment strategy now that I look back at it. Though he spent the next 10 seasons bouncing from New Jersey to Charlotte to Portland to Boston to Seattle to New Orleans to Indiana to Atlanta and even to the Clippers for a four game stint, he still averaged double figures for all but one season, his last, where he finished the season averaging 9.8 ppg.

There’s little doubt Kenny Anderson was a great player on the court, but he might have been an even better one OFF the court. I remember him being married to Tami from the Real World Los Angeles. You remember her… the one who, with the help of the other two resident crazy bitches, got up and coming comedian and harmless guy, David Edwards, kicked off for rape. Now, the way I remember it, he just pulled the blanket off of her while she was laughing about it, but I was young. They must’ve edited out the part where he actually violated her. Or did they? Anyway, while David went on to small roles in Half Baked, House Party 3, and Belly, Tami made a successful career playing Kenny Anderson. She divorced him due to his infidelity, which really shouldn’t be grounds for divorce when you marry a professional athlete. Nonetheless, she challenged the pre-nup, won, and walked away with half his money. She even celebrated her victory with a license plate that reads HISCASH. Perhaps he deserved it though, as it appears he’s got about 7 kids by 5 different mothers, including one with Spinderella of Salt-n-Pepa fame. These days, Kenny is keeping busy by coaching such storied basketball franchises as the Atlanta Krunk of the CBA and The Hombres of Slamball.

Seriously, how does one "coach" Slamball?

Tiger is Special, Cable is NOT!

So, you may have heard by now that Tiger has cheated on his wife more times than he has fingers, but most major sports outlets aren’t really saying their opinion. Yes, I’m talking about you ESPN, SI, Yahoo, etc. I’m guessing it’s because of money, but I found it interesting that sites like TMZ and US have shed the true light on our most recognizable sports figure of this generation. Giving us the texts and voice-mails he sent to his mistresses. It got me thinking are these media outlets scared of the Jordan factor. When he went to play baseball Sports Illustrated put him on the cover of their magazine telling him to go back to basketball. He blackballed them for the rest of his career never giving them another cover shot, advertising shots, interviews, etc.

Tom Cable had a dream, and that dream was to be a head coach. The dream has worked out pretty well so far, as the Raiders have more hope than they’ve had in years, and like anyone living a normal life, he has had some “transgressions” along the way. I can’t defend whatever happened to “the punch” of assistant Randy Hanson. He was portrayed as target #1 bad guy by ESPN as they even ran an Outside the Lines report on the women he abused, and people he didn’t get along with. It was fine and all, because all of it was true, but where’s our expose on Tiger!?! It’s lame how they pick and choose what guys they are going to throw under the bus, and in fear of upsetting possible future connections they aren’t going to run a trashy story on Tiger. Make your mind up ESPN give us the tabloid trash or don’t, just stop being a hypocrite!

Can the Cuban Chapman Beat Out the Great Rex Chapman?

Yes, it’s been awhile since we’ve had a Chapman in the news, and in honor of having the same last name as Cuban pitching sensation Aroldis Chapman, who will be showcasing his pitching on Tuesday for a handful of teams. It’s really the first time most will see him pitch live. He’s a 21-year-old lefty that is asking for Strasberg type money, actually more than Steven asked for, which I thought was ridiculous. Alas, he very well could end up being the next best Chapman since Rex (details here on one of the best white dunkers)! The main question for ML clubs is whether they want to spend on someone so raw and unproven. Seeing the triple digit fastball is good and all, but how coachable is he and what kind of worker is he? They also need to know if Aroldis will be able to adjust to the U.S. after getting out of a poverty stricken Cuba. I’m sure he’s going to get paid either way, which is always disappointing to see, since he hasn’t done anything yet. Hopefully, he will do something to once again make the Chapman name relevant in the sports world! Anyways, it sounds like the Angels, Red Sox, and Yankees have heavy interest in signing him, so it seems like he’ll get paid well where ever he goes.